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Hi Solar Enthusiasts!

Here's the latest Chapter events, workshops, and announcements.

Please see the NMSEA Event Calendar for a more complete list of events, 
including all the Earth Day events, at 

 Also, check out the Sustainable ABQ website for other events in and 
around Albuquerque.  Go to http://www.sustainableabq.com/news_events.htm

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February 14: Los Alamos Sustainable Energy Network (LASE)

February 23, Solar for Home and Business Seminar, Farmington Museum

February 26: NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter Meeting -- Duke Castle -- The 
Natural Step

February 27 and 28 --The Natural Step workshop in Albuquerque and Santa Fe

March 25^th and 26^th - 2nd Annual Solar Industry Seminar & COSEIA 

February and March - NMSEA Alamogordo Chapter-Community Education Program

April 11,12,13,19, and 20 -- Photovoltaic (PV) Design and Installation 

 ANNOUNCMENTS (at the bottom)

 *** Fellowship for Intentional Community Conference may 30-june 1

Call for conference contributions! deadline march 15

 ***Rebuild New Mexico looking for a few good Board Members

 *** City of Albuquerque Energy Council position notification




 LASE Network October Meeting

 Date:               Thurs., Feb. 14

Time:              Socializing begins at 6:30 PM, Meeting is from 7-8 PM

Location:        at PEEC, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center on 
Orange Street in Los Alamos

Speaker:        Doug Stewart: "NM Interfaith Power & Light"

 Doug Stewart will talk about NM Interfaith Power & Light, a state group 
that helps congregations put their faith into action by improving energy 
efficiency in their houses of worship, providing energy stewardship 
education to members, and advocating for energy policies that reduce the 
threat of global warming. Mr. Stewart is a playwright and retired 
psychologist who lives in Santa Fe. He is the project director of the 
just-opened (Nov.) Environment Education Resource Center, housed at the 
Santa Fe Southside Branch Library.  He will also speak briefly about 
Activist Burnout Syndrome, and the importance of supporting the people 
who do the work as well as the work itself.

Also at this meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet Matthew 
Dickens, the first county Water and Energy Conservation Officer.  This 
is a new position with the Department of Public Utilities, and is a 
positive step towards promoting conservation in Los Alamos County.

 The meeting location for LASE Network is at the Pajarito Environmental 
Education Center

At the old High School "L" Building at 3540 Orange Street.

(Directions: from Trinity, go on Diamond past the high school, and turn 
right on Orange St. Go about 2 1/2  blocks...PEEC will be on the left.)

LASE Network · P.O. Box 221 · Los Alamos, NM 87544 · Website:  

For more info, call David Griggs at 661-4572.




Farmington Museum, 10-4:30

10:00-10:30 Paul Pavlik, a homeowners experience with solar

10:30-11:00 Dan Laribee, Contractor who builds with solar

11:00-11:45 Norm Larivee, heating with solar panels.

12:00-12:45 J.R. Sykes, Cost effective Solar Uses.- Thermal

12:45-1:15 Lunch break

1:15 -2:00 Daniel Peterson, solar electric grid tie systems, the net 
metering agreement, and federal and state tax rebates for systems such 
as these.

2:00- 2:45  Solar for electricity.

3:00- 4:30  Dave Porter, power point presentation on passive solar

Tables with info on solar will be out in the hallway

Snacks will be provided, for lunch break there are near by fast food 
restaurants and sitdown restaurants to grab a to go meal and you are 
welcomed to bring it back to the Museum and eat.

For more info Elisa Bird -- Sustainable San Juan




 Speaker: Duke Castle

 Title: "The Natural Step Sustainability Framework"

 The Natural Step is an international network of educational 
organizations that use a

science-based systems framework to help companies, communities, and 

understand and take the next steps towards sustainability.  This 
workshop is an

introduction to this framework that provides a guide to thinking and 
acting in harmony

with the earth's cyclical processes.

NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each 

(Except December), 6:30 PM, at REI (northwest of the intersection of 
I-25 and Montano) in Albuquerque.

We hope you will join us!

Ed Heller

NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter President



Using The Natural Step Framework

Most businesses see environmental issues as a necessary cost of doing 
business but one that yields little, if any, benefit to the bottom line. 
Now a growing number of companies are turning that reasoning on its head 
and finding significant economic return and competitive advantage by 
pursuing a very aggressive environmental strategy.

The catalyst for this change has been a process developed in Sweden 
called The Natural Step. The Natural Step introduces a new way of 
thinking about sustainability. At the heart of The Natural Step are four 
guidelines for operating any organization. Like a compass, they provide 
a framework of scientifically-based principles to guide businesses, 
institutions and communities through the 21st century. Within this 
framework, the ingenuity of an organization is unleashed to develop 
sustainable practices that are good for business and the earth. 
Environmental progress is made through innovation, not regulation.

