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Fri Sep 21 17:29:45 MDT 2007

Greetings, Solar Enthusiast!

Hot on the heels of Solar Fiesta, we have two great workshops coming up 
very quickly: a hands-on Biodiesel 101 class on September 29 and a 5-day 
hands-on PV Design and Installation class October 12-14 and 20-21.  
Contact the office to sign up for either (or both) of these great 
opportunities to learn more!

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

James Burgess and Eric Chrisp continue their series of hands-on 
Biodiesel 101 classes. They will cover sourcing oil, economic and 
ecological pros and cons, preferred vehicles, how to make your own 
biodiesel processor for under $400, how to brew on a small or medium 
scale, how to test oil quality, safety issues, washing fuel, politics, 
why we drink beer when we brew and much, much more!

Why: Because it's fun to make biodiesel! Oh yeah, and because "here we 
have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil, which is often 
imported from unstable parts of the world" (G. W. Bush, January 2006).

Learn many more reasons at the workshop.

Who: James Burgess and Eric Chrisp have been declared "Biodiesel Jedi" 
by the New Mexico Solar Energy Association. They have conducted numerous 
presentations and workshops. Each has been running one or more vehicles 
on home-brewed biodiesel for over two years.

Non-Members - $110
NMSEA Members - $99.

See http://www.nmsea.org/Workshops/biodiesel_workshop.php for further 

Photovoltaic (PV) Design and Installation Class (Hands-On) 5-Day Class */
/Sponsored by New Mexico Solar Energy Association
Next class: October 12-14 & 20-21, 2007
Cost: $500.00 per person; NMSEA members - $450/

Are you interested in learning more about solar electricity? Would you 
like to learn about siting, sizing and safely installing a PV system?

This class will be held over two weekends, October 12-14 and 20-21, 
2007. Topics to be covered include photovoltaic components, designing 
and sizing a system, siting, and the configuration of stand-alone 
(off-grid) and grid-tie (utility-connected) systems. Safety and energy 
efficiency will also be covered.

The class will start with three days in the classroom. It will include 
visiting instructors, tours of local PV systems and hands-on labs. The 
last two days will be spent installing a PV system at a child 
development center south of Albuquerque. Students will have the 
opportunity to hear from local PV business owners, installers and other 
PV experts. Depending upon the group's interest, there may be evening 
slide shows and talks from members of the New Mexico Solar Energy 
Association (NMSEA).

The primary instructor is Marlene Brown. Marlene is President of the New 
Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA). She has been working with PV 
systems for over 15 years and has installed hundreds of systems in the 
U.S. and the developing world. Marlene has been teaching PV classes for 
over 10 years.

Co-instructor is Randy Sadewic of Positive Energy.  A graduate of San 
Juan College, Randy is co-owner of a company that designs and installs 
photovoltaic systems.  With Marlene Brown, he co-taught a class which 
installed a 2 kW photovoltaic system at the Empowering Our Communities 
(non-profit) in Bernalillo in June 2006.  Randy is certified by the 
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). 

There may be other co- and guest instructors throughout the course.

http://www.nmsea.org/Workshops/pv_workshop.php contains these details.

Contact the office to register.

Thank you!

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