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* Hello Solar Supporters!

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*/*/* /*/*Earth Day 2011 Approaching - NMSEA Volunteer Request
* 2011 Solar Fiesta Details Confirmed!!!
*//**//**/*/* /**/NMSEA SunPaper Archives - Now Available Online/**//**/
* NMSEA on Facebook

** **APRIL 17: La Montanita Co-op Celebrate the Earth Fest in Nob Hill 
**- /Albuquerque, NM
/*** APRIL 19 & 22: Earth Day Hikes at Bandelier National Monument - 
/Los Alamos, NM
* /**APRIL 21: Start Up Ceremony at Abiquiu Dam & Tour - /Los Alamos, NM
/**/* /**APRIL 21: Energy Town Hall & Exposition at Fuller Lodge - /Los 
Alamos, NM
/*** APRIL 22: Earth Day Webcast: "Creative Conservation in a Changing 
Climate" - /Online
* /**APRIL 22: 2nd Annual Lincoln County Renewable Energy Conference - 
/Ruidoso, NM
* /**APRIL 22: Film Screening "Green Fire: Aldo Leopold & a Land Ethic 
for Our Time" **/Silver City, //NM/*
*/* /**APRIL 23: Earth Day in Penny Park - /Silver City, //NM/
**/* /**APRIL 23: Lincoln County **Self-Guided **Solar & Sustainability 
Tour 2011 -/ (near) Ruidoso, NM /*
** APRIL 26: NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter Meeting - /Albuquerque, NM
/*** APRIL 30: SynergyFest- /Las Vegas, NM/*
** MAY 7: NMSEA Basic Electric Vehicle Conversion Class - /Albuquerque, 
*/ /MAY 21, 22, 28: NMSEA Electric Vehicles Conversion Class - 
/Albuquerque, NM/*


/*Earth Day 2011 Approaching - NMSEA Volunteer Request

Our organization's mission to promote clean, renewable energy and 
sustainability in New Mexico relies on the efforts of our volunteer 
members!  With Earth Day quickly approaching, as one of NMSEA's busiest 
seasons, our office receives countless requests to offer a table 
presence at community events.  NMSEA General Event Volunteers are needed 
to assist us during SunChaser presentations and at community events, 
hosting tables offering NMSEA literature and displaying merchandise for 

Upcoming events include:

        Saturday April 16  9 – 1PM  Wilson Middle School - APS 
Alternative Fuel Model Car Races
        Sunday April 17  10AM – 5PM    Nob Hill La Montanita Earth Day 
        Saturday April 23  10AM – 5PM  Santa Fe Co-op Earth Day
        Friday April 29  9AM – 2:30PM  Georgia O’Keefe ES Earth Day 
        Saturday April 30  10AM – 4PM  Las Vegas Synergy Fest
        Tuesday May 10  9:AM – 1PM  Rio Grande HS Solar Fiesta (SunChaser)

If you may be interested to assist NMSEA by offering time at any of 
these upcoming events, please contact our office: info at nmsea.org,
(505) 246-0400.  Thank you so much for your support!

/*2011 Solar Fiesta Details Confirmed!!! */

Solar Fiesta will take place this year August 28 & 29th (10am-5pm) at 
Albuquerque Academy High School! 

A two-day renewable energy fair, the Solar Fiesta features exhibits and 
workshops about passive solar design, wind and solar electric systems, 
solar heating and cooling, alternative fuels and vehicles, solar 
cooking, rainwater catchment, and sustainable building materials, such 
as strawbale, bamboo and adobe. NMSEA also invites educational 
institutions, efficiency engineers and consultants, sustainable 
developers, financers of efficiency projects and recyclers.

The theme this year's event is "Building a Sustainable Lifestyle." 
Please stay tuned to the Solar Fiesta page 
<http://www.nmsea.org/Solar_Fiesta/Solar_Fiesta_2011/index.php> on the 
NMSEA website for additional event details regarding workshops, 
exhibitor options, ticket pricing, volunteer opportunities and more, 
coming soon!

*/NMSEA SunPaper Archives - Now Available Online
A selection of past SunPaper editions are now also available for 
reference online. For more details, please visit the NMSEA website 


NMSEA on Facebook*/

*New Mexico Solar Energy Association is on Facebook! 

*NMSEA is now also using this site to spread the word about our 
educational outreach, upcoming events & fundraising drives.
If you like getting updates on Facebook, please visit the NMSEA on 
and press the "Like" button!



_**APRIL 17: La Montanita Co-op Celebrate the Earth Fest in Nob Hill **- 
/Albuquerque, NM
10am-6pm: Free & Open to the Public

La Montanita's annual spring celebration fills the streets behind the 
Nob Hill Co-op with vendors and entertainment in celebration of Earth 
Day! Come visit NMSEA (or even volunteer for a bit to help us staff our 
table) alongside a host of other local businesses, farms & non-profits 
offering information and giveways - purchase seedling plants to start 
your garden - dance to live music in the streets with friends and 
neighbors - & enjoy a range of delicious foods and beverages for sale!

