[NMSEA-news] NMSEA-Vendor News: SunPaper Deadline Next Monday

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Wed Oct 17 14:21:16 MDT 2007

Hi, Solar and Sustainability Vendors!

     Just a quick note to announce the /*deadline for ads and articles*/
for the next NMSEA SunPaper is /*next Monday, 10/22*/.

     Vendors who purchased Package Deals in 2006 have their last ad of
the series in this issue.  If you also purchased a 2007 Package Deal,
your 2007 series begins next issue.
     Vendors who purchased a Package Deal for the first time this year,
this issue begins your 4 bi-monthly SunPaper display ad series.

Currently scheduled SunPaper deadlines:
     Nov/Dec '07       10/22
     Jan/Feb        12/15
     Mar/Apr        2/15
     May/Jun        4/15
     Jul/Aug        6/15
     Sep/Oct/Solar Fiesta Guide        8/10
     Nov/Dec '08        10/15
     Jan/Feb '09        12/15

Thank you for your participation!

Mary McArthur
/*New Mexico Solar Energy Association*/
1009 Bradbury St SE, Ste. 35
Albuquerque, NM  87106
NMSEA Office:  505-246-0400, 888-886-6765
NMSEA Fax:  505-246-2251

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