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Hello, Solar Supporters!
Here are the Latest News, Events & Announcements from NMSEA
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*/**/**//**/** /*/
/**July 26: ***Electric Vehicles "Ride The Future Tour"* */-- //*Santa 
Fe, NM */*

*July 27: ***Electric Vehicles "Ride The Future Tour"* *-- 
*/Albuquerque, NM /
July 31: New Tusque Fire Station Solar Installation Celebration - /Santa 
Fe//, NM/
Aug 3: Solar Oven Pizza Cook-off - Albuquerque, NM
**Aug 3: Rally at the Rio: Climate Change Action Event - Albuquerque, 




***Friday, July 26: ****Electric Vehicles "Ride The Future 
Tour"****//*/-- //*Santa Fe, NM

5:30pm at the Santa Fe Railyard (under the water tower)



*Saturday, July 27: Electric Vehicles "Ride The Future Tour" *-- 
*/Albuquerque, NM

5:30pm at the Convention Center EV Charging Station (3rd & Marquette NW)

Ride The Future Tour <http://www.ridethefuturetour.com/> is a group of 
electric vehicles traveling across the country aiming for four Guinness 
World Records for going 3,745 miles on zero gas. They departed 
Charleston, SC on the 4th of July and are making a 44-city trek toward 
Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA by August 16.  They are now in 
New Mexico and will be arriving in Santa Fe this afternoon to celebrate 
with the City at the Santa Fe Railyard this evening.  Then tomorrow, 
they'll be coming down to Albuquerque with another celebration at the 
Convention Center EV Charging Station at 3rd Street & Marquette Avenue 
NW. Both stops are being sponsored by the NM Green Chamber of Commerce 
<http://www.nmgreenchamber.com/>.  Come on out to meet leader Susan 
Jones and her crew and to get a up-close look at their electric vehicles 
including an A2B bike <http://www.wearea2b.com/us/>, Xenon Scooters 
<http://xenonmotorcompany.com/>, a Zero Motorcycle 
<http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/2013/>, and Nissan Leaf 




**July 31: New Tesuque Fire Station Solar Installation Celebration - 
Santa Fe**, NM***/
/*5:30pm at 343 East Alameda, Santa Fe/**/**//**/**/

Join New Energy Economy, the Tesuque Fire District & Santa Fe County 
Fire Department in celebration of a new community solar power 
installation at the Tesuque Fire Station in Santa Fe! Free BBQ & music. 
Please bring your favorite side dish, salad or dessert to share. Call 
(505) 989-7262 or visit www.newenergyeconomy.org for other details.

****Aug 3: Solar Oven Pizza Cook-off - Albuquerque**, NM*****/
/*1-4pm at Papa Murphy's Pizza 8104 Wyoming

Join NMSEA at the Papa Murhpy's Paseo & Wyoming location for an event 
intended to encourage community interest in math, science & renewable 
energy! Open to all ages, youth & adults are invited to build a solar 
oven to cook a 7 inch pizza (pizza will be provided).
The winning oven design and pizza will be awarded FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR 
with additional prizes and offers to other participants!

To enter, please contact: papamurphyssolarcookoff at gmail.com & include 
your Name, Age, and Interests.

********Aug 3: Rally at the Rio: Climate Change Action Event - 
Albuquerque**, NM
********10am-12pm 2700 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque 87104. At the bike 
trailhead/park at NW corner West Tingley Dr. Parking at the BioPark.

New Mexico's largest ever mass action event on Climate Change. 
Participants will assemble on the Bosque Bike Path "trailhead park" on 
the northeast side of the bridge, adjacent to Biopark parking lot, for a 
rally with speakers and music. The group will then walk up onto the 
bridge with signs and fill the sidewalks on both sides of the bridge, 
with speakers at the park first, and a huge crowd with 100 painted 
signs, occupying both sides of the Rio Grande Bridge at Central, 
demanding action on climate change.

This collaborative local leaders, activists, and community organizations 
intends to illustrate the message that human-caused climate change must 
be addressed immediately. The science stopped being seriously debatable 
a long time ago. Early effects we are experiencing in Albuquerque (just 
as everywhere) are already illustrating even more severe climate 
responses than the models predicted: extended heat waves, unprecedented 
ice sheet melting and sea level rise, and a dramatic increase in severe 
weather events around the globe. New Mexico is suffering from severe, 
extended drought related to climate change that is devastating local 
ecosystems and putting extreme stress on agriculture. We know what we 
need to do. We have proven commercial-scale technologies that can remove 
most of the carbon pollution from our economy. We have the regulatory 
tools to make this transition happen at costs that consumers and 
businesses can afford -- in fact, greenhouse gas limits would likely 
have a positive impact on our economy. Yet despite all this, and despite 
the fact that almost every other advanced industrial nation has taken up 
the challenge of limiting greenhouse gas emissions, action is stalled in 
the U.S.

This rally aims to put the issue back into the public spotlight with a 
message that we have the moral obligation to deal with the problem now - 
organizing to remind our fellow citizens that they need to be concerned 
about this issue, or else be part of a slow-moving catastrophe. Rally to 
demand that the news media provide coverage of climate change 
commensurate with the magnitude of the problem, and to move away from 
the formulation that has been foisted by opponents that this is "just 
another political dispute" with two differing opinions.

This action will be one of many across the U.S. this long, hot summer 
seeking to elevate the issue. Having reached out to invite literally 
thousands of New Mexicans, Rally at the Rio expects a big turnout. 
Please join them. Check these links for other details: 
http://www.abqclimateaction.us/ & 

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