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 Hello Solar Supporters!
Here are the Latest News, Events & Announcements from NMSEA
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/*- *NOV 2: USGBC Monthly Luncheon "Ultra Small Efficient Homes" */-/*/ 
Albuquerque, NM/*
- *NOV 6: **Climate Change Science & Solutions: Our New Energy Economy 
*/-/*/ Los Alamos, NM/*
- *NOV 10: NMSEA Sustainable Las Vegas Chapter Meeting */-/*/ Las Vegas, 
- *DEC 10-11: PV Panel Making Workshop */-/*/ Albuquerque, NM/* *//*


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_**NOV 2: USGBC Monthly Luncheon "Ultra Small Efficient Homes"*
11:30 – 1:00 at the MCM Elegante, 2020 Menaul NE, Albuquerque, NM
$25 USGBC‐NM Members; $30 Non‐members; $18 Emerging Green Builders 

Renowned for their work in residential design and building, Architect 
Bruce Davis and Karen Terry will present slides of early projects, both 
small, and not so small.  They will describe how and why they have come 
to new ventures in more modest construction through their extensive 

Bruce’s first solar project was a residence on a working ranch in 1975in 
Las Vegas NM.  Since then, Bruce has hundreds of built solar projects.  
Recent projects in collaboration with Karen Terry and Tent Rock Inc 
resulted in multiple "Haciendas" awards. Bruce worked with Regenesis in 
Santa Fe and on Three Canyons planned sustainable community in Arizona.  
He is co-founder of "The Journal of Sustainability." 

Karen Terry has been a builder since 1974. Karen's own "Step House", 
designed by David Wright in 1974, appears in many books.  Karen has 
worked with many different solar technologies and building materials.

Karen will present the "Sol Mod" project, a 640 sq. ft. solar heated 
modular prototype.  Her detailed slide show illustrates the water filled 
"trombe wall" and related design elements. This is an off the grid unit, 
made to be mobile.  Bruce will present the first unit in his "Stover 
Yard" project.  Similar in scale, this home incorporates a masonry 
"trombe wall" and is a permanent structure.  Bruce and Karen will follow 
up with an open discussion on small, resource and energy efficient 
housing and answer any questions regarding their projects.  

For further details & registration, please visit USGBC online:  
www.usgbcnm.org <http://www.usgbcnm.org>

***NOV 6: Climate Change Science & Solutions: Our New Energy Economy 
*/-/*/ Los Alamos, NM/*
7pm at Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos

Presentation will focus on solutions to the climate change problem using 
many examples from New Mexico and the American Southwest.

William M. (Bill) Brown is an analyst of issues and answers surrounding 
global warming, climate change, and energy science, policy and 
economics. For 36 years before retiring with his wife Lisa in Taos, NM 
in 2004, he was an Earth Scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

The event is sponsored by Green Wheels Sustainable Transportation, Los 
Alamos Sustainable Energy Network, and other local environmental groups.
For more information, please contact Skip Dunn at 
greenwheels at newmexico.com <mailto:greenwheels at newmexico.com>

*NOV 10: NMSEA Sustainable Las Vegas Chapter Meeting */-/*/ Las Vegas, NM/*
5:15pm in Lecture Hall 100 in Sininger Hall, NMHU (West end of the NMHU 
Quad, opposite Donnelly Library, behind the Science building)

This event will be co-sponsored by the NMHU chapter of Sigma Xi, the 
Scientific Research Society, as one of their Science Cafe events.  The 
topic will be “Gasland – Natural Gas Extraction Issues and 
Information.”  Jennifer Lindline and other members of the geology 
faculty at NMHU will lead the conversation.

Science Cafés are venues for the Sigma Xi chapter to connect the public 
with science.  The idea is that scientists (faculty and others) can 
informally share their knowledge during a conversational exchange in a 
friendly setting.

For further information, please phone Emelie at 505 454-3920 or Lloyd at 


*DEC 10-11: PV Panel Making Workshop */-/*/ Albuquerque, NM/*
9am-5pm (both days) at AAA Solar, 2021 Zearing, NW Albuquerque, NM 87104 
$150 (includes lunch)

Learn about PV technology and how to make your own PV panel with Dr. 
Richard Komp!

As part of this two day workshop, participants will build small solar 
battery chargers to take home with them. The workshop will also include 
time for explanations of how PV cells work and new developments in PV, 
with an informal session to ask about other PV or solar-related interests.

Dr. Komp has over 50 years experience with solar and PV. He invented 
several solar devices, authored books including “Practical 
Photovoltaics” and published numerous articles on solar technology. Dr. 
Komp is involved with several solar organizations and currently travels 
the world giving workshops on solar /PV technologies and applications.

This workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to learn a low tech way to 
make photovoltaic modules, and also suggested for health care 
professionals or others working overseas or in low income communities 
seeking low cost renewable energy technologies.

All proceeds will assist in bringing Dr. Komp to ABQ and benefit the 
Africa Health Net project. The workshop is limited to 15 participants.
For more information or registration, please contact: Peter Nardini: 
info at africanhealthnet.org, www.africanhealthnet.org, (505) 268-0106



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