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Hi Solar Enthusiasts!

Here's the latest Chapter events, and announcements.

Please see the NMSEA Event Calendar for a more complete list of events, 
including all the Earth Day events, at 

Also, check out the Sustainable ABQ website for other events in and 
around Albuquerque.  Go to http://www.sustainableabq.com/news_events.htm

If you have questions or comments, please contact us!   We value your input.


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February 28 -- Organizational Meeting for the creation of an NMSEA Las 
Cruces Chapter

March 4 -- Rebuild NM Annual Partner meeting -- Questions for Senator 

March 14 and 15 -- Sustainable Enterprise Summit -- Oshara Village, Santa Fe

March 13 - Emigdio Ballon: Tesuque Pueblo Agricultural Initiative

February and March - NMSEA Alamogordo Chapter-Community Education Program

April 11,12,13,19, and 20 -- Photovoltaic (PV) Design and Installation 

ANNOUNCMENTS (at the bottom)

***Earth Day Volunteers needed for NMSEA

***Chapter Leader needed for NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter

*** Energy and climate change -- a congressional update from Solar Nation



Come to the Dona Ana Community College East Mesa Campus room 204 for 
February 28, 2008 at 6:00pm to be part or the newest chapter of NMSEA.

For more information, contact Jim Simonin, (575) 525-8092, 
jsimonin at zianet.com <mailto:jsimonin at zianet.com>



The annual partner meeting will be held on Tuesday morning March 4 at 8am at the Los Griegos Community Center. The Rebuild New Mexico community is fortunate to have special privileges scheduled with US NM Sen Jeff Bingaman's Energy Committee, Washington DC staff. We will be connecting with them via teleconferencing. Our partnership members have provided questions in advance which are thorough and in depth. The DC Energy Staffers will respond to pre-questions ranging from the Federal Energy Policy, perceptions of importance regarding the scope of Alternative Energy policy, and other questions regarding the Federal tax credit.  Come and join us for this free event and listen in with the knowledgeable team. 

We will be able to ask additional questions during the phone in session but of course the pre-written ones will gain first priority. Please put this one on your calendar and plan to attend. March forth with Rebuild New Mexico on March 4th. 

The event will be held at Los Griegos Community Center, located at 1231 Candelaria Rd., NW in Albuquerque. Please join us early for coffee at 7.45 am. The event is Free and Open to the Public. For more info on any event please call (505) 768-5346,or email info at rebuildnewmexico.org <mailto:info at rebuildnewmexico.org>



  Los Alamos Sustainable Energy Network

 LASE Network March Meeting

Date:               Thurs., Mar. 13

Time:              Socializing begins at 6:30 PM, Meeting is from 7-8 PM

Location:        at PEEC, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center on 
Orange Street in Los Alamos

Speaker:        Emigdio Ballon: Tesuque Pueblo Agricultural Initiative

Special Note: We will have a Pot Luck Supper at PEEC from 5:30 - 6:30 PM 
before the meeting.

Emigdio Ballon: Tesuque Pueblo Agricultural Initiative

Tesuque Pueblo has an Agricultural Initiative that is not quite three 
years old. Their goal is to not have to rely on outside sources for 
food. The initiative is to teach the 600 members to grow their own food. 
The manager of the program is Emigdio Ballon. In the last year, Ballon 
and his crew of three have planted 750 fruit trees: beans, corn, squash 
and other crops; medicinal herbs on 15 acres. Ballon is a Quechua Indian 
from Bolivia and has studied biogenetics and was brought to the Pueblo 
to lead the initiative.

We will have a Pot Luck Supper at PEEC from 5:30 - 6:30 PM before the 
meeting. Please feel encouraged to bring local food to share with 
others. Branden Willman-Kozimor (programs at pajaritoeec.org) 505.662.0460 
will be coordinating the food, so that we don't have 15 people bringing 

The meeting location for LASE Network is at the Pajarito Environmental 
Education Center

At the old High School "L" Building at 3540 Orange Street.

