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Hi Solar Enthusiasts!

Here's the latest Chapter events, workshops, and announcments.

Please see the NMSEA Event Calendar for a more complete list of events

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Also, check out the Sustainable ABQ website for other events in and 
around Albuquerque.  Go to http://www.sustainableabq.com/news_events.htm

If you have questions or comments, please contact us!   We value your input!


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February 9-17: Sustainability's Economic Dimension Workshop

February 23: Farmington - FREE Solar for Home and Business Seminar

February 26: NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter Meeting -- Duke Castle -- The 
Natural Step

February and March: NMSEA Alamogordo Chapter-Community Education Program

March 10-11: Tribal energy solutions to climate change workshop

May 17-18 Green Built Tour

ANNOUNCMENTS (at the bottom)

 ***Rebuild New Mexico looking for a few good Board Members

 *** New Mexico Solar Tax Credit application deadline extended



Join us in Albuquerque, February 9-17 as we hold the vision of 
co-creating a world that

works for everyone.  In an exciting 9 day exploration in design process, 
you will discover

the fundamental pattern shifts that are beginning to happen in our 
economic and

monetary systems necessary to make that world a reality. You will apply 
these design

patterns, principles and practices in your personal life and projects so 
that you can begin

bringing forth that world in your life immediately.

What a treat for us to have great leaders of the new social and economic 
paradigm joining

us for this exploration:
Rich Ruster:

Ph.D in holistic psychology and whole systems science; author of The 
Homing Process:

A Unifying Theory of Evolving Systems & The Human Dream Blog at

richardruster.com; Executive Steward of Hummingbird Community in 
Northern New


Maggie Seeley

Managing Partner of Green It! The Sustainability Team, City of 
Albuquerque consultant;

International Business Consultant; UNM teacher in the Sustainability 
Studies Department

and the Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Laird Schaub
Canbridge Consulting and Facilitation, teacher, trainer, and facilitator 
in consensus

decision making and conflict resolution,; Co-Founder and Executive 
Secretary for the

Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC); Co-Founder of Sandhill Farm, an

egalitarian community modeling alternative economics.


Come explore with us such subjects as Shifting the Global Economy to 

Local Currencies; Right Livelihood; Social Enterprises; Ecovillage 
Principles; Natural

Capitalism; Ecology of Commerce; Triple Bottom Line; Nurturing Local 
Economies; and



This course is the Economic Dimension of Ecovillage Design Education, an 

sustainability certification curriculum endorsed by the United Nations.  
For more

information go to www.ecovillagedesignsouthwest.org and call Robert 
Griffin at 505-366-4700.



 Farmington Museum, 10-4:30

 10:00-10:30 Paul Pavlik, a homeowners experience with solar

10:30-11:00 Dan Laribee, Contractor who builds with solar

11:00-11:45 Norm Larivee, heating with solar panels.

12:00-12:45 J.R. Sykes, Cost effective Solar Uses.- Thermal

12:45-1:15 Lunch break

1:15 -2:00 Daniel Peterson, solar electric grid tie systems, the net 
metering agreement,

and federal and state tax rebates for systems such as these.

2:00- 2:45  Solar for electricity.

3:00- 4:30  Dave Porter, power point presentation on passive solar

Tables with info on solar will be out in the hallway

Snacks will be provided, for lunch break there are near by fast food 
restaurants and

sitdown restaurants to grab a to go meal and you are welcomed to bring 
it back to the

Museum and eat.

 For more info Elisa Bird -- Sustainable San Juan




 Speaker: Duke Castle

 Title: "The Natural Step Sustainability Framework"

 The Natural Step is an international network of educational 
organizations that use a

science-based systems framework to help companies, communities, and 

understand and take the next steps towards sustainability.  This 
workshop is an

introduction to this framework that provides a guide to thinking and 
acting in harmony

with the earth's cyclical processes.

NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each 

(Except December), 6:30 PM, at REI (northwest of the intersection of 
I-25 and Montano)

in Albuquerque.

We hope you will join us!

Ed Heller

NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter President



 New Mexico Solar Energy Association. -- Alamogordo Chapter is scheduled 

to do 3 community education programs at NMSU-A this spring.

