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Hello, Solar Supporters!
Here are the Latest News, Events & Announcements from NMSEA
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*Annual NMSEA Board of Directors Election



**Oct 12: **Interweave [Laboritorium] **- /Albuquerque//, NM///****/*///
/*/*Oct 22: ****Annual NMSEA Membership Meeting**- /Albuquerque//, NM///*

*Oct 23: **Al Gore 'Live Stream' Event: 24 Hours of Climate Reality "The 
Cost of Carbon"**- /Albuquerque//, NM/*



_*Annual NMSEA Board of Directors Election*

NMSEA members will be receiving Board of Directors election ballots via 
snail mail in early October.  Please take a few minutes to review the 
election material, mark your choices, and return your ballot to the 
NMSEA office by November 1.  Election results will be announced in early 
November and published in the Nov/Dec SunPaper.



*Oct 12: **Interweave [Laboritorium] - **/Albuquerque//, NM/***
11am & 6-8pm at 516 ARTS: 516 Central Ave SW, 87108

As part of its exhibition, "/Art at the Border: 21st Century 
Responses/," 516 ARTS gallery will host an opening & reception this 
Saturday in downtown Albuquerque, displaying an interactive installation 
titled, "/Interweave [Laboratorium]/."

A collaboration by Mexican artists Tania Candiani & RSM (Rodrigo Guzmán) 
with New Mexican engineers, computer scientists, physicists, biologists 
& other creative scientific minds, often not traditionally considered 
"artists," /Interweave [Laboritorium]/ displays technological creations 
& innovations (including a live Tesla coil) in a /wunderkammer/, or 
cabinet of curiosities, populated with re-purposed, outmoded devices & 
plausible yet fictitious or otherwise impossible design concepts to 
address contemporary delineations between Art & Science, how societies 
project utopian & future ideas based on present knowledge & may 
conceptually suggest or limit possibilities based on what is evident 
now, or from the past (given available resources, accepted science, 
expert consensus, etc).

This installation conceptually questions & challenges what the future 
might hold with collaborative contributions by former NMSEA Board 
President &  Sandia Labs Engineer, Marlene Brown, UNM Associate 
Professor Electrical Engineering & Faculty Adviser, 2013 Solar 
Decathalon Team ASUNM, Dr. Olga Lavrova; PhD candidate Biophysics & 
Biomedical Engineering, Nadia Fernandez; Dr. Tito Busani, UNM Professor 
& Research Scientist, Materials Engineering & Nanoscience; six other 
scientists & engineers & concepts illustrated by artist/painter, Jodie 

516 ARTS gallery opens at 11am with a demo of the "Interweave 
[Laboratorium]" installation, during which the public is invited to meet 
the artists.At 4pm there will be a panel discussion with curator Kate 
Bonansinga & participating artists, with an open gallery reception from 
6-8pm: free, with live music & refreshments provided by Gold Street 
Caffé & Tractor Brewery. All are welcome. Visit 516arts.org online for 
additional details.



<mailto:lindsay at nmgreenchamber.com>

*Oct 22: **Annual NMSEA Membership Meeting**- /Albuquerque//, NM///*
6-8pm at REI: 1550 Mercantile Ave NE, 87107

NMSEA's Annual Membership Meeting will be held on October 22 at REI in 
Albuquerque (1550 Mercantile NE -- just NW of I-25 & Montgomery.  Turn 
north across from McDonalds, then take the next right. Inside REI's 
Community Meeting Room).  This is the normal time & place for the 
monthly Albuquerque Chapter Meeting.

NMSEA Board members will update you on this year's activities & projects 
plus what's in the photon pipeline for the future.  We need your input 
on several important matters (such as the 2014 Solar Fiesta). Please 
bring along your questions & comments, and encourage potential new 
members to attend. We look forward to seeing you!


Oct 23: **Al Gore 'Live Stream' Event: 24 Hours of Climate Reality "The 
Cost of Carbon"**- /Albuquerque//, NM/*
5pm at Harwood Arts:(7th & Mountain)11147th St NW, 87102

Join the Albuquerque Climate Coalition for the final speech of the "24 
Hours of Reality," a live stream video followed by discussion of climate 
action events in Albuquerque at Harwood Arts, October 23rd at 5pm.
For more info about the 24 Hrs of Climate Reality, visit: 
http://climaterealityproject.org/ **


*New Mexico Solar Energy Association*
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505-246-0400, 888-886-6765, Fax: 505-246-2251
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