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*NMSEA Educational Video Project:
Outreach & Funding Opportunity*


*A Message from NMSEA (View Online Here) 

New Frontiers*

In the past year, NMSEA has begun a new approach to renewable energy 
education.  The world of on-demand video has become obvious, as this is 
clearly how vast numbers of people are accessing information and 
entertainment.  But as of two years ago, video production was a brand 
new frontier for us.  The amazingly talented, intelligent and 
experienced people on our voting board and advisory board just didn’t 
happen to have a great deal of experience in that area. It’s not that 
our folks couldn’t master the skills given a few years of practice, but 
great video production requires LOTS of experience.  Going through the 
learning curve would not be an efficient use of our time.

But we met up with Toby Younis <http://www.videotero.com/>, and with 
great encouragement and patience from Toby (someone with almost as much 
experience in video as we have in solar), we began our journey.

However, because our credibility was on the line, we decided NMSEA 
should finance the first venture ourselves, without asking our members 
or other dedicated followers to invest in a project that was outside of 
our primary area of expertise… that is, not until we’d proven that we 
could do it successfully.

*The Proof is in the Pudding*

We’re happy to report that with Toby’s help, NMSEA achieved a high 
quality 13-episode series called /Renewable New Mexico/. View the link 
to the trailer here. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YziLmU17bzA>

And here’s the link to the first episode! 

The series has been running on Albuquerque’s Channels 26 & 27 for the 
past year, as well as on the Santa Fe public access station.  And you 
can find all of them on YouTube by searching under /Renewable New 
Mexico/.  (This is real progress!)

So where are we now?  We need a show of support to move us forward with 
our video projects.  First of all, NMSEA needs to make more progress in:

 1. Duplicating and distributing the programs to all NM public access
 2. Making them available to public access stations nationwide;
 3. Advertising them with a strategic Google AdWords campaign; and
 4. Publicizing them with our Facebook page and Twitter social media

We’d like you to consider these distribution and publicity efforts as 
our “current project.”  Each one of them has a beginning and an end.  
Each task will produce tangible results.  We can demonstrate their 
completion.  But if we don’t complete them, we can’t justify going on to 
more video projects, which we’re hankering to do.

Our organization hosts such a storehouse of information in the minds of 
our state’s solar pioneers, as evidenced by the people we interviewed in 
the /Renewable New Mexico series/. We want to get many of these people 
back into the studio to record their presentations of much more 
technical information.  This is the kind of information we’ve presented 
year after year in low-cost or free workshops at our Solar Fiestas.  Now 
it’s time to record these experts in front of the cameras, upload them 
online and make their stories and knowledge available to the world!

As with most things, to accomplish something well requires time, energy 
and some money.  So we need your support. Absolutely no exaggeration 
here!  We _need_ your support!

Although our costs relative to value are low, it does not mean they’re 
zero.  To rephrase, “form follows funding.”  We believe we’re on the 
right track with this outreach effort.  Please show us you agree by 
offering a donation in any amount to help us continue sharing and 
developing new educational video content.

Click here to make a contribution online now, or send a check or money 
order donation to our office (address below).  And remember, we’re a 
tax-exempt nonprofit.  Your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement!


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