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*/*/* USGBC-NM GreenBuilt Tour - Call for Volunteers
* WANTED: Youth Citizen Scientists
* NMSEA SunPaper Archives - Now Available Online/**//*
*/* Steep Discounts on ASES Memberships - thru January 31, 2011//
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/*** **JA**NUARY 20: **- TONIGHT!!! - **NMSEA Alamogordo Chapter 
Meeting** **- /Alamogordo, NM/*
** JANUARY 24: DOE Webinar "Photosynthesis for Hydrogen & Fuels 
Production** **- /Online/**
* FEBRUARY 9: "The Artic is Melting & the Desert is Burning" Luncheon & 
Roundtable Discussion**- /Albuquerque, NM/*



The Public Regulation Commission (PRC) will hold two public hearings to 
receive comment on the proposed PNM electric rate changes at 2 P.M. and 
6 P.M. on Wednesday January 26, 2011 at the African American Performing 
Arts Center at Expo New Mexico located at 310 San Pedro NE in 
Albuquerque.  Please attend to voice your opinion and concerns.
_Synopsis of PNM Requests that Will Negatively Impact Solar Energy 
This is a complicated and lengthy rate case.  As part of the case 
(10-00086-UT) PNM proposes:

1) That new residential photovoltaic (PV) interconnected customers 
("new" defined as connection of the PV system to PNM's grid after 
12/31/10) pay a tariff of $0.08 per kWh of PV electricity generated. 
 For example, owners of a new grid-tied 3 kW system would have to 
*_pay_* PNM about $500 per year for the “right” to generate solar PV 
electricity and put it on the PNM grid.  Some are calling this a "solar 
access charge."

2) An accelerated phase-out of Renewable Energy Credit (REC) payments 
paid to new solar system owners for their PV power.
Obviously, if adopted by the PRC, these two changes will create a 
significant disincentive for the installation of residential solar PV 
and would have a dramatic negative impact on the growth of distributed 
PV electricity for residences and businesses.
_What You Can Do:*
Although the NMSEA Board of Directors, other organizations and 
interveners are preparing responses to oppose these two PNM requests, 
you can show support by attending the hearings and voicing your concerns 
during the time allowed for public comment.

PRC commissioners are elected representatives who regulate utility 
companies for the cost and quality of services for the benefit of the 
public.   Jason Marks, the Albuquerque area PRC Commissioner who is 
chairing this hearing, has long been a champion of solar energy (and 
renewable energy), and has pressed for PRC rulings to stimulate a solar 
economy in New Mexico.  He needs the support of the NMSEA, NMSEA members 
and the public to continue to do this.
_Where to Find More Information:*
“Policies May Retard PV Growth” by Randy Sadewic, NMSEA SunPaper, 
January/February 2011 issue.
_www.nmsea.org/Sunpaper/index.php _

Position of Jason Marks, PRC representative for the Albuquerque Area: _
The PNM requested “solar access charge” is mentioned in the last sentence.

Full text of HB 181 (the 2010 legislation that enables the PNM request): 

Full text of rate case 10-00086-UT filing at: 
To see PNM's explanation of the need for the rate rider, click on 
"Testimony and Exhibits,"  then Jim Mayhew testimony.

*/ USGBC-NM GreenBuilt Tour - Call for Volunteers

The USGBC-NM is looking for volunteers to help with the tour this year.  
We need people for a variety of tasks between now and the tour on June 
11 & 12.  This is one of the Chapter’s most important events and it’s 
also a great way to meet new people!  Click here 
<http://usgbcnm.org/Resources/Documents/RequestForVolunteers.doc> for 
more information on specific volunteer assignments to match your skills 
with our needs.


*/WANTED: Youth Citizen Scientists/*

Youth ages 13-26 are invited to submit original scientific research or 
position papers to the Citizen Science Technical Board for the 2010 
CitizenScience paper competition!

Winners will, in addition to publication, have the chance to present 
their work at the United Nations (UN) Commission on Sustainable 
Development, convening at UN Headquarters, NYC in 2010.

CitizenScience, the science and technology program of SustainUS, is 
hosting its annual paper competition. The winning submission from each 
group will be published in /Citizen Science/, an online journal that 
honors youth in the United States that are interested in enriching 
public dialogue with innovative and scientific approaches to sustainable 
development. In addition, authors of winning submissions will have the 
opportunity of presenting their paper at the UN Commission on 
Sustainable Development’s 19^th Session (UN CSD-19) in New York City in 
May 2011.

Papers should be written for a non-scientific audience on natural or 
social science topics related to the economic, social, technological or 
environmental dimensions of sustainable development addressed by the 
current session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. UN 
CSD-19’s *topics are:  Transport, Chemicals, Waste Management (Hazardous 
& Solid Waste), Mining, and 10 Year Framework of Programmes on 
Sustainable Consumption & Production Patterns. *Papers need not describe 
original research, though original research is welcome and encouraged.  
Based on current education affiliation, submissions will be divided and 
judged in the following groups: high-school, undergraduate, and graduate.

Please submit your paper to the Citizen Science Technical Board. 
Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until March 1, 2011. 
Please direct all paper submissions and questions to 
CitizenScience at SustainUS.org <mailto:CitizenScience at SustainUS.org>.

For more information, competition entry rules, and winning papers from 
prior years, please visit www.sustainus.org/citizenscience 
<http://www.sustainus.org/citizenscience>. Good luck!

*/NMSEA SunPaper Archives - Now Available Online
A selection of past SunPaper editions are now also available for 
reference online. For more details, please visit the NMSEA website 


*/Steep Discounts on ASES Memberships - thru January 2011
Get More Sun This Winter!//

Time's growing short for you to take advantage of the great offer Solar 
Nation is bringing you.  As we told you last month, you can join the 
American Solar Energy  Society (ASES) before the end of January for less 
than two-thirds of the  regular price.  That's just two weeks away! 

