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Celebrate the SUN and EARTH!

Enjoy the beauty of Taos!

Dance and Jump around with the music!

Be part of the TAOS SOLAR VILLAGE June 27th thru June 29th! 

Always a blast!


The 2008 Taos Solar Music Fest already have a great start to the musical 
lineup with Steve Earle, Susan Tedeschi, Collective Soul, Allison 
Moorer, Pacifika, The Coup.

 The FREE TO THE PUBLIC Solar Village will again be lively with many 
exhibitors and visual displays of solar systems, green building 
materials, environmental and wilderness education and volunteer 

 Now is the time to join the fun and sign up as an exhibitor.  The Solar 
Village and Music Fest will celebrate this year as the 10th anniversary 
of an event which began as a fundraiser in conjunction with KTAO, World 
Famous Solar Powered Radio Station, for developing the first Sunchaser. 

 We have already been approving exhibitors for the 2008 Solar Village so 
do not be left out and get on board now!  Space is limited and we are 
growing every year!

 This is the festival for northern NM and our exhibitors need to dress 
fun and make your booth colorful and attractive.  Prizes for costumes 
and best booth deco will entice you!

 If you want to exhibit you need to go to our website and fill out the 
simple application. 

http://www.nmsea.org <http://www.nmsea.org/>

We will contact you promptly to approve your participation -- the 
village is geared to be educational with the focus on clean and 
renewable energy, green building, solar design, environmental and 
wildlife protection, and youth educational opportunities in these fields.

 The cost to be an exhibitor is very little for 2 and a half days of 
exposure.  $60 per exhibitor plus a $50 damage deposit. As an exhibitor 
you have the opportunity to purchase discounted music festival tickets.

 Here is a sampling of the activities and participants we typically have 
at the Taos Solar Village:

 Kids get to check out remote control cars running on solar power - no 
batteries to buy - its like magic!

 Or for the kid in us, jumping in front of a large PV module stopping 
the directly wired water fountain because of your shadow! See up close a 
working photovoltaic system with batteries and inverter. Heard a lot 
about fuel cells? What really is it? The village has a great Fuel cell 
display that works all day long from clean hydrogen fuel made on site 
from the sun!

Feel how hot that water can get from the sun with a full scale solar hot 
water setup. Learn about other hot water uses such as heating your 
radiant floor and more.

 Learn about energy efficiency programs, buying green power from your 
utility, national forest, wilderness and waterway protection and 
creating land trusts to preserve open space via many different exhibits.

 Visit with volunteers to learn how you too can help put a smile on 
people's faces by helping on a Habitat for Humanity home.

 Gather information and visit with green builders and solar designers as 
you plan your next home or renovation.

 Catch that rainwater off of your roof for later use! See what cisterns 
are available and how these systems can benefit your garden or even 
provide household water.

 Speaking of gardens the Village has educational exhibits on organic 
soil improvements and organic farming.

 Sun Ovens are cooking samplings everyday all day long so don't forget 
to enjoy a solar baked cookie or croissant!

 And check out the latest in one of the latest technological 
breakthroughs in transportation at several electric bicycles and trikes 
displays. Or check out the Linear City concept - could be your next town!

 This year's solar village will be as big as ever with all of the above 
and more being generously offered to you by many volunteers and over 30 

 Sign up today at our website.  http://www.nmsea.org 
<http://www.nmsea.org/> to be an exhibitor at the 10th Anniversary Solar 
Village in Kit Carson Park. 

Easiest to just look in the left column for the Music Fest link on our 
home page, but the exact page link is: 

See you June 27^th !

Remember YOU are the ones that make the Village a fun and spirited 
setting drawing the public through all day long.   And don't slack on 
costumes and booth decoration!

We want this Village to be sharp looking and colorful with lots of hands 
on activities attracting more people to visit and learn of what you have 
to offer.   These efforts are part of the magic of advancing a rapid 
shift to a clean and sustainable future for generations to come. 

Of course NMSEA also needs member volunteers to assist with our 
educational displays.

Contact Karlis Viceps , Village coordinator

solar at newmex.com <mailto:solar at newmex.com>

575-770-0225 (Verizon users free cell call)

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