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      / September _ 11-12_, 2010, 10am - 5pm /

      /Menaul School in Albuquerque/

/Please join us this weekend at the *11th annual* *Solar Fiesta, *New 
Mexico's premier Renewable Energy and Sustainability Educational Fair!/

A two-day renewable energy fair, the Solar Fiesta* *features exhibits 
and workshops about passive solar design, wind and solar electric 
systems, solar heating and cooling, alternative fuels and vehicles, 
solar cooking, rainwater catchment, and sustainable building materials, 
such as strawbale, bamboo and adobe. NMSEA* *also invites educational 
institutions, efficiency engineers and consultants, sustainable 
developers, financiers of efficiency projects and recyclers.

      /Check out information on the new Solar Flea Market and EV
      Workshop taking place at the Fiesta.

Solar Fiesta Details:

We thank the following sponsors 
for their generous support of this year's Solar Fiesta: */PNM/*, 
*/Unirac, Inc./*, */Lamar Outdoor Advertising/*, */Array Technologies, 
Inc./*, */URS Corporation/*, */Sacred Power Corp./* and */Culligan Water.

    * Workshops

      Our robust workshop schedule supports folk at all stages of going
      solar. Going solar starts with energy conservation and efficiency
      - to raise the comfort level of a dwelling right away, to lower
      utility bills and to reduce the renewable energy system needed.
      Attend workshops about various renewable energy technologies and
      sustainable living.

          o Workshop Schedule
          o Workshop Descriptions
          o Technical Sessions

      /Though full access to our workshops has always been affordable,
      with the depressed economy, we have slashed prices to encourage
      people to take advantage of them. The $15 workshop ticket
      purchased on Saturday provides access to workshops all weekend. On
      Sunday, purchase the workshop ticket for $10. /

    * Activities
          o New this year: Solar Flea Market
          o New this year: Electric Vehicle Conversion Workshop
          o Activities for Children
                + Solar Scavenger Hunt with Prizes
                + Kids Raffle (Free)
                + SunChaser Activities
                + Solar Model Car Races
                + Girls Go Gaia (formerly Girls Gone Green)
          o Adobe Making and Building
          o Solar Oven and Bake-Off
                + Bring your solar oven to participate in Sunday's Solar
          o NMSEA Booth
                + Free literature on solar technologies
                + Free adult raffle
                + Sales of t-shirts, Kill-a-Watt meters with lesson
                  plan, solar fountains, more!
                + A Silent Auction will be held for valuable items and
                  services, including:
                      # Schott Solar Poly(tm) 217, 217 Watt
                        Polycrystalline Solar Module. The Schott Poly
                        module is produced in the new Schott Solar plant
                        in Albuquerque. Schott Solar provides a 25-year
                        performance guarantee on it. Specifications for
                        the module are on page 11 in the User Manual._
                        Value: $578
                        Donated by Schott Solar - New Mexico
                      # Global Sun Oven
                        Value: $299
                        Donated by Solar Ranch
                      # Kill-a-Watt Meter
                        Value: $29.95
                        Donated by Southwest Green Building Center
                + Raffles (paid) for a rain barrel ($3) and a solar
                  model car

    * List of Exhibitors

    * Location, Directions and Site Maps

      Welcome to our new Solar Fiesta site! Our gratitude goes to Tonya
      Wright, Kevin Irwin, Keith Cass and David Cook of Menaul School
      for their support in the use of their wonderful facility for this
      year's Solar Fiesta!

          o Location: Menaul School
            301 Menaul Boulevard NE at Broadway. Menaul School is
            accessible from both I-40 and I-25. Parking is free.
                +  From south of the Big I (the intersection of I-25 and
                  I-40), take Exit 225 (UNMH, Lomas, Menaul,
                  Candelaria). Take a left on Menaul. Go .8 mile to the
                  main entry gate on your right.
                +  From north of the Big I, take Exit 227 (Comanche,
                  Candelaria, Menaul). Take the third right onto Menaul.
                  Go .5 mile to the main entry gate on your right.
                +  From east of the Big I, take the Exit 159D
                  (University Boulevard). Take a right on University, a
                  left on Menaul and go .8 mile to the main entry gate
                  on your right.
                +  From west of the Big I, take Exit 159A (4th-2nd
                  Street). Take a left on 4th or 2nd, a right on Menaul
                  and after Broadway, look for the entrance on your left.
          o Vicinity Map
          o Full Site Layout
          o Indoor Layout

    * Entry and Workshop Ticket Prices
          o New ticketing procedure: Entry tickets will be purchased
            from your vehicle before parking. Please be ready with cash,
            MasterCard or Visa.
          o Admission to Exhibit Grounds (paid from vehicle before parking)
                + $7 Adults - Daily, Exhibits-only
                + $6 Seniors
                + $5 Kids over 12 and students with ID
                + Free admission for:
                      # NMSEA members
                      # PNM employees with ID
                      # Teachers with ID
                      # Children under 12
          o Admission to Workshops (wristband purchased at NMSEA Booth)
                + $15 Saturday or Weekend Workshops (NMSEA Members $10)
                + $10 Sunday Workshops (NMSEA Members $8)
          o Discounts on Entry
                + NMSEA members - remember to bring your NMSEA
                  membership card for free admission to exhibits and
                  discounted tickets for workshops ($3 discount
                  Sat/weekend, $2 discount Sun). Join or renew your
                  membership before or at the Solar Fiesta to receive
                  the discount.
                + PNM customers - check your PNM bill insert for a
                  discount coupon. Bring it with you for $1 off of
                  exhibit entry (for adults and seniors) or $2 off
                  workshop passes.

    * General Info
          o Please leave your pets at home.
          o Food and drink will be available from Menaul School
            organizations in Davidson Hall and from Annapurna
            (vegetarian) on the west side of the South Outdoor Exhibit Area.
          o Handicapped parking will be east of Donaldson Hall. General
            parking will be north and northeast of the Solar Fiesta
            grounds. Follow the signs.
          o Recycling barrels will be available near trash cans. Please
            dispose of trash and recyclables properly.
          o Note: bottled water will not be sold nor given away at the
            Solar Fiesta. Water fountains, vending machines and other
            drinks will be available. We appreciate your bringing your
            own cup for water and a bag for literature and other items.

      Please Spread the Word!

    * Solar Fiesta Poster
    * Solar Fiesta Brochure
    * Solar Fiesta Brochure (.pdf)
    * Solar Flea Market Poster

*Note:* the 2011 Solar Fiesta will move to May.


*Benefits of volunteering:   

*    *3 hours of your help = a FREE workshop
    5 hours of your help = Solar Fiesta t-shirt & all weekend workshops FREE

*Please contact Dave Patterson at dnpatt at hubwest.com 
<mailto:dnpatt at hubwest.com> to volunteer, or just show up!*

Thank you for supporting NMSEA!

See you at the Fiesta!!!



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