The Natural Step presentation will be given by Duke Castle, one of the 
original organizers of the Oregon Natural Step Network.

For more information go to http://www.nmsea.org/Events/natural_step.php



 New Mexico Solar Energy Association. -- Alamogordo Chapter is scheduled 

to do 3 community education programs at NMSU-A this spring.

 The Wednesday evening classes  are:

 Feb 6 &13            Basics of Alterative Energy

Feb 27 & Mar 5    Passive Solar: Housewarming without mechanical systems

Mar 12 & 19         Active Solar Energy & Living off the Grid

 More information at http://alamo.nmsu.edu/community/springcourses.cgi




 Fort Collins, Colorado: Solar Energy International (SEI) is proud to 
announce the Solar Industry Seminar & CoSEIA Conference taking place at 
the Mariott in Fort Collins, CO, March 25-29, 2008.

 SEI will be partnering with CoSEIA again this year to Maximize industry 
networking. CoSEIA will kick off the event with their two day Conference 
March 25-26. Registration is separate for these two events.

 Colorado has become a hot bed for renewable energy with strong support 
from the Governor and an expanding Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. 
Whether you are an experienced installer wanting to learn more about the 
latest products on the market or new to the industry, you do not want to 
miss our Solar Industry Seminar. This seminar offers an exhibition hall 
filled with the latest gear and three days of workshops from the 
industry's best.  There will be vendor booths, product displays and 
technical equipment trainings. In addition, SEI will offer introductory 
training sessions for novices to the industry. Topics include PV, Solar 
Thermal, and Sustainable Home Design. 

 Stay current with PV design and installation practices by attending 
2008 NEC Training with Bill Brooks! EARN NABCEP & CoSEIA Continuing 
Education Credits!!

 As part of this event, manufacturers, distributors, and installers will 
provide technical training on their specific products and services. 
Participants can earn NABCEP & CoSEIA Continuing Education Credits from 
many of these trainings. There will be adequate time encouraging 
questions and networking.



 March 25-26 For more details and registration please visit www.coseia.org

The Conference begins with a full day of training workshops on Tuesday, 
March 25, followed by their Annual Members' Meeting and full-day 
Conference on Wednesday, March 26. Attendance for this exciting event is 
expected to reach nearly 200 this year, and the keynote speaker will be 
CO Senator Ken Salazar. In order to maximize exhibitor/attendee 
networking exposure during the conference, CoSEIA will provide an 
extended lunch and afternoon break, as well as host a two-hour Exhibitor 
Networking Reception from 5-7 pm. In addition to these opportunities, 
CoSEIA will be organizing optional, informal after-hours events in 
downtown Ft Collins both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, which will not 
only be great additional networking opportunities "outside the booth", 
but will also be great FUN!

 REGISTER NOW! for this landmark event at www.solarenergy.org or contact 
SEI at 970.963.8855

 Contact: Solar Energy International (SEI)

P.O. Box 715, Carbondale, CO 81623

970.963.8855, fax: 970.963.8866

email: matthew at solarenergy.org



APRIL 11,12,13,19, AND 20


      5-Day Class (Fri-Sat-Sun-Sat-Sun)
      Sponsored by New Mexico Solar Energy Association
      Next class: April 11-13 & 19-20, 2008, 8am-5pm
      Cost: $500.00 per person; NMSEA members - $450

 For more information go to http://www.nmsea.org/Workshops/pv_workshop.php


_ _


_ _




 The Fellowship for Intentional Community (www.ic.org 
<http://www.ic.org/>) invites you to submit a proposal for an inspiring 
activity or workshop you are willing to lead, teach or perform at our 
upcoming Art of Community Southwest Conference, at the University of New 
Mexico in Albuquerque, May 30-June 1.

 The theme for this year's conference is: Cooperative Culture: Synergy 
at the Edges. We are interested in offerings that relate to all 
varieties of Community Building and Sustainability. This year we will be 
playing off the Permaculture concept of "Edges", emphasizing the 
richness that occurs when two systems meet, blend and cross-fertilize 
each other. Cooperative culture is a natural place for this blending to 
occur as we create the new within the context of the larger culture. We 
want practical tools, inspiring stories and energizing 
activities---practical synergy!---and we are excited to co-create this 
weekend with you.