More information available online 

*APRIL 19 & 22: Earth Day Hikes at Bandelier National Monument - /Los 
Alamos, NM/
In conjunction with National Park Week, April 16-24, there will be two 
hikes at Bandelier National Monument led by Jamie Civitello and Rory 

One hike will be a moderate hike to Burnt Mesa Pueblo (Tues 4/19, 10am, 
meet at the trailhead; 4 miles round trip, easy terrain). The other will 
be a light/moderate walk to the mesa behind campground loop (Fri 4/22, 
2:30 pm, 1.5 mile, meet at the amphitheater parking lot). The hikes will 
focus on archeology/Ancestral Pueblo peoples, but we also will talk 
about Bandelier's recent ecological restoration projects.

The hikes are free & admission to Bandelier is also free during the week 
of April 16-24.

*APRIL 21: Start Up Ceremony at Abiquiu Dam & Tour - /Los Alamos, NM
10:30am Ceremony; 11am-12noon Tour

Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities cordially invites you to 
attend the official ceremony to start up the newly installed 3 megawatt 
turbine. The turbine will increase renewable energy capacity by 22% at 
the Abiquiú hydroelectric facility, located at the downstream side of 
the Abiquiú Dam.

*APRIL 21: Energy Town Hall & Exposition at Fuller Lodge - /Los Alamos, NM

Hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory's Energy Management Council, 
the Energy Town Hall and Exposition will be part of LANL’s Earth Day 
celebration. Details of what will take place are not yet released 
(“Loose Lips Sink Ships”), but we have heard that Robert Hockaday of 
Energy Related Devices will have an exhibit. Please contact Fuller Lodge 
for directions, or further contact information (505) 662-1635*/

*APRIL 22: Earth Day Webcast: "Creative Conservation in a Changing 
Climate" - /Online/*

Professor Camille Parmesan invites you to look at what current impacts 
of rapid climate change has on wildlife, and explores innovative 
solutions to animal and plant conservation in the 21st century. The 
lecture will be webcasted live on our website* 
**www.hotsciencecooltalks.org* <http://www.hotsciencecooltalks.org>* *

Dr Parmesan researches Biology at University of Texas & has work, which 
previously appeared  in the NY Times 

For more information on this presentation, please contact: Stephen 
Brueggerhoff, /Hot Science - Cool Talks/ Coordinator: (512) 471-4211 
sbrueggerhoff at esi.utexas.edu <mailto:sbrueggerhoff at esi.utexas.edu> 
Environmental Science Institute

*APRIL 22: 2nd Annual Lincoln County Renewable Energy Conference - 
/Ruidoso, NM


National keynote speaker, workshops, a secondary school clean energy 
project fair & a trade show will highlight the event.
Open to business, industry, the military and the general public.

For more information, please contact James Miller, Lincoln County 
Renewable Energy Initiative: (575) 937-2873

*APRIL 22: Film Screening "Green Fire: Aldo Leopold & a Land Ethic for 
Our Time" **/Silver City, //NM
7pm Silco Theater: *311 North Bullard Street, Silver City

As part of the celebration of Earth Day 2011, GRIP, Upper Gila Watershed 
Alliance, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and Aldo Leopold High School 
will be sponsoring a screening of this feature length film of Aldo 
Leopold, the man behind the nation's first wilderness area, the Gila 
Wilderness, designated in 1924.  A joint production of the Aldo Leopold 
Foundation, the US Forest Service, and the Center for Humans and 
Nature,/ Green Fire/ explores the life and legacy of this famed 
conservationist and the many ways his land ethic philosophy lives on in 
the work of people and organizations all over the country.  Guest 
speakers from Aldo Leopold High School and others will talk briefly 
about how Leopold's legacy continues in the Grant County community.  

Free admission; donations appreciated.  For more info about the film, 
visit www.greenfiremovie.com 


*APRIL 23: Earth Day & E-Waste Recycling in Penny Park - /Silver City/, NM

Join community organizations and businesses for the annual Earth Day at 
Penny Park Celebration on Saturday, April 23 from 10 am - 2pm.  Browse 
more than 30 booths, kids can participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, 
purchase your native plants, herbs, vegetables and rain barrels, and 
enjoy entertainment with belly dancers, folk songs, and more. 


Concurrent with Earth Day festivities, you can drop off your electronic 
waste at the 2nd annual E-Waste Recycling Event organized by the Silver 
City Recycling Committee. Drop-off location is the Stone-McGee parking 
lot directly to the north of Penny Park (entrance on Grant St.) 
Computers, monitors, VCR's, DVD's, games, cell phones, and burnt-out 
CFL's will be accepted, as well as regular recyclables. 
Microwaves,refrigerators, and other appliances will not be accepted. A 
voluntary $5 fee will be charged for old-style TV's and computer 
monitors paid via check or cash. For more information, contact Chuck 
Fuller at 313-0020 or email scearthday at gmail.com 
<mailto:scearthday at gmail.com>. 


