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Hi Solar Enthusiasts!

Here's the current list of events in our area and beyond. First is the 
calendar summary, then further below are more details for each event:

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10/? Mid-month – The Green Earth COB Workshop on N14

10/19-21 - Bioneers Conference

10/19-21 – Help NMSEA at the Bioneers Conference

10/21 Erda Gardens Harvest Festival! – Albuquerque Community Gardens

10/23 NMSEA Albuquerque Chapter Meeting
	Robert Griffin: The Biology of Sustainability

10/19-28 - The Natural Building Colloquium,
		Quiet Valley Ranch, Kerrville, TX

11/7-9 Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference! Sacramento, CA

11/13-18 Festival of Cranes at Bosque del Apache

11/10-18 Ecovillage Design Education Course – Social Dimension

5/3-8, 2008 American Solar Energy Association Annual Conference





Please see the NMSEA Event Calendar for the complete list of events:

http://www.nmsea.org/Events/Event_Calendar.php. We usually only list the

most recent notices here.

Any questions? Please contact us!

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Albuquerque, NM 87106
505-246-0400, 888-886-6765
Fax: 505-246-2251

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The Green Earth Workshop will be holding a one-day hands-on workshop in 
cob construction, a great sculptural---and free, nothing but earth--- 
building technique.  Location:  a scenic canyon off the Turqoise Trail. 
  Cost, $50.  Date--one weekend day around the 3rd week, in October 
depending on when interested folks can come and when the wall under 
construction is at the right stage for a party!  Call Laurie at 220-2726 
for more info or a flyer.


The Bioneers Conference <http://www.bioneers.org/conference> is a 
dynamic, leading-edge forum, focused on practical and visionary 
solutions for restoring the Earth’s imperiled ecosystems and healing our 
human communities.

See http://www.bioneers.org/ for details.

NM Bioneers Conference -  To register online or to print a form, visit 
www.nmconference.org.  Or call us at 505-428-1227.  The website also has 
information on becoming a conference sponsor, exhibitor, presenter, or 

CONFERENCE-RELATED NEWS (Visit www.nmconference.org for More Details)

The Youth Scholarship Raffle is taking shape to raise money for 
conference scholarships for up to 200 youth.  The grand prize is an 
electric car.  Also included are a vacation at an eco-resort in Mexico, 
an electric bike, and many other prizes.  If you would like to 
participate in this important project by donating a raffle item or 
helping us sell tickets, please contact Richard Kujawski 
(richard at living-green.org or 505-751-3424).  The tickets to win these 
great give-aways are $100 each, and will go on sale shortly after Labor Day.


Join NMSEA at the Bioneers conference Oct 19-21.  We are looking for a 
few volunteers who can spend some time at our booth over the weekend, 
come for a few hours, come for a day or both days.  You will be joining 
a seasoned NMSEA Board member or two who are in need of some community 
members to assist.

If you are interested please contact Deena at dleeclean at yahoo.com  She 
can give you more information and logistics.



Erda Gardens and Learning Center is a non-profit {501(c)(3) 02-946537} 
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program located in the South 
Valley of Albuquerque.  For years, our goal has been to build community 
through shared work and education in order to be an evolving model of 
sustainable agriculture.  Members and shareholders of the organization 
receive fresh, local, organic and biodynamic produce each week during 
the 26 weeks of our growing season.  In addition, we host workshops, 
study groups, and celebrations that are open to all members of the 
greater community whether those members are involved with Erda or not.

Fall marks the end of our growing season and it is time for our Annual 
Harvest Festival.  This year we have decided that the festival will take 
place at Sanchez Farms, one of our larger agriculture sites in the South 
Valley.  The event will be an all day fundraiser extravaganza and is 
scheduled to take place on Sunday, 21 October 2007 from 11am – Sunset. 
We will have live music (Saltine Ramblers, Uprising Voice, and more) and 
entertainment, a silent auction, activities and games for children, 
workshops, and a potluck – the Harvest Festival is fun for the whole 
family!  This fundraiser is also a way to honor the hard work and 
support that people have dedicated to Erda and other CSA’s in the area 
and is an opportunity to build community awareness and educate people on 
CSA’s and sustainable agriculture.