 We will contact you within two weeks of receiving your application with 
an acknowledgment or initial response; applying doesn't guarantee a 
place on the program. We are offering free registration to those who are 
accepted as presenters on the program, but will not be able to cover 

 Most of our sessions will be in these two formats:

 ~ Workshops of 1 ½ or 3 hours in length. We will prioritize those 
offerings that are participatory and interactive over "lecture" style 
workshops, and will have a small number of 3-hour slots available.

~ 1 ½ hour *panels of 3-4 people* with complementary experience or 
expertise on a topic of relevance.

 We will also have a smaller number of sessions of the following:

 *~ *Larger scale interactive sessions (100+ people) which may include 
things like singing, dancing, cooperative games, ceremony and collective 
art projects

~ Multimedia presentations which again, could work for a large number of 

~ Opening and closing ceremony activities (appropriate for up to 300 

~ Plenary speakers (with particular emphasis on people from the 
Southwest who are "headliner-types" in the areas of sustainability 
and/or community-building)

~ Talks by people with unique, personal stories pushing the envelope on 
community-building in some way. This may include things like income 
sharing, the interface between an IC and the government, neighborhood 
organizing, adoption within community, etc. We are not looking for 
analysis so much as personal voices here.

 We may also have a kid's program running simultaneous with the more 
adult-oriented sessions, so we are looking for a few children's 
workshops and/or activities. These proposals should specify what ages 
you can work with, and the length of time (minimum 90 minutes) that you 
would be available for the kids.

 To submit a proposal, please send the following information to: Ma'ikwe 
Schaub Ludwig, Conference Coordinator, Art of Community, 3520 Anderson 
SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106   or via email: maikwe at solspace.net    For 
questions, email or call (505) 514-8180.

 If you'd like to do more than one session, please fill out a separate 
form for each offering you are proposing. /Proposals are due by March 
15^th ; anything mailed after this will be handled on a space-left-over 
basis and may not be considered, even if it's great./

 Name ___________________________  Affiliation (if any) 

Email and Phone_________________________________________________________

Title of offering: _________________________________________________________

Category of offering:

_____1 1/2 hr Workshop         _OR_       _____ 3 Hour Workshop  _____ 

_____  Large Interactive Session    _____  Opening 

_____ Closing Activity    _____  Plenary Speaker    _____ Multimedia 
Presentation    _____  Personal Story

 _____ Children's program. Specify age-range: 

 *For panel offering, please list other suggested participants, and 
contact information:

 Please give a brief description of your offering (we may edit for space):

 Do you anticipate needing any special equipment for your offering? 
(i.e. internet access, overhead projector, white screen or wall, etc.)

 Do you have a particular deadline by which you need to know if you'll 
be on the program or not?

 Finally, we will have several room sizes available. Please indicate 
what size you'd prefer:

 _____  20-35 people     _____  40-60 people             _____  75-100 

 /To suggest another person for the program,/ please share their name, 
contact info and a brief description of what they do:

 Is it OK to share your name as the person who recommended them? Yes   
_____ No _____

 /Thanks so much for your willingness to participate in co-creating this 

/ /Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig, Conference Coordinator





Rebuild New Mexico is seeking members to fill a few positions on our 
Board of

Directors.  This is a great opportunity to use your expertise in Energy 
Efficiency to make

New Mexico a better place.  These positions are volunteer and require 
either a monthly

call in or physical attendance at the board meeting on the second 
Wednesday of the

month at 8 am in our office in Albuquerque.  The meetings are fun, 
interesting and very

informative.  The monthly meetings generally last for an hour to an hour 
and a half.  We

are calling for folks from all parts of the State to submit their resume 
and be considered

as a Board Member committed to advancing Energy Efficiency through 
Education and

Innovation.  Members will vote for the new Board of Directors at the 
Annual Partner

meeting on March 4th.  For more information please check out our web 
site at

www.Rebuildnewmexico.org <http://www.Rebuildnewmexico.org> or call 
768-5346.   Please, by the end of Feb, submit your

resume to Info at rebuildnewmexico.org <mailto:Info at rebuildnewmexico.org>




This is an official notification that the City of Albuquerque Energy 
Council is accepting resumes for a voting member position on the Council. 

Resumes will be accepted from Advisory Board members and all other 
interested individuals as well.  Please send resumes to the  Facilities 
and Energy Management Office, 1801 Fourth Street NW, Albuquerque New 
Mexico 87102, or you may email (ctachias at cabq.gov 
<mailto:ctachias at cabq.gov>), resumes will be accepted until February 19, 
2008.  Once all resumes are received they will be reviewed by the 
Council members which will have an official vote of recommendation and 
then all resumes will be presented to the Mayors office for final approval.

For any questions you may contact the Facilities and Energy Management 
Office at 768-5345.


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