ASES is the foremost nonprofit association of solar advocates, 
educators, legislators, and professionals in the United States.  It's 
where people interested in solar go to learn more; where people looking 
to install solar go to find professionals in their area and where those 
professionals go to stay informed, build connections and join technical  

Established in 1954, ASES has provided educational opportunities for 
professionals and advocates, helped shape  policy both  locally and 
nationally, and produced the award-winning SOLAR TODAY magazine.  As 
ASES Board member Nate Mitten says, “ASES was proclaiming the promise of 
renewable energy a long, long time before ‘green’ was mainstream.”

      magazine connects you to the leading solar energy experts.
    * FINDSOLAR <http://www.findsolar.com> locates solar installers and
      tells you about solar incentives.
      <http://www.nationalsolarconference.org/> is America's leading
      educational conference for solar energy professionals.
    * The ASES NATIONAL SOLAR TOUR <http://nationalsolartour.org/> is
      the world's largest grassroots solar energy event.

You can join in one of two ways:
    As a Member for $25 (regularly $39/yr)
    As a Professional for $60 (regularly $89/yr)

*You can see what each level of membership gives you, and join ASES, 
right here. <http://www.ases.org/join>
*Make sure to use the promotional code *SN2010 *to get the discounted 
*This offer expires on *January 31, 2010* and is only good for Member 
and Professional memberships.

For more information, please call Carolyn Beach at 720-420-7935.

/*NMSEA on Facebook*/

*New Mexico Solar Energy Association is on Facebook! 
*NMSEA is now also using this site to spread the word about our 
educational outreach, upcoming events & fundraising drives.
If you like getting updates on Facebook, please visit the NMSEA page 
and press the "Like" button!


_**JANUARY 20: **- TONIGHT!!! - **NMSEA Alamogordo Chapter Meeting** **- 
/Alamogordo, NM/*

6pm at the Alamogordo Public Library.

Mr. Art Cardiel of /Casa Del Sol/ Enterprises will present a program on 
*solar adobe construction**.*
The public is welcome, come to learn about solar adobe from Mr. 
Cardiel's over 25 year experience in this field.

*JANUARY 24: DOE Webinar "Photosynthesis for Hydrogen & Fuels 
Production** **- /Online/*

12 - 1 pm EST

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Fuel Cell Technologies Program is 
offering a Webinar titled "Improving Photosynthesis for Hydrogen and 
Fuels Production" in conjunction with the Biomass Program. Register now 
to attend this free Webinar 

Dr. Tasios Melis of UC Berkeley, a preeminent researcher in the field of 
Photobiological Hydrogen Production, will be providing an overview of 
his invention disclosing methods and compositions to minimize the 
chlorophyll antenna size of photosynthesis by decreasing the expression 
of the novel TLA1 gene, thereby improving solar conversion efficiencies 
and photosynthetic productivity in plants and algae. This new invention 
and enabling technology, developed with DOE support through the Office 
of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, has broad positive 
implications for mass culture productivity. The invention has already 
been successfully applied in the microalgae biofuels field to improve 
energy efficiency and product yield.

Learn more 
about the Webinar.

*FEBRUARY 9: "The Artic is Melting & the Desert is Burning" Audubon 
Society Luncheon & Discussion**- /Santa Fe, NM/*

Noon - 2pm at the Santa Fe Convention & Visitors Bureau, 
Milagro/Kearny/O'Keeffe Rooms

/"The Arctic is Melting & the Desert is Burning: Impacts Globally and Locally" Luncheon & Roundtable Discussion// /with:

* His Excellency Wegger Chr. Strommen, Ambassador of Norway to the United States, Moderator 
* Dr. Kim Holmem, Director of Norway's Polar Research Institute will discuss the latest science from the Arctic
* Dr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin is an economist who was formerly chief economic advisor to McCain, both Presidents Bush, and head of CBO.  Dr. Holtz-Eakin is currently directing the American Action Forum, a Republican policy 501(c)(3) and serving on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission will discuss economic implications and policy issues.
* (Invited) Scientist to discuss local implications of drought and water issues and policy in the Southwest

The goal of the forum is to engage stakeholders in two ways:  first, by introducing meaningful and lasting actions that can influence efforts to slow global warming; and second, by facilitating serious discussion among key players as to how to plan for adaptation to the climate changes that their communities will face in the future.  The events are followed by a reception and/or questions/answer sessions to allow the participants and speakers to further engage on the issues.
In Santa Fe we hope to focus on the business community in New Mexico, inviting businesses and chambers of commerce throughout the state in addition to elected officials and private citizens.   Local implications and discussion of drought, water issues, and policy in the Southwest will also be highlighted.
Sponsored by Clean Air-Cool Planet, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Audubon New Mexico, New Energy Economy and the New Mexico Environmental Law Center
Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) has teamed with the Royal Norwegian Embassy to sponsor a series of Climate Forums across the United States. Santa Fe has been chosen as the 7th stop in this series of events.

For more information, please contact:

Staci Stevens, Communications and Policy Manager, Audubon New Mexico (202) 294-3101 / (202) 294-3101

sstevens at audubon.org <mailto:sstevens at audubon.org><mailto:sstevens at audubon.org>


1009 Bradbury Dr. SE, # 35, Albuquerque, NM 87106
505-246-0400, 888-886-6765, Fax: 505-246-2251
info at nmsea.org <mailto:info at nmsea.org> www.nmsea.org <http://www.nmsea.org/>


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