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 Hello Solar Supporters!
Here are the Latest News, Events & Announcements from NMSEA
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*- ** Solar Off-Grid Home Rental */-/*/ Rio Rancho, NM/*
/-/ *Free Online Course: Introduction to Renewable Energy *
* **- **NMSEA SunPaper Archives Online
*/-/ *New Mexico** Solar Energy Association on Facebook*/

- *DEC 20: **Webinar: Monetizing Renew. Energy & Rainwater, Creating New 
Fiscal Resources for Local Govt ** */-/ */Online


*Solar Off-Grid Home Rental */-/*/ Rio Rancho, NM/*

Are you a solar person interested in the experience of living in an 
off-grid home?
Are you willing to do some maintenance in return for not paying any 

Lease an off-grid passive and PV solar three bedroom home and a studio 
apartment in the city of Rio Rancho!

2KW solar PV system with 48V Surrette batteries. Passive solar provides 
95% of home heating.
Backup heating provided by woodstoves (wood provided) and propane 
radiant heating (you pay propane).
Water is provided through rainwater harvesting (4000 sq. ft. roof area 
and 4000+ gallon storage capacity - all tanks currently full),

Owner has not purchased water since January, 2010.

High efficiency appliances included (e.g. magnetic induction for 
cooking, front load washer, etc.).
The studio apartment is new and furnished, w/ woodstove. The home has 
been owner occupied for 4 years.

Excellent decor, 2 large enclosed garden areas available, 1.25 acre lot.

Please contact Carl to inquire - 844-0084 (day) or 796-8776 (evening, 

*Free Online Course: Introduction to Renewable Energy
An online course for those who wish to learn the basics of renewable 
energy - including where it is found, how we can harvest it for use in 
our homes and how it can help ease pressures on the environment. You 
will not become an expert through this course, but you will get to know 
renewable energy in its many forms - helping you to decide whether 
solar, wind or other technologies are right for you.

The course also serves as an introduction to Solar Energy 
International's (SEI) Online Campus. It is made up of ten lessons, each 
containing readings, exercises, a quiz and an open discussion forum. 
Your work will be saved as you go and you can return to it later. 

The modules include: Photovoltaics (PV), Home efficency, Hot water, 
Microhydro, Geothermal, etc. from Solar Energy International which is a 
respected educational independent organization in Patagonia, Colorado 
(near Aspen).

Visit SEI online at: http://www.solarenergytraining.org 
<http://www.solarenergytraining.org/>  then click the buttons on the 
left for free course in English or Spanish. 


*NMSEA SunPaper Archives - Now Available Online*

*/ /*A selection of past SunPaper editions are now also available for 
reference online. For more details, please visit the NMSEA website 

*New Mexico Solar Energy Association on Facebook

*NMSEA is also using Facebook to spread the word about our educational 
outreach, upcoming events & fundraising drives.
If you would like updates about solar energy innovations, events and 
sustainability related news, please visit NMSEA on Facebook 
and press the "Like" button!

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_**DEC 20: **Webinar: Monetizing Renew. Energy & Rainwater, Creating New 
Fiscal Resources for Local Govt ** */-/ */Online/*
Online at 12pm noon ET - 1.5 hour workshop

Monetizing Renewable Energy and Rainwater Capture: Creating New 
Fiscal Resources for Local Government presented by Dr Robert Freilich, 
attorney at Freilich & Popowitz LLP and nationally known author 
including his recent book, From Sprawl to Sustainability: Smart Growth, 
Sustainability, Green Development and Renewable Energy 

This webinar is hosted by Energy Forefront. For more information, please 
visit them online <http://www.energyforefront.com/infowebinar.htm>, 
register here 
or contact Sierra Dall with further questions: (303) 554-1833, 
sierradall at energyforefront.com

*New Mexico Solar Energy Association*
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