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Fri Dec 11 15:48:25 MST 2009

Dear Community of Solar and Sustainability Enthusiasts!

We have had great response to our survey regarding the 2010 Solar 
Fiesta.  Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to let us know 
your thoughts. 

If you haven't given us your thoughts yet, please remember the deadline 
is close of business this coming Monday, 12/14.  We hope you hear from you!


Mary Mac

December 4, 2009

To NMSEA Members and the Community of New Mexico:

The 2009 Solar Fiesta - as robust as ever - drew smaller crowds than 
usual.  This is understandable, considering the economy, but we believe 
a conflict of many events the same weekend also had significant impact.  
To look back further, the last few years' attendance have been similar 
to that reported in 2001.  We have tremendous business support and 
provide a quality educational event, but our attendance has not grown.  
This causes us to ask the question:  /Are we fulfilling our educational 
mission or are we simply preaching to the choir, year after year?/

NMSEA is looking for ways to reach beyond the part of our community that 
is already environmentally minded.  Would a change in the timing and/or 
location of the Solar Fiesta draw folk who have not attended in the 
past?  What about combining the Solar Fiesta with another event?

In an effort to ascertain the best direction for Solar Fiesta to take, 
we have prepared a survey, linked at the top of this e-mail.  */Your 
feedback is needed to help us effectively use our funds, volunteers and 
other resources to fulfill our mission and your needs./*

_Time is of the essence_.  */Please take 10-15 minutes to fill out the 
survey linked above by the evening of Monday, 12/14./*  Many questions 
may be answered by selecting checkboxes, but may have textboxes in which 
to augment your response.  Please use the link above to get to the survey. 

Due to the short response deadline and the need to compile the data 
immediately, we are sending this request via e-mail only and are asking 
you to respond via an on-line form.  You may forward the link to your 
friends and associates who would also like to give their input.

We are grateful for your time and input!  Thank you!
Mary McArthur, Executive Director
And NMSEA's Long Term Planning Committee
New Mexico Solar Energy Association
1009 Bradbury SE #35, Albuquerque, NM 87106 · 505-246-0400 · Fax 
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