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* *//*2011 Solar Fiesta - Details Confirmed, Save the Date!*/
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*//*** APRIL 30: Earth Day at Alameda Park - /Alamogordo/
* APRIL 30: Earth Day Festival - /Los Alamos/*
** APRIL 30: SynergyFest - /Las Vegas, NM/
* **MAY 1: "Party for PEEC" -** /Los Alamos
/*** **MAY 4: USGBC Luncheon: Residential Green Building - /Albuquerque
* /MAY 4: Film: "Fixing the Future: Rescuing the Economy..." */-/*/ 
Santa Fe/*
** MAY 7: NMSEA Electric Vehicles Basics - /Albuquerque/**
*/ /MAY 21, 22, 28: NMSEA Electric Vehicles Conversion - /Albuquerque/*


/*2011 Solar Fiesta - Details Confirmed, Save the Date!*/

Solar Fiesta will take place *August 27 & 28th* (10am-5pm), this year at 
Albuquerque Academy High School! 

A two-day renewable energy fair, the Solar Fiesta features exhibits and 
workshops about passive solar design, wind and solar electric systems, 
solar heating and cooling, alternative fuels and vehicles, solar 
cooking, rainwater catchment, and sustainable building materials, such 
as strawbale, bamboo and adobe. NMSEA also invites educational 
institutions, efficiency engineers and consultants, sustainable 
developers, financers of efficiency projects and recyclers.

The theme this year's event is "Building a Sustainable Lifestyle." 
Please stay tuned to the Solar Fiesta page 
<http://www.nmsea.org/Solar_Fiesta/Solar_Fiesta_2011/index.php> on the 
NMSEA website for additional event details regarding workshops, 
exhibitor options, ticket pricing, volunteer opportunities and more, 
coming soon!

*/NMSEA SunPaper Archives - Now Available Online
A selection of past SunPaper editions are now also available for 
reference online. For more details, please visit the NMSEA website 


NMSEA on Facebook*/

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_**APRIL 30: Earth Day at Alameda Park - /Alamogordo

17th annual Earth Day at Alameda Park in Alamogordo *** *

Recognizing organizations and businesses for their efforts to 
reduce greenhouse gases and promote a healthier way of life the 
*Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce* honors several communities and 
services.  With a combination of litter-clean up and adopt a highway 
Mile program over 4700 participants are doing their small part to make 
one big difference. Over 60 organizations take part in this local and 
national event in *Alamogordo**.*

Not only is recycling and reusing on the agenda but also the health of 
our town and our children. Many will be taking part in exercise events 
and walks around the Zoo on April 30th one of which is the "Sand to Sun 
and Everything in Between" located in the big green tent. Inside or next 
to the big tent you will see activities from Lincoln National Forest, 
White Sands National Monument 
<http://www.alamonelsonteam.com/index.php?page_id=237>, Asombro 
Institute for Science Education (Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park), 
Prehistoric Trackways National Monument, Oliver Lee State Park, Sunspot 
National Solar Observatory, New Mexico Rails to Trails, and New Mexico 
Game and Fish Department. All of these are high activities for families 
and children that want to get out and see their community up close and 
personally.  Children can get a "passport" inside the tent to record 
their visits to each activity, and after completing all activities will 
receive a small prize and be entered in a drawing for larger prizes 
donated by local businesses.

Organized by Youth ACTION (Appreciating, Connecting & Thriving in 
Nature) these events promote outdoor activities and events year round 
for children in *the city*. If you are interested in learning more about 
the Earth Day at Alameda Zoo in Alamogordo feel free to visit the 
Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce <http://www.alamogordo.com/> site. 

*APRIL 30: Earth Day Festival - /Los Alamos

/*10am– 2pm at PEEC, 3540 Orange Street, in Los Alamos

The Earth Day Festival will feature displays by community groups of 
their earth-friendly products and practices and their information about 
our environment on the Pajarito Plateau. Renaissance entertainment group 
Clan Tynker will perform. LASE Network will have a table at this annual 
event – drop by & enjoy the fun!

*APRIL 30: SynergyFest- /Las Vegas, NM

/*10am-4pm at Melody Park on the NM Highlands University campus, in 
historic Las Vegas

SynergyFest is a celebration of the potential for a sustainable future 
for the regional community surrounding Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Live 
music powered by solar panels, the Sunshine Children's Village, 
workshops, food and vendors provide a free, fun day for the entire family!

For more information, please visit www.synergyfest.com 
<http://www.synergyfest.com> or contact Cheryl Zebrowski at 505-718-6932

*MAY 1: "Party for PEEC" -** /Los Alamos/*

4:30 – 7:30pm at Hilltop House Best Western

Join us for our annual "Party for PEEC," a benefit dinner to support the 
Nature Center. The party will feature a poetry reading entitled Poemas 
Verdes, an auction of services by local naturalists, and a unique meal 
prepared with foods that were brought to the Americas by the early 
Spanish explorers and settlers. It will be held Sunday, May 1, from 
4:30-7:30 at the Hilltop House.