(Directions: from Trinity, go on Diamond past the high school, and turn 
right on Orange St. Go about 2 1/2  blocks...PEEC will be on the left.)

The meeting location for LASE Network is at the Pajarito Environmental 
Education Center

At the old High School "L" Building at 3540 Orange Street.

(Directions: from Trinity, go on Diamond past the high school, and turn 
right on Orange St. Go about 2 1/2  blocks...PEEC will be on the left.)

LASE Network · P.O. Box 221 · Los Alamos, NM 87544 · Website:  

For more info, call David Griggs at 661-4572.



Learn how to make your business more
sustainable and profitable
· Save money on Operating Costs using Sustainable Techniques
· Build Customer Loyalty through Sustainable Practices
· Enhance Employee Retention
· Use SFCC for Employee Training
· Prepare for Rising Energy Prices
· Identify Benefits of the Sustainable Enterprise Zone

Announcing: The Sustainable Enterprise Zone 

The Sustainable Enterprise Zone (SEZ) is locate within the 470 acres of
Oshara Village next to the Santa Fe Community College. The SEZ is 
serviced with reclaimed water, multi-model transportation, access to 
I-25 interchange and a number of options for high-speed connectivity.  
Phase I of the SEZ  is approved and under construction with 36,000 
square feet of flex commercial available for construction now and 30,000 
square feet of class A office space to be available as needed over the 
next two years on the Oshara Plaza.

Phase II of the SEZ is in the planning process approved for up to 
600,000 square feet of commercial buildings. The information gained 
during the Sustainable Enterprise Summit will aid in the design of Phase 
II of the SEZ.

Ken Hughes is a Clean Energy Specialist at the New Mexico's Energy, 
Minerals and Natural Resources Department. His 2006 Blueprint for Santa 
Fe's sustainability was named by Smart City Radio as "a model for cities 
around the world."
Jack Kolkmeyer is the Land Use Administrator and Director of the 
Planning and Development Division for Santa Fe County. He will present 
an overview of the Community College District and will describe 
opportunities for "placemaking and community problem solving."

Robert Griego is Senior Planner for Economic Development, Santa Fe 
County. He will present the County's Economic Development program, the 
County Community Business Plan and the Santa Fe Regional 
Telecommunications Coalition. He will also present plans for the Center 
for Community Sustainability at SFCC.

Ellen Veseth is with the New Mexico Office of Science and Technology and 
will present and promote New Mexico's incentives and programs for 

Robert Haspel is Co-director for Sustainable Communities Inc. (SCI) and 
Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI). He will speak about 
working with communities to convert liabilities into assets. What to do 
with your waste stream and how to make it a net positive for your 
business and the community.

Claire Fenton is Assistant Vice President for the Division of Continuing 
Education and Customized Training at the Santa Fe Community College 
(SFCC) providing workforce development, education and a wide range of 
customized training programs.  She will cover specific examples of 
programs available to the public and private sector.

Robert Gorlow owner of RMGA is the Development Manager for Oshara 
Village and a developer of Town Centers and sustainable communities

More information and registration
Please RSVP to Anna Hansen, Director of Community Building, Oshara 
Village 505-629-4116
FAX: 505.988.7443, email: Anna at OsharaVillage.com or mail:  4 Willow Back 
Santa Fe, NM 87508 
INFO: 505-629-4116
DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: March 5th, 2008. Thank you!




New Mexico Solar Energy Association. -- Alamogordo Chapter is scheduled 

to do 3 community education programs at NMSU-A this spring.

