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Tue Mar 17 14:04:26 MDT 2009

Hi Solar Enthusiasts!

Political Alerts!

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    URGENT - SEIA *Action* Alert:

The Solar Energy Industries Association asks us to contact Congress NOW 
in support of solar energy legislation. Please call and write your US 
Representatives and Senators now urging them to sign on to the 
respective letters to the leadership (links below) supporting these 
three top priorities of the solar industry:

   1. Federal Renewable Portfolio Standard that will deploy solar energy
      in all forms(photovoltaics, solar hot water, utility-scale)
   2. Strong Climate Safeguards that will cap carbon emissions while
      growing our economy and deploying unprecendented amounts of solar
      generating assets.
   3. Bold new commitments to our transmission grid-Green Power
      Superhighways-that will connect solar rich areas with electricity

House Letter: http://www.seia.org/galleries/pdf/House_letter_3_4_09.pdf

Senate Letter: http://www.seia.org/galleries/pdf/Senate_letter_3_4_09.pdf

It is crucial that your Representative and Senator demonstrate their 
support for solar energy by signing these letters. To locate your 
Senator or Representatives' Washington phone number, go to 
http://www.house.gov/. Alternatively, you can reach your 
Representatives' offices through the Capitol Switchboard at 
202-225-3121. Email addresses can also be obtained at the above websites.

    *Legislative Alert** –* House Bill 572, County Assessment Option:

House Bill 572 is still pending in the Legislature , sponsored by Brian 
Egolf. This would apparently authorize counties to collect loan payments 
for renewable energy systems through property tax assessments. Dick Oot 
has written that this is a program that has already been adopted in 
California and Colorado, and it would have no impact on state or county 
funding. The program will be completely voluntary and may eliminate some 
up-front costs to homeowners, as well as providing a stable predictable 
electricity cost for 20 years. If you feel this is an important measure 
for the legislature to consider passing, please contact the bill’s 
sponsor and his colleagues to encourage them to get this passed. Here is 
contact information for Representative Egolf: Capitol Phone (505) 
986-4211, Office Phone (505) 986-9641, e-mail brian at brianegolf.com 
<mailto:brian at brianegolf.com>.

If you want to attend legislative sessions, they are held at the New 
Mexico State Capitol (the Roundhouse), which is located at the corner of 
Old Santa Fe Trail and Paseo de Peralta in Santa Fe.

    *Legislative Alert** –* Senate Bill 315, Renewable Energy Portfolio

A regulatory bill being considered by the State Senate, SB 315 
(sponsored by Tim Keller), moves up the 10%, 15%, and 20% renewable 
energy requirements in utility portfolios one or two years for quicker 
implementation. When you call to support this bill, also mention that 
you support closing the loophole that might allow utility companies to 
avoid these requirements if RE costs are deemed prohibitive. Here is 
contact information for Senator Keller: Capitol Phone (505) 986-4260, 
Office Phone (505) 332-9441, e-mail tk at timkellerfornewmexico.com 
<MAILTO:tk at timkellerfornewmexico.com>

    *Governor Alert** – *Senate Bill 257, RE Tax Credit:

NMSEA has learned that the proposed legislation for a New Mexico State 
tax credit for the installation of solar and other renewable energy 
systems *has passed* both houses and will now go to Governor Richardson 
for his signature. If signed, this would add a 10% State tax credit to 
the 30% Federal credit that was approved in December, for a total credit 
of 40%. This would be a much better incentive for property owners who 
can afford to make the investment. Unfortunately, State revenues have 
fallen, and this credit would further reduce those revenues. If you feel 
this is an important measure for the Governor to sign, please call him 
at 505- 476-2200 or go to his contact page at 
http://www.governor.state.nm.us/contact.php. Legislation not acted upon 
by governor by April 10 is pocket vetoed.

*/SJM 33 Passes by Unanimous Vote/*

Miro Kovacevich & Matthew Ellis of ViviLux Institution notified us that 
this $21 billion Joint Memorial passed on Friday March 13. Senators 
Cisneros and Ortiz y Pino offered SJM 33 instructing the NM National 
Congressional Delegation (Senators Jeff Bingaman & Tom Udall, and 
Representatives Ben Ray Lujan, Martin Heinrich, & Harry Teague) to ask 
for $21B in economic recovery money for Sandia and Los Alamos national 
laboratories and for a National Renewable Energy Administration 
headquarters and research facility to be located in Santa Fe. It also 
requests that New Mexico actively seek to attract the manufacturing of 
small efficient cars, including electric vehicles. Congratulations and 
thank you to all who worked on this effort, including Senators Cisneros 
and Ortiz y Pino, Representative Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales, Speaker of 
The House Ben Lujan, Senator Linda Lopez, Senator Bernadette Sanchez, 
and Representative James Roger Madalena.



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