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The Martinez Administration is planning to roll back the NM Energy 
Efficiency Building Code which was approved (after a lengthy and very 
open process) in 2010, which had a very high level of public support, 
and which is scheduled to go into effect this July.

Please consider the info below, and take a moment *before the end of 
this week *to mail or fax your opinion to the NM Construction Industries 

/Points to keep in mind: /

1) the average $13 per month savings being quoted in the media is net - 
ie after including the costs associated with meeting the new code. A 
major argument from the Martinez faction is that the cost of meeting the 
code will be greater than the $13/mo saved - a gross & deliberate 
distortion of the facts.

2) the new code included specific provisions dealing with classic NM 
architectural innovations and practices. It doesn't include everything 
that we would have liked, but it's a whole lot better than the alternative.

3) the Martinez administration's rollback strategy has been to "clean 
house" at the Construction Industries Commission and then ram this 
change thru before "the public" has time to react. Public hearings are 
required by statute, so they were scheduled immediately after the 
Memorial Day weekend - ie to make it as hard as possible for the 
"opposition" to get organized. This is clearly an inside hatchet job, as 
opposed to the long and very public process of creating the new energy 
code specifications in the first place.

4) the Albuquerque Journal published their own editorial on 5/22 
supporting this rollback - and using the same misleading arguments ie 
that costs weren't considered the first time around, and that the new 
rules will kill jobs.

5) The Albuquerque Journal has accepted an op-ed by NMSEA VP Gary 
Vaughn opposing the rollback, which will be published in their "green 
building" focus section on Tuesday May 31. If any of you want to submit 
op-ed pieces, better do so ASAP. The bad news is that such a late 
publishing date will make it difficult for readers to register their 
opinions with the CIC before "the deadline".

6) The CIC is required to tally "official" public comments - ie comments 
that follow their specific rules. That means statements made at the 
public hearings, and written statements made by mail or by FAX. Emails 
and any communication with individual commissioners can be ignored at 
will. So it's important to mail or FAX your opinion to the CIC at the 
"official" address or FAX number listed below. And note that comments 
must be received by 5PM on June 2 - otherwise they'll simply be ignored. 
There's no real need to justify your opinion - all that they will be 
tallying is Yea or Nay for rolling back the code. The final tally is not 
legally binding - but it's the only form of leverage that we have.

7) if you can make the formal hearings, or encourage others to do so, 
please do that. A big pro-efficiency turn out will make the news and add 
to the pressure to stop the rollback.

8) there's only one week left to "act" - and that includes the long 
holiday weekend.

9) the bottom line is that the current efficiency code - set to go into 
effect in July - will have a bigger beneficial effect on NM's future 
energy use than any other recent energy related initiative - including 
our hoped-for "dream" revision of passive solar adobe building codes and 
incentives, the consequences of PNM's temporarily delayed PV grid-tied 
interconnect rider, and the combined effect of our last 11 Solar Fiestas.



*of the
Regulation and Licensing Department *


Public hearings on the proposed changes to the following CID Rules: NMAC 
14.7.6 2009 New Mexico Energy Conservation Code;NMAC 14.8.2 2009 New 
Mexico Plumbing Code; NMAC 14.9.2 2009 New Mexico Mechanical Code; 
and,NMAC 14.10.4 2008 New Mexico Electrical Code, will be held as follows:

    * June 2, 2011, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: FARMINGTON - McGee Park
      Convention Center, #41 Road 5568, Bloomfield Hwy
    * June 2, 2011, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: ROSWELL, NM - City Council
      Chambers, 421 N. Richardson
    * June 2, 2011, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: LAS CRUCES, NM - Las Cruces
      Administrative Offices, 505 South Main Street, Suite 249,
      Conference Room A
    * June 2, 2011, 9:00 pm - 12:00 pm: ALBUQUERQUE, NM - CID Conference
      Room: 5200 Oakland Avenue, NE

Copies of the proposed rules are currently available on the Construction 
Industries Division's website: www.rld.state.nm.us/cid 
and at the CID office in Santa Fe. You are invited to attend and express 
your opinion on these proposed rules changes. If you cannot attend the 
meeting, you may send your written comments to the Construction 
Industries Division, 2550 Cerrillos Road, P.O. Box 25101, Santa Fe, New 
Mexico 87504, Attention: *Public Comments. FAX *(505) 476-4685 

/All comments must be received no later than 5 pm, on June 2, 2011.//  /
**If you require special accommodations to attend the hearing, please 
notify the Division by phone, email or fax, of such needs no later than 
May 27, 2011. Telephone: 505-476-4686 <callto:+1505-476-4686>. Email: 
www.rld at state.nm.us/cid 
Fax No. 505-476-4685 <callto:+1505-476-4685>


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