Earth Day at Penny Park organized by Aldo Leopold High School, Gila 
Resources Information Project, Silver City Food Co-op, and the Town of 
Silver City Joint Office of Sustainability.  For further information, 
stop by! Or visit the Silver City event calendar online 


*APRIL 23: Lincoln County Self-Guided Solar & Sustainability Tour 2011 
-/ (near) Ruidoso, NM /

*10am-4pm  FREE Self-Guided tour

Participating hosts open their homes to the public to visit and learn 
about sustainable living techniques: solar electric, solar water 
heating, passive heating & cooling, organic gardening, rain water 
harvesting, building with recycled, reclaimed, and/or alternative 
materials, making biodiesel, and more.

For more information, please visit this blog 
<http://www.sacramentomountainssustainableliving.blogspot.com/>, or 
contact Dan Ray, danray1970 at yahoo.com <mailto:danray1970 at yahoo.com> or 
575-491-6014 <tel:575-491-6014> 


*APRIL 26: NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter Meeting - /Albuquerque, NM/*

6-8pm at REI Store, 1550 Mercantile Ave NE, 87107

Our meeting this month will cover Earth Day efforts to reduce our 
collective human “carbon footprint” as a planet. Planting trees is one 
way to offset human carbon emissions contributions, but another approach 
less commonly discussed, is supporting local agriculture. Eating local 
and organic foods, along with sun baking foods, also help our planet by 
reducing the overall energy inputs required to eat.

Join us for a visit with Brandy Price, Nutrition and Education 
Coordinator from Los Poblanos Organics farm,* *and sample ways a "box" 
of local, Organic fruits and vegetables can affordably feed family and 

Athena Christodoulou (NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter leader and ex- 
restaurateur) will take a typical LPO Harvest box and turn "raw" items 
into delectable (if not at least interesting) finger foods. This 
presentation will also include a simple introduction and ideas for 
baking foods in a solar oven.

** **

NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter meetings are FREE & Open to the Public - so 
bring a friend! Each person will be entered into a drawing with a winner 
every meeting.* *Experts and novices are all invited, and encouraged to 

For more information, please refer to NMSEA's Chapter information page 
online <http://nmsea.org/Chapters/index.php>.

*APRIL 30: SynergyFest- /Las Vegas, NM

/*10am-4pm at Melody Park on the NM Highlands University campus, in 
historic Las Vegas

SynergyFest is a celebration of the potential for a sustainable future 
for the regional community surrounding Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Live 
music powered by solar panels, the Sunshine Children's Village, 
workshops, food and vendors provide a free, fun day for the entire family!

For more information, please visit www.synergyfest.com 
<http://www.synergyfest.com> or contact Cheryl Zebrowski at 505-718-6932

*MAY 7: NMSEA Basic Electric Vehicle Conversion Class - /Albuquerque, NM/*

9am -12:30 at the NMSEA office, 1009 Bradbury Dr. SE, Albuquerque 87106

NMSEA is again offering Electric Vehicles (EV) Basics and Safety 
Classes! This Basics class is a prerequisite for all subsequent NMSEA EV 
Locate professionals to assist you, and learn how you to convert your 
favorite truck or car body to an EV!

Members cost: $75
Non-Member cost: $85
Please register with payment by March 27/

***Please note that the April 30 date for this class has changed to May 
7. The April class will no longer be available.***/
For course registration and payment, please email: info at nmsea.org, or 
call (505) 246-0400 M or W-F, 8am-12 noon.

*MAY 21, 22, 28: NMSEA Electric Vehicles Conversion Class **- 
/Albuquerque, NM/*

****PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the Advanced EV Class****

EV Conversion Class for Small Trucks & Cars: 3 full days May 21, 22, & 28
/Registration and payment must be received by 5/18/
NMSEA Member cost: *$300; Non-Member cost: $325

Highlights of the class will include;
·        The sequence of procedures to ensure a safe efficient conversion.
·        Different combinations that best suit the needs of the customer 
and there particular conversion.
·        Demonstrations on high & low voltage wiring techniques and 
proper connector applications for large power cable and small instrument 
& analog wiring.
·        The students will be divided into small teams that will rotate 
through workstations where they will have hands on experience on wiring 
techniques and the      application to motors, controllers, etc.(None of 
the students doing the hands on work will be in contact with 
·        At the field/shop presentations the students will _observe_ the 
actual installation of the motor, controller, charger, and batteries.
·        The final day will include a preliminary test drive and 
evaluation of the vehicle.

    *The discount cost on the standard parts you will need for your 
conversion will about offset the cost of the classes, effectively making 
them free.
    *Apply as a candidate to have your vehicle converted.  Email Monte 
at solpwr at plateautel.net <mailto:solpwr at plateautel.net> for details on 
this or questions about the classes.
    *For class sign up and payment email info at nmsea.org 
<mailto:info at nmsea.org> or call (505) 246-0400 M or W-F: 9am – 12 noon


1009 Bradbury Dr. SE, # 35, Albuquerque, NM 87106
505-246-0400, 888-886-6765, Fax: 505-246-2251
info at nmsea.org <mailto:info at nmsea.org> www.nmsea.org <http://www.nmsea.org/>

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