The Wednesday evening classes  are:

Feb 6 &13            Basics of Alterative Energy

Feb 27 & Mar 5    Passive Solar: Housewarming without mechanical systems

Mar 12 & 19         Active Solar Energy & Living off the Grid

More information at http://alamo.nmsu.edu/community/springcourses.cgi


APRIL 11,12,13,19, AND 20


      5-Day Class (Fri-Sat-Sun-Sat-Sun)
      Sponsored by New Mexico Solar Energy Association
      Next class: April 11-13 & 19-20, 2008, 8am-5pm
      Cost: $500.00 per person; NMSEA members - $450

 For more information go to http://www.nmsea.org/Workshops/pv_workshop.php






If you would like to volunteer at an upcoming Earth Day event in your 
city please email the NMSEA office at info at nmsea.org 
<mailto:info at nmsea.org> and they will put you in touch with the 
appropriate person.  We need volunteers to help our events run 
smoothly.  You can help bake solar cookies, explain how solar electric, 
heat or hot water works, you can hand out literature or sell 
merchandise.  You can even do a little of all of that if you are 
interested.  Volunteers are need for full day or part of a day.  Please 
email with your contact info, including full name, email address and 
phone number.  Here are the upcoming Earth Day events that NMSEA will 
take part in:

Alamogordo - Saturday, April 26

Los Alamos - Saturday, April 26

Albuquerque - Sunday, April 27 (in Nob Hill, behind the Coop on Silver)

Las Vegas - Saturday, April 26

If none of those dates work for you, but you are still interested in 
volunteering there are many more opportunites in the spring as well as 
summer.  Please email us and we will help find a spot that will work for 



The Albuquerque chapter leader has resigned and we need someone to take 
over immediately.  This opportunity involves setting up and running 
chapter presentations meetings (once a month) at a set time and location 
(6:30pm, 4th Tuesday each month, REI).  You would be responsible for 
contacting prospective speakers, coordinating with the chapter media 
person to ensure she has the information for advertising the event, 
setting up the room at REI and breaking down the room after the event.   
If you are organized and detail-oriented, have good people skills and 
are interested in sustainability, we are looking for you.  This 
volunteer position may take you 5-10 hours a month (including the night 
of the meeting) depending on your connections and your skills.  We will 
provide you with a template and speakers are already scheduled for 
March, May and June.  Please contact Deena Klein at dleeclean at yahoo.com 
<mailto:dleeclean at yahoo.com> and put Chapter Leader in the subject heading.



The Congressional energy bill was signed by President Bush in December 
WITH CAFE standards, a biofuel (corn ethanol) mandate and some R&D-level 
scraps for solar, but WITHOUT a national RPS, investment tax credits for 
residential/commercial solar installations or production tax credits for 
utility-scale renewables installations.

Congressional leadership tried to add the tax credits into the economic 
stimulus package;  they passed the House but not the Senate, for the 
same reason they were stripped from the energy bill:   revenue raising 
for the credits was tied to reducing tax advantages enjoyed by oil and 
gas companies.  The oil and gas industry lobbied hard and 
successfully against this, and the cloture vote (cutting off debate and 
avoiding a filibuster) failed.

HR5351, the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Act of 2008, has 
been introduced, and will be voted on after the Presidents' Day recess. 
 It contains all those provisions dropped from the first two bills - 
ITCs, PTCs, plug-in hybrid vehicle credits, energy efficiency credits, 
renewable energy bonds, etc.  We're told that Senator Reid moved to 
invoke cloture on the Senate energy tax title part of the bill on the 
afternoon of Feb. 14th, but we don't know the outcome of that.  

Congressional leadership has produced no new tactics or schemes to fund 
tax credits, so there was no new initiative to organize around.   But we 
live in hope.  We will be watching the Senate's reaction to the House 
vote very carefully, and will fire off an Action Alert if we feel the 
playing field has been tilted at all.

In the meantime, don't forget the Climate Change bill.  There have been 
several proposed in the last year, and the one most likely to be pushed 
through is Lieberman-Warner.  But the bill has flaws;  it doesn't have a 
high enough target for emissions reductions and threatens to give away 
emissions allowances to polluters.  It's going to take concerted effort 
by all of us who understand the danger of unmitigated climate change to 
build muscle into this vital bill.

Chris Stimpson

Solar Nation Executive Campaigner

chris at solar-nation.org <mailto:chris at solar-nation.org>



603-589-2080 (universal)




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