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Fri Nov 7 12:48:41 MST 2008

> /*Do You Want to Know What's Going On at NMSEA? */
> The next not-to-be-missed _*NMSEA Board meeting **is on *__*Saturday, 
> *_*_November 15_ *from noon-4 pm (and we will start on time). 
> As usual, it will be preceded by our famous potluck at 11:30 am. This 
> will be my last board meeting as President. Chocolate is always a 
> great parting gift, oh, did I say I like chocolate? The meeting will 
> be at the NMSEA office.  Address is 1009 Bradbury SE, across the 
> street from Isotopes park and behind the Lockheed Martin Building. It 
> is in the UNM Business Incubator. Doorbell next to the door. All 
> members are welcome. We always have a full agenda. If you have any 
> agenda items, please send to info at nmsea.org. I hope to see all of you 
> there.
> -Marlene Brown-
> La Presidenta
> New Mexico Solar Energy Association
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> */Time to Vote!/*
> There is a _*ballot to elect NMSEA Board members*_ in the 
> current issue of the/*/ SunPaper/*// /that is on its way to you as we 
> speak.
> Please mark and send your ballots back promptly!  We would like to see 
> 100% return on our ballots, even better than the general election this 
> past week. You will be voting for Board members. The Executive 
> Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) is 
> chosen by the Board. Please send back your ballots.
> Thank you!
> -Marlene Brown-
> La Presidenta
> New Mexico Solar Energy Association

**    /& The Solar Community Needs Your Help!  /*/
  (please read on...)/

New Mexico///

*/Citizen Solar Action Alert !/**//*

*/November 4, 2008/*


* *> > >  * **/Public input urgently needed/**   *< < <

*Cards -- Letters -- Emails*


                A series of important hearings have just concluded 
before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) in Santa Fe
that will affect New Mexico homeowners and businesses.  

            The hearings addressed NM's three major utilities (PNM, El 
Paso Electric, and Southwest Public Service) future plans for renewable 
energy in New Mexico.

            A number of NM citizen groups, the NM solar industry 
organization, solar companies, and individuals intervened in the PRC 
proceedings advocating an increase in photovoltaic (PV) solar financial 
incentives for homeowners and businesses.  

            Many states and communities around the nation are initiating 
and increasing solar PV incentives.  And the five commissioners of the 
PRC will issue their ruling sometime in the coming weeks!


*/An increase in the solar incentives will:/*


*    Greatly help in making PV systems (solar electricity) more 
affordable for homeowners and businesses in NM.

** *   Make solar a _reality_ in New Mexico -- now.

*    Provide clean safe energy --  now.

*    Create solar "green" jobs in NM -- now !


*What can you do ?*

            Write and email the Commissioners at the PRC _by November 30_.


*What do you ask the Commissioners to do ?*

            In your own words, request the PRC to increase and 
strengthen the solar incentives for New       Mexico.


*Address letters, cards and emails to the PRC Commissioners.   *

            *Address _individually_ to each Commissioner:*

            Commissioner Jason A. Marks, Chairman                
Jason.Marks at state.nm.us

            Commissioner David W. 
King                                                David.King at state.nm.us

            Commissioner Ben R. 
Lujan                                      BenR.Lujan at state.nm.us

            Commissioner Carol K. 
Sloan                                    Carol.Sloan at state.nm.us

            Commissioner (Mr.) Sandy Jones                              
Sandy.Jones at state.nm.us


                                                NM Public Regulation 

                                                P.O. Box 1269

                                                Santa Fe, New Mexico   87504


*Albuquerque/Bernalillo Libraries "Patron Appreciation Weekend"* 
*Free & Open to the Public:  November 7, 8, and 9^th


*THIS WEEKEND: Join NMSEA** at local library branches (Main, Cherry 
Hills, Lomas Tramway, and Taylor Ranch) for **FREE FOOD & FUN!!! *Check 
out all of the resources your public library has to offer, including 
online databases and free entertainment resources like DVDs for the 
family, along with special installations by NMSEA, Explora science 
museum, authors, storytellers, & a book sale. 

Please see <http://www.cabq.gov/library/documents/ckp-psg_flyer_v2.pdf> 
for further details! 

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