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** **OCTOBER 18 - NOVEMBER 12: NMSEA Board of Directors Election

** NMSEA on Facebook!

    **** ** *NOVEMBER 1: Free Lecture on Solar Power at Albuquerque
    Academy - ABQ

    ** ** **NOVEMBER 11: NMSEA Sustainable Las Vegas - Chapter Meeting -
    Las Vegas, NM** *



    ***OCTOBER 18 -- NOVEMBER 12: **NMSEA Board of Directors Election*

Keep an eye on your mailbox! Ballots for the NMSEA Board of Directors 
election have been mailed out to all current members. */Ballots //must 
be returned to the NMSEA office via mail or in person by by Friday, 
November 12, 2010/*.

The newly elected Board Members will be sworn in at the final regularly 
scheduled NMSEA Board Meeting of the year at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, 
November 13, 2010 at the NMSEA office conference room. The new Board 
will then elect from among themselves the President, Vice President, 
Secretary, and Treasurer to serve for the upcoming year. All current 
NMSEA Members are welcome to attend board meetings.

The candidates running for 2011-2012 Board seats are:

        Barbara Menicucci (Incumbent, term expires 2010)
        Mars DeLapp (Incumbent, term expires 2010)
        Carl Axness (Incumbent, term expires 2010)
        Monte Ogdahl (Incumbent, term expires 2010)
        Robert Nelson (Incumbent, term expires 2010)
        Janet Bridgers (Incumbent, term expires 2010)

The continuing NMSEA Board Members are:

        Gary Vaughn (Term 2010-2011)
        James Barrera (Term 2010-2011)
        R.P. Bohannan (Term 2010-2011)
        Lisa Silva (Term 2010-2011)

If you don't receive your ballot by next week, please call or stop by 
the office to verify your membership status and receive a replacement 
NMSEA Office: info at nmsea.org, (505) 246-0400**

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New Mexico Solar Energy Association is now on Facebook! 

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  NOVEMBER 1: Free Lecture on Solar Power at Albuquerque Academy - ABQ

6:30-7:45 p.m.
Simms Center for the Performing Arts, Auditorium

  //"Solar is Power - How Photovoltaic Technologies are Changing our
  Energy Future"//

While the first solar cells were constructed in the 1880's, only in the 
past few years has solar power made economic sense as a source of 
residential and commercial electricity. New technologies and 
manufacturing efficiencies are making solar photovoltaics (PV) even more 
cost effective. In this lecture, we will explore these new technologies 
and discuss how solar power is poised to radically alter the world's 
energy landscape.

*/Rusty Schmit/*/ is a globally recognized leader in the field, with 30 
years experience in the solar energy sector. Rusty began his career in 
solar technology development at Motorola and Texas Instruments. As CEO 
of Photowatt, a French solar manufacturer, Rusty initiated and 
supervised a wide range of global projects, from solar powered water 
pumping in sub-Saharan Africa to solar powered parking meters in 
Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to co-founding CleanSwitch, Rusty founded 
and led New Mexico-based Advent Solar, a solar technology design and 
engineering firm that was recently acquired by Applied Materials./

Lectures are offered free of charge, but space is limited---click here 
to register 

Download a campus map 
Enter from the Academy gate. Simms Center for the Performing Arts is 
Building #13; the closest parking lot is P10.


*NOVEMBER 11: NMSEA Sustainable Las Vegas - Chapter Meeting - Las Vegas, 

The next meeting of Sustainable Las Vegas (the local chapter of the New 
Mexico Solar Energy Association) will be Thursday, November 11, at 5:15 
p.m., at NMHU Donnelly Library, Rm. 325.  Joaquin Karcher will speak on 
the topic, "The most affordable approach to Zero Energy Homes."

Mr. Karcher is an architect with zero e design (www.zeroedesign.com 
<http://www.zeroedesign.com>) in Taos and his homes conform to the 
principles of the passive house, a design concept from Germany 
(www.passivehouse.us <http://www.passivehouse.us>).  Since affordability 
is a major concern in Northern New Mexico he will focus on that.

Zero energy or zero net energy are terms that describes homes that by 
design use very little energy and what energy is needed is provided by 
renewable sources.

For further information, please phone Emelie Olson at 505 454-3920.



*1009 Bradbury Dr. SE, # 35**, Albuquerque, NM 87106**
505-246-0400, 888-886-6765, Fax: 505-246-2251
info at nmsea.org <mailto:info at nmsea.org> www.nmsea.org 


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