 The Wednesday evening classes  are:

 Feb 6 &13            Basics of Alterative Energy

Feb 27 & Mar 5    Passive Solar: Housewarming without mechanical systems

Mar 12 & 19         Active Solar Energy & Living off the Grid

 More information at http://alamo.nmsu.edu/community/springcourses.cgi



 Greetings, It is not too early to start planning for the 2008 GreenBuilt

Tour.  The tentative dates are May 17 and 18, 2008.  The application

forms are attached.  Please let me know if you have questions.

 For general information, see:


 Best regards,

 Larry Gorman

Building Energy Solutions, Inc.

505-269-2969 phone

505-867-7965 fax

lgorman3 at comcast.net <mailto:lgorman3 at comcast.net>

www.buildingenergysolutions.com <http://www.buildingenergysolutions.com>



Rebuild New Mexico is seeking members to fill a few positions on our 
Board of

Directors.  This is a great opportunity to use your expertise in Energy 
Efficiency to make

New Mexico a better place.  These positions are volunteer and require 
either a monthly

call in or physical attendance at the board meeting on the second 
Wednesday of the

month at 8 am in our office in Albuquerque.  The meetings are fun, 
interesting and very

informative.  The monthly meetings generally last for an hour to an hour 
and a half.  We

are calling for folks from all parts of the State to submit their resume 
and be considered

as a Board Member committed to advancing Energy Efficiency through 
Education and

Innovation.  Members will vote for the new Board of Directors at the 
Annual Partner

meeting on March 4th.  For more information please check out our web 
site at

www.Rebuildnewmexico.org <http://www.Rebuildnewmexico.org> or call 
768-5346.   Please, by the end of Feb, submit your

resume to Info at rebuildnewmexico.org <mailto:Info at rebuildnewmexico.org>



State Law Changes That Took Effect in 2007 Helping Citizens Go Solar

 Contact: Jane Tabor, Public Outreach Administrator

(505) 476-3252, Jane.Tabor at state.nm.us <mailto:Jane.Tabor at state.nm.us>

 Santa Fe -- New Mexico homeowners and businesses that installed solar 
energy systems

during the year will have an additional month to submit applications for 
2007 state tax

credits. The January 15, 2008, deadline will be changed to February 15, 
2008. This

deadline change also applies to subsequent years.

 "Filing for the New Mexico tax credit requires first that the solar 
system be certified by

the state's Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department," said 

Martinez, director of the Department's Energy Conservation and 
Management Division.

"Our staff stands ready to help anyone who has installed a solar energy 
system with the

certification process."

 The certification process supports quality assurance of solar systems 
and includes

requirements for permitting, licensed contractors, and code-compliant 
equipment. Many

solar system installers will assist with documenting the solar system's 
operation and the

certification process.

The Energy Conservation and Management Division encourages those who 
have not yet

applied for the state tax credits for their systems to get their 
paperwork in order and

submitted. For assistance, call the Division at 505-476-3310.

New Mexico provides a tax credit of up to $9,000 for a solar energy 
system installed

between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2015, in addition to the 
federal tax credit of

up to $2,000. If two separate systems are installed, such as solar 
photovoltaic electric and

solar thermal heating, state tax credits can be claimed for both 
systems, up to a total of


Thanks to action last year by Governor Richardson and the New Mexico 
Legislature, two

additional solar incentives are available to make it easier to utilize 
solar energy. The

Solar Gross Receipts Tax Exemption is now in effect, which can help 
reduce the upfront

cost at the time of purchase. New Mexico's long-standing Solar Rights 
Act, which

established the right to use solar energy as a property right, has been 

Retroactive to 1978, it is prohibited for cities and homeowners' 
associations to establ

ish covenants, codes, or restrictions that forbid solar installations 
(with the exception of

historic districts). More homeowners can now utilize their right to an 
unobstructed line-of-sight path to the sun.

 For more information about New Mexico's solar energy incentives, visit

www.CleanEnergyNM.org <http://www.cleanenergynm.org/>.

The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department provides resource 
protection and renewable energy resource development services to the 
public and other state agencies.

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