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 Hello Solar Supporters!
Here are the Latest News, Events & Announcements from NMSEA
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- October 18: SunPaper Deadline**
- NMSEA SunPaper Archives Online
*/-/ *New Mexico Solar Energy Association on Facebook/

/*- *OCT 16: National Plug-in Day *- */Los Alamos, NM/
*- *Solar Electricity Classes
    OCT 28-30: **Photovoltaic Design Class */- /*/Santa Fe, NM/*
*    OCT 28-30 & NOV 5-6: **Photovoltaic Design & Installation Class 
*/-/*/ Santa Fe, NM/*
       / /Free tuition for several electrical inspectors
        CEUs for electricians
        Discounts for NMSEA members*//*


*October 18: SunPaper Deadline**

The deadline for the submission of advertising, articles, and chapter 
news for the Nov/Dec SunPaper is Tuesday, October 18. If you wish to 
submit an article, you should know that preference is given to solar 
energy topics (PV, passive, technology, performance histories, 
incentives, cost benefits, etc.), but we will also consider other 
renewable energy subjects, as space allows. Please send submissions by 
e-mail directly to rhermansolar at aol.com <mailto:rhermansolar at aol.com>.


*/Advertising Rates:/*

* *

All advertising is in black and white, and photos and graphics must have 
a resolution of at least 250 dpi in JPEG, TIF, or PDF format. Text ads 
may be provided in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format. Circulation is 
typically 800 for the SunPapers. The size requirements and prices for 
individual ads are as follows:

                        _Ad Size_                                   

            Full Page:        9½” H X 7” W            $122.00

            Half Page:       4¼” H X 7” W               $66.00

            Quarter Page:  4¼” H X 3½” W            $36.00

            Biz Card:         2”  H X 3½” W              $20.00

You will be billed upon publication.  Please call 505-292-4375 for more 


*NMSEA SunPaper Archives - Now Available Online/

/*A selection of past SunPaper editions are now also available for 
reference online. For more details, please visit the NMSEA website 

***New Mexico Solar Energy Association on Facebook

*NMSEA is also using Facebook to spread the word about our educational 
outreach, upcoming events & fundraising drives.
If you would like updates about solar energy innovations, events and 
sustainability related news, please visit NMSEA on Facebook 
and press the "Like" button!


**OCT 16: National Plug-in Day - /Los Alamos, NM

/*Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for first Commercial Plug-In Parking and 
Charging in Los Alamos County
3pm (exact time TBD) @ Metzger's Do It Best Hardware Store on State 
Route 4 in White Rock, NM 87544

 The NNMEVA  (Northern New Mexico Electric Vehicle Association) will be 
meeting at Metzgers Hardware in White Rock to participate in a ribbon 
cutting ceremony for Los Alamos County's first business Plug In Parking 
spot.  Dan Saxton, Manager of White Rock Metzger's, is arranging with 
the Chamber of Commerce to have a full blown ribbon cutting ceremony.

 FYI: This is not a full charging station with a Level II 220v SAE J1772 
charging station, costing $2K-10K.  It is, rather, a plain old "Level I" 
ordinary household socket that all plug in electric vehicles can - well 
- plug in to!  The Nissan Leaf, for example comes with an adapter cable 
that plugs into any household current.

"National Plug In Day, taking place on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011, is an 
unprecedented nationwide observance drawing global attention to the 
environmental, economic and other benefits of plug-in electric vehicles 
through simultaneous events staged in at least twenty major cities 

"Plug <http://www.pluginamerica.org/> In America 
<http://www.pluginamerica.org/>, the Sierra Club 
<http://www.sierraclub.org/electric-vehicles/>, and the Electric Auto 
Association <http://www.electricauto.org/> are teaming up to plan for 
this effort, which will sound the bell through plug-in 
parades, tailpipe-free tailgate parties, test-drives and other 
grassroots activities."  For more information: 
 http://www.pluginamerica.org/pluginday or contact NNMEVA President Skip 
Dunn at greenwheels at newmexico.com <mailto:greenwheels at newmexico.com>


OCT 28-30: Photovoltaic Design Class/ - Santa Fe, NM 
/**OCT 28-30 & NOV 5-6: **Photovoltaic Design & Installation Class **/ - 
Santa Fe, NM/*
* Looking for /intensive, local, low-cost education in solar electricity 
in a 1- or 2-weekend format/?  Take advantage of New Mexico Solar Energy 
Association's photovoltaic classes!  They are opportunities:

*    For electrician, inspector or employee education.
*    For preparation for school or a career change.
*    For homeowners to decide between self-installation and hiring a 
solar contractor, or to more easily communicate with potential contractors.

In collaboration with Santa Fe Girls School, New Mexico Solar Energy 
Association (NMSEA) has scheduled its next */Photovoltaic Design/* and 
*/PV Design and Installation/* classes to start in two weeks.  The 
classes will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Santa Fe Girls School.  
The /*Photovoltaic Design*/ class will be held October 28-30 (3 days, 
Fri-Sat-Sun; $500).  /*Photovoltaic Design and Installation*/ students 
will take the Design portion and continue through the weekend of 
November 5-6 (5 days, Fri-Sat-Sun-Sat-Sun; $725) to install a 2kW solar 
electric system at the school. 

*    A grant through McCune Charitable Foundation provides tuition for 
four electrical inspectors for either photovoltaic class on a 
first-come, first-served basis. 
*   Certified electricians who complete either class may receive 
continuing education units through NM's Construction Industries Division 
*   NMSEA Members receive a discount on the class. 

   /*PV Design:*/   http://nmsea.org/Workshops/pv_design_workshop.php
   /*PV Design and Installation*/:   
    Brochures:     PV Class Brochure 
(4Mb), B&W 

Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis; NMSEA Members 
receive a discount on the class.  Please spread the word!



*New Mexico Solar Energy Association*
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