Proceeds from the Harvest Festival will assist in the following:
o	Hosting community workshops related to biodynamic, organic, and 
low-impact farming
o	Paying the modest monthly stipend to our farming interns
o	General operating equipment and needs
o	Preparation for the 2008 growing season

  Please and Thank You for taking an interest in this event and our 

In Community,
Erda Gardens

Please contact: Sandra Naigle (505) 917-7982


6:30PM AT REI (NW of I-25 and Montaño)

The Biology of Sustainability: Permaculture Principles as the foundation 
of Green Building, Community Living, and everyday life.

with Robert Griffin

Robert has an extensive background in residential construction, the last 
10 years deeply involved in Green Building and Eco Renovation.   For the 
last four years he has participated in several ‘intentional communities’ 
and has become an enthusiastic student and proponent of Permaculture and 
Co-creative Community.

Currently, Robert is involved in the creation of a variety of 
sustainable living educational programs with organizations such as 
Ecovillage Design Education, Hummingbird Living School, New Mexico Solar 
Energy Association, and The Art Ranch.

In addition to supporting the unique teachings of these programs, Robert 
is committed to the belief that each of us is a vital part of the living 
organism of society and therefore the planet, and that just like any 
other organism, the health and survival of society and the planet is 
dependent upon the inclusion, support, health, and empowerment of each 

Contact Robert at 366-4700 or Robert at globalfamily.net


October will bring an opportunity to connect with natural builders and 
those committed to sustainability and community.  The Natural Building 
Colloquium, Oct 19-28, 2007, will bring together many skilled, 
interesting, big-hearted people.  It will be in Kerrville, a couple of 
hours from Austin or San Antonio.  If the announcement below interests 
you, follow the link at the bottom for more information.
Derek Roff
Director, Builders Without Borders

In the spirit of strengthening and expanding our community of those 
interested in sustainable building, central Texas invites you to attend 
a Natural Building Colloquium, October 19-28. Colloquia are gatherings 
of people, ranging from experienced to simply curious, who come to learn 
from each other, to synergize their experience and to remind themselves 
of their larger vision.

Oct 19-28, 2007 ... come one weekend, two weekends or all ten days

Quiet Valley Ranch, Kerrville, TX

In our case, the vision is of a lifestyle and building culture that 
could repeat itself indefinitely through successive generations. With 
careful searching many of us have concluded that the use of locally 
abundant, unprocessed materials such as earth, stone, straw and native 
timber provide the structure with which to achieve this vision. Cob, 
strawbale, adobe, earthbag, leichtlehm (straw-clay), and timber frame 
are a few of the types of systems that exemplify this philosophy. 
Natural buildings become pieces of art created with soul and purpose.

Permaculture , or "permanent agriculture," helps us integrate human 
patterns into the landscape surrounding our homes.   As originated by Bill
Mollison, permaculture is the practice of designing sustainable human 
habitats by
following nature's patterns, integrating ecology, landscape, organic
gardening, architecture and agroforestry.
There are other important aspects as well: delicious food that nourishes 
the body, music, laughter, creativity, families of all sorts, eager 
minds and willing hands. We seek to create homes that comfort the body 
and lift the soul. If you possess or aspire to any of the above, we 
invite you to join us this fall.    We have in incredible group of 
presenters and hands-on projects.

Details on presenters, registration, costs, meals and accomodations at

early registration ends Aug 15
We hope to see you in Texas this October!


Sacramento, California

The first-ever Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference ("BECC") 
is a national conference focused on understanding the behavior and 
decision-making of individuals and organizations and on using that 
knowledge to help accelerate our transition to an energy-efficient and 
low-carbon economy

The conference program and registration details will be announced soon 
on the conference Web site: http://aceee.org/conf/07becc/07beccindex.htm.

