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Thu Feb 26 10:08:48 MST 2009

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*HOUSE Bill **572**
Goes Before the House Business and Industry Committee*

*~TODAY!~ *

*Thursday, February 26, 2009 
1:30 PM

In Room 309 of the Roundhouse, Santa Fe

 *Please Express YOUR SUPPORT for This Bill ! *

The House agenda opens at 1:30.  Supporters should be prepared for it to 
possibly go first.   Rep. Brian Egolf will present the bill, and after 
this time the Chair will take public commentary in support or opposition 
to the bill. 

There was a very impressive showing in favor for this bill last Sunday.  
It will be in front of the Committee again today, so despite this short 
notice, if you can please add your support!

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This bill has power to really move the solar market in a short period of 
time, so it is of primary interest to solar industry supporters this 

The most effective way to approach the Committee is to speak in terms of 
/jobs, jobs, jobs/, not only for integrators, but also for products 
manufactured and distributed from New Mexico.

*_Detailed Information About This Bill_: *

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* *

This is a program that has already been adopted in California and 
Colorado.  It allows for a special assessment to the property owners tax 
bill via a special assessment to pay for renewable energy.  It has NO 
impact on State or County funding.  All administration fees are included 
in the program.**

This program is completely voluntary at the County level and at the 
Property Owner level.*

* *If a Property owner wishes to opt-in he or she simply goes to the web 
site and fills out the simple application form.  The third party 
financial institution receives the key information about the property, 
the proposed system, and the cost, and administers a qualification process.

Once the owner is approved he is directed to one of the approved 
renewable energy providers in his or her community (approved by the New 
Mexico Department of Minerals and Natural Resources) who oversees the 
renewable industry in regards to investment tax credits available from 
the State.  ENMRD already has experience dealing with solar equipment 
financing and they support this bill.

Upon approval and installation of the system and inspection by the 
Utility company and local building inspectors, the specific financing 
institution files a Property Tax Lien on the property and is paid 
annually or semi-annually for such funding via a property tax assessment 
amortized over 20 years.  The assessment is against the property and not 
the individual owner, so it is easily transferable. 

The County Treasurers office is paid a fee that is acceptable to the 
county to administer the transaction typically 1.25% annually for the 
processing which amounts to $30-40.00 per transaction. 

Value to Property Owner*

*No up front cost to add solar to their home allows for a much broader 
socio-economic spectrum of property owners who want to "go solar" to do 
so, and not just the affluent homeowner which has unfortunately been the 
case in New Mexico.

·         *Allows for a stable predictable electrical cost over the next 
20 years.

·         *Reduces the carbon footprint of the homeowner and encourages 
conservation and overall energy awareness, important policy aims.

·         *Cost for system increases the value of the home and reduces 
the long-term cost of ownership.

·         *Protects New Mexicans from erratic swings in cost of fossil 

*System transfers with sale of home to new owner since the underlying 
tax lien is tied to the property and assessed to the property taxes not 
the homeowner.

Value to the New Mexico Economy*

·         *Increases jobs in the renewable energy field and can create 
thousands of direct and supporting skilled positions.

·         *This program along with other renewable projects now provides 
more new jobs in Colorado than the oil and gas industries combined.

(Reference source:  www.ases.org/greenjobs)

·         *Reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and uncontrollable fuel 
costs for producing energy.

*Eases New Mexico's "day of reckoning" when fossil fuels will no longer 
be plentiful and cheap.

Value to the Utility* 

·         *Provides Renewable energy credits for the Utilities to meet 
their RPS quotas under New Mexico Law.

·         *Provides a reduction in Transmission and Distribution loads 
during portions of the Peak energy times of the day.

·         *Gives Utility experience in an area that is only growing and 
will become demanded more and more so they can continue to be profitable.






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