Tickets: $50/adult, $95/couple, $20/youth (6-17).

For more information, please contact David Griggs of the Los Alamos 
Sustainable Energy Network, at: griggs2000 at hotmail.com

*MAY 4: USGBC Luncheon: Residential Green Building in NM - /Albuquerque

11:30am – 1pm.at the MCM Elegante Hotel, 2020 Menaul NE, Albuquerque

Faren Dancer, custom home designer from Santa Fe, Steve Hale, president 
of Hale and Sun Construction and director of Build Green NM, and Brad 
Hill, founding member of Green Insight, a LEED for Homes provider, will 
talk about the latest in residential sustainability.  All three will 
discuss some top-rated new residential projects in New Mexico, including 
an Emerald BGNM home, a home that is expected to earn LEED Platinum and 
a recently completed home that earned certification under BGNM. 

For more information and to register, please visit www.usgbcnm.org 

*MAY 4: Film Screening: "Fixing the Future: Rescuing the Economy in 
Communities/ /Across America"/ - Santa Fe/*

6- 8pm at the Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Road 

The Santa Fe Alliance is proud to have been chosen as one of three 
organizations in the US to host a community screening of* Fixing the 
Future: Rescuing the Economy in Communities Across America*. Host David 
Brancaccio (of NOW on PBS) visits locations across America that are 
attempting a revolution: the reinvention of the American economy. By 
featuring communities using sustainable and innovative approaches to 
create jobs and build prosperity, Fixing the Future inspires hope and 
renewal in a people overwhelmed by an economic collapse.


Join us for a panel discussion immediately following the screening on 
the topic of banking locally, time banking and the formation of a 
NM-owned state bank. Our esteemed panelists are:


State Representative Brian Egolf; Fidel Guiterrez, Senior Vice President 
of Los Alamos National Bank; Bill Sommers, CEO of Permaculture Credit 
Union; Allan M. Oliver, CEO of New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce and 
Adrianne McCurrach, Co-founder and Coordinator of the Santa Fe Time Bank 

*This is a FREE event, but we always appreciate donations! *

*MAY 7: NMSEA Electric Vehicles Basics Class - /Albuquerque/*

9am -12:30 at the NMSEA office, 1009 Bradbury Dr. SE, Albuquerque 87106

NMSEA is again offering Electric Vehicles (EV) Basics & Safety Classes! 
The Basics class is a prerequisite for ALL subsequent NMSEA EV classes.
Locate professionals to assist you, and learn how you to convert your 
favorite truck or car body to an EV!

Members cost: $75
Non-Member cost: $85/

***Please note that the April 30 date for this class has changed to May 
7. The April class will no longer be available.***/
To schedule course registration and payment, please email: 
info at nmsea.org, or call (505) 246-0400 M or W-F, 9am - 12 noon.

*MAY 21, 22, 28: NMSEA Electric Vehicles Conversion Class **- 

*** PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the "Advanced" EV Class

EV Conversion Class for Small Trucks & Cars: 3 full days May 21, 22, & 28
NMSEA Member cost: *$300; Non-Member cost: $325
/Registration and payment must be received by 5/18/

Highlights of the class will include:
- The sequence of procedures to ensure a safe efficient conversion.
- Different combinations that best suit the needs of the customer and 
there particular conversion.
- Demonstrations on high & low voltage wiring techniques and proper 
connector applications for large power cable and small instrument & 
analog wiring.
- The students will be divided into small teams that will rotate through 
workstations where they will have hands on experience on wiring 
techniques and the      application to motors, controllers, etc.(None of 
the students doing the hands on work will be in contact with 
- At the field/shop presentations the students will _observe_ the actual 
installation of the motor, controller, charger, and batteries.
- The final day will include a preliminary test drive and evaluation of 
the vehicle.

    *The discount cost on the standard parts you will need for your 
conversion will about offset the cost of the classes, effectively making 
them free.
    *Apply as a candidate to have your vehicle converted.  Email Monte 
at solpwr at plateautel.net <mailto:solpwr at plateautel.net> for details on 
this or questions about the classes.
    *For class sign up and payment email info at nmsea.org 
<mailto:info at nmsea.org> or call (505) 246-0400 M or W-F: 9am – 12 noon


1009 Bradbury Dr. SE, # 35, Albuquerque, NM 87106
505-246-0400, 888-886-6765, Fax: 505-246-2251
info at nmsea.org <mailto:info at nmsea.org> www.nmsea.org <http://www.nmsea.org/>

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