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Greetings, Solar Supporters!
Here are the Latest News, Events & Announcements from NMSEA
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"Renewable New Mexico" Television Series Continues
**NMSEA Board of Directors Election *

*November 27: *NMSEA ABQ Chapter Meeting*** –/ Albuquerque, NM/**/
/**December 9:  **NMSEA 40th Anniversary Celebration** - /Albuquerque, NM/*


*__**"Renewable New Mexico" Television Series Continues

The first episode of NM Solar Energy Association's 13-part // 
New Mexico/ television series titled, "SunShine, Adobe and Green Chile" 
premiers this weekend, and will air until Monday on Albuquerque 
Community Access television.
Albuquerque Community Access TV channels are only available on cable, so 
host a viewing party or invite yourself over to a friend's house to 
watch... you'll be impressed!  Watch the trailer here.


Nov 16: 11am & Nov 18: 5pm on Channel 27
Nov 17: 3pm & Nov 19: 5pm on Channel 26

Passive solar design guru and founder of ZomeWorks, Steve Baer (w/ Holly 

Nov 23: 11am & Nov 25: 5pm on Channel 27
Nov 24: 3pm & Nov 26: 5pm on Channel 26

Santa Fe based architect and 2012 ASES Passive Solar Pioneer Award 
Winner,  Mark Chalom, with Lloyd Goding, retired Chemistry Professor and 
solar home builder

Nov 30: 11am & Dec 2: 5pm - Channel 27
Dec 1: 3pm & Dec 3: 5pm - Channel 26

Founder AAA Solar, solar thermal educator & editor of HomePower 
Magazine, Chuck Marken, with NMSEA President, solar designer, renewable 
energy educator and activist, Monte Ogdahl

Dec 7: 11am & Dec 9: 5pm & on Channel 27
Dec 8 (3pm) and Dec 10 (5pm) on Channel 26

Wayne Evelo, LANL/SNL Energy Conservation and Program Manager discussing 
Home Renewable Energy Upgrades and RE in the US and Germany, with Rolf 
Nitsche, Dipl-Ing

Dec 14: 11am & Dec 16: 5pm & on Channel 27
Dec 15 (3pm) and Dec 17 (5pm) on Channel 26

Albuquerque Public Schools Energy Stars Program "Czar" with former 
NMSEA Board Member, Lisa Silva, discussing "Girls Gone Green" student 

Dec 21: 11am & Dec 23: 5pm & on Channel 27
Dec 22 (3pm) and Dec 24 (5pm) on Channel 26

Professor Emeritus, UNM School of Architecture Paul Lusk discussing 
ABQ South Valley home farm project with Don Miller, retired technologist

Dec 28: 11am & Dec 30: 5pm & on Channel 27
Dec 29 (3pm) and Dec 31 (5pm) on Channel 26

Windy Dankoff, founder Dankoff Solar with Allan Sindelar, founder 
Positive Energy

Jan 4: 11am & Jan 6: 5pm & on Channel 27
Jan 5 (3pm) and Jan 7 (5pm) on Channel 26

Entrepreneur and founding partner, Sacred Power, Odes Armijo-Caster 
with David Hughes, founder Affordable Solar

Jan 11: 11am & Jan 13: 5pm & on Channel 27
Jan 12 (3pm) and Jan 14 (5pm) on Channel 26

Kevin Basselleck, CEO Consolidated Solar Technologies (CST) with 
Ragan Matteson, UNM business student and founding Board Member, 
biodiesel/renewable energies coop, BE Cooperative

Jan 18: 11am & Jan 20: 5pm & on Channel 27
Jan 19 (3pm) and Jan 21 (5pm) on Channel 26

Solar thermal expert and partner in SolarLogic, Bristol Stickney with 
Larry Mapes, founder of Valverde Energy

Jan 25: 11am & Jan 27: 5pm & on Channel 27
Jan 26 (3pm) and Jan 28 (5pm) on Channel 26

City of Santa Fe energy specialist, Nick Schiavo, PE, with Karen 
Paramanandan discussing Santa Fe's "RE-MIKE" Community Project

Jan 27: 11am & Feb 3: 5pm & on Channel 27 College
Feb 2 (3pm) and Feb 4 (5pm) on Channel 26

Olga Lavrova, UNM College of Engineering professor managing the 2013 
UNM Solar Decathalon team with Diane Burke, Dean of Central NM 
Community College

For more information about this series, please watch the trailer here 
or contact the NMSEA office at info at nmsea.org.

*NMSEA Board of Directors Election

Ballots for this year’s election of NMSEA Board Members were mailed out 
on November 6.  Please keep an eye on your mailbox for them.  If you 
don’t receive a ballot, please contact the NMSEA office to make sure 
that your dues are paid.  Thank you for keeping your membership 
current.  NMSEA relies on our member dues to keep the lights on! 

Ballots are due back to the office by December 5.  Results will be 
announced and board members sworn in at the Annual Meeting on December 9.




*November 27: *NMSEA ABQ Chapter Meeting*** –/ Albuquerque, NM
/*6 pm at REI,1550 Mercantile Ave NE,  Albuquerque, NM 87107

This month, NMSEA will again host two presentations!  The first - a 
short presentation covering the different types of solar systems, how 
they work, what are the major components, how much a system costs and 
what incentives are available.  The second presentation will be about 
the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) 
and two of their research projects at Los Alamos.  The first project was 
a one megawatt solar array on a landfill with battery backup and second 
was a Smart House employing remotely controlled lighting, appliances and 
other devices. 

This event is FREE & open to the public!
PLEASE NOTE: NMSEA will host no monthly Chapter meeting December 25th, 
due to the holiday.

For more information, please visit  www.NMSEA.org, or contact the our 
office at: info at nmsea.org
____________________________________ **

***December 9:  **NMSEA 40th Anniversary Celebration** - /Albuquerque, NM
/*12pm at South Broadway Cultural Center 1025 Broadway Boulevard 
Southeast 87102

The New Mexico Solar Energy Association is proud to announce its 40th 
Anniversary Celebration!

NMSEA Members are invited to attend our Annual Meeting followed by a 
celebration on Sunday, December 9 at Noon at the South Broadway Cultural 
Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  NMSEA’s new television series 
*/Renewable New Mexico /*will be premiered in the theater.  

If you may not be able to attend, please email your NMSEA memories and 
stories from years past to info at nmsea.org for us to share during the 
celebration!  Space for this event is limited.  Make your reservations 
early by contacting: info at nmsea.org or call (505) 246-0400 or visit 
NMSEA online for complete event details 
<http://nmsea.weebly.com/40th-anniversary-celebration.html> and 
membership <http://nmsea.org/Forms/membership.php> information.


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