What Topics Will Be Addressed? (partial list)

Behavior and technology-design, adoption, and use

Motivating individual and collective action

Behavior and policy design and regulation

Insights from anthropology, sociology, psychology, and public health

research and interventions

Increasing program participation and effectiveness

Incorporating behavior in energy potential studies

Lessons from 30 years of program evaluations

People are different-leveraging segmentation

Behavior in organizations

Impacts of changing lifestyles on energy use

Social norms and networks

Economic models and behavior

Social marketing and other behavior change strategies

Attitudes, opinions and "public will"

Messages, messengers, and role models

Who Should Attend?

This first-ever conference on Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change will 
attract a diverse group. The meeting will be of interest to anyone 
interested in behavior, energy, and climate issues, especially 
researchers; policymakers and advisors (national, state and local); 
program developers and implementers; marketing, advertising, and 
communications professionals; corporations; consultants; evaluators; 
utilities; technology manufacturers; NGO's; faculty and students.

Other Details

The Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference will be held November 
7 - 9, 2007 in Sacramento, California. The conference will begin on

Wednesday evening, November 7 with Registration and a Networking 
Reception from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Two full days of sessions will be 
held on November 8 and 9.

Online registration will be available soon at



THE FESTIVAL OF THE CRANES - http://www.friendsofthebosque.org/crane/
This is the 18th year that the City of Socorro, New Mexico and the 
Bosque del Apache NWR have celebrated the return of the cranes with this 
festival. We invite you to share it with us.
Education is an important part of the mission of the Bosque del Apache 
National Wildlife Refuge. Throughout the year the Bosque is host to 
meetings, seminars, international film crews, tours, visits by groups of 
school children and, in November, the Festival of the Cranes.
There are four major components to the Festival: tours, lectures, 
exhibits and the Refuge.
Tours are offered to introduce you to areas and topics not commonly 
available during the year. Birders will be out from dawn to dusk on and 
off of the Bosque. There is even a Birding Tour on Elephant Butte Lake. 
The management of local National Wildlife Refuges will conduct groups 
and explain in detail the operation of each refuge. During the Historic 
Socorro Open House photo galleries and historic buildings will be open 
for your inspection. New Mexico Tech and the Scientific community will 
also have displays and tours.
Caution to birders. Read the descriptions carefully - not all tours are 
for birding.
Lectures are offered for a variety of wildlife related subjects. Most 
lectures are given at the Macey Center in Socorro. Some lectures are 
workshops in photography, bird identification and wildlife painting. 
Workshops are conducted in the field or special facilities.
On Saturday and most of Sunday the main Promenade, at the Refuge, will 
be filled with exhibits and demonstrations. This is where you will see 
animals up close, very close. Animal rescue groups will display mammals 
and birds along the perimeter of the Promenade. If you ever wanted a 
full head photo of a Flammulated Owl, this may be your only opportunity.
In the Visitor Center and the art and exhibitors tents, you will find 
educational activities as well as items for sale.
The Bosque del Apache NWR:
We are here to celebrate the return of the Cranes so don't miss them. 
The Fly-Out in the morning and the Fly-In in the evening are memorable 
events. You are free to experience this on your own or you may join one 
of the tours listed in this brochure.

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) is a four-part introductory training 
course being offered over the course of the next year through the 
Univ.of New Mexico Continuing Education. The program is dedicated to 
creating solutions to global environmental, social, and economic issues 
through local and regional community building. Course content provides 
an overview of design considerations for establishing sustainable 
communities ("eco-villages") in both urban and rural settings in order 
to promote and prepare for a sustainable future and has already been 
presented and implemented in ten other countries including Germany, 
Brazil, and India. This year EDE is being offered for the first time in 
the United States, right here in New Mexico! EDE is a project of Gaia 
Education, a component of the Global Ecovillage Network and an official 
contribution to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable 

For detailed course or registration information, visit:

or e-mail info at ecovillagedesignsouthwest.org


Friends and Colleagues -

The American Solar Energy Society will be hosting their next conference,
"Solar 2008: Catch the Clean Energy Wave", on May 3 - 8, 2008 in sunny
San Diego.

If you've got a groundbreaking new solar finance model, a revolutionary
community solar initiative, or are working on the next killer solar app,
please consider participating in next year's Solar 2008 conference.

How to participate:
1) Submit a technical abstract detailing your latest research, project,
policy or advocacy work.
2) Submit a forum proposal. Forums are 90 minute sessions that take an
in-depth look at one timely topic and can include a variety of
presentation formats (e.g. case studies, panel discussions, interactive
peer-to-peer or teaching sessions).
3) Submit a workshop proposal. Workshops provide a more detailed and
structured treatment of relevant topics in a much longer format than 90
minute conference sessions. Workshops are typically four or eight hours
long, and can be multiple days. Workshops are proposed by individuals as
full sessions.

Abstracts and proposals are due October 8th.

Please forward to others in the solar and sustainability fields that can
contribute their expertise and experience to the event.

For additional information on submitting abstracts and proposals, see
the attached flyer or visit:

See you in San Diego!
Claudia Wentworth
President, NorCal Solar Energy Association


If you know a young scientist ages 13-26, this may be of interest to you

Wanted: Citizen Scientists

Youth ages 13-26 are invited to submit original scientific research or
position papers to the Citizen Science Technical Board for the 2008
CitizenScience paper competition! Winners will, in addition to
publication, have the chance to present their work at the United
Nations Commission on Sustainable Development in NYC.

"The ability to speak before some of the most influential people in the
world was indeed an honor and something that I will remember for years 
to come."
– Lee Blaney, 2005 Citizen Scientist

**Please forward widely and pardon cross-postings**

TOP FIVE reasons to submit your work:
1. Share your passion for addressing the world's toughest challenges
through sound science
2. Join the SustainUS delegation to the 16th UN Commission on
Sustainable Development in New York
3. Present your work and communicate the importance of youth
involvement to international leaders
5. Get published in Citizen Science
6. Start a relationship with the premier youth-run network for
sustainable development, SustainUS!

CitizenScience, the technical branch of SustainUS, is hosting our
annual paper competition. The winning work will be published in
Citizen Science, an online journal that honors young people in the
United States who are interested in enriching public dialogue with
innovative, scientific approaches to sustainable development. Authors
of winning papers will also present their work at the UN Commission on
Sustainable Development's 16th Session in New York City in May 2008,
where SustainUS will be joined by the US State Department in
recognizing your initiative, leadership and insight.

Please submit your work to the Citizen Science Technical Board. Papers
should be written for a non-scientific audience on natural or social
science topics related to the economic, social, technological or
environmental dimensions of sustainable development addressed by the
United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. This year's
topics are: agriculture, rural development, land, drought,
desertification and Africa. Papers need not describe original
research, though original research is welcome and encouraged.

Papers will be accepted on a rolling basis until January 1, 2008.
Please send all paper submissions and questions about the competition
to CitizenScience at SustainUS.org. For more information, competition
entry rules, and winning papers from prior years, please visit

Good luck!


News Release

Technical contact: Jennifer Thorne Amann, 202-429-8873
Media contact: Glee Murray, 202-429-0063

New Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings Can Help Consumers Save 
Energy, Save Money, and Save the Earth

Washington, D.C. (September 26, 2007): Amid pervasive concerns about 
high energy bills and the impacts of climate change, consumers zeroing 
in on how to save energy in order to save money and the environment can 
turn to the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, 9th edition for 
practical and immediate help. The latest edition of the Consumer Guide, 
just released by its co-publishers, the American Council for an 
Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and New Society Publishers, is a 
one-stop resource for consumers who want to improve their home’s energy 

The Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings begins with an overview of the 
inter-relationships between energy use, economics, and the environment. 
Two new chapters are included: one provides an in-depth look at what the 
energy-conscious need to know about their home’s ventilation and air 
distribution system, and the other is devoted solely to home 
electronics. Other chapters focus on specific areas in the home, such as 
lighting, kitchen, and laundry. Tips on improving existing equipment, 
and guidance for when and why consumers should purchase new, 
energy-efficient equipment, as well as reminders to check local 
government and utility incentives for purchase or retrofit grants are 
also included.

“The Consumer Guide draws on the latest research on home performance and 
energy use, translating research findings into the practical steps 
consumers can take to cut their energy consumption,” notes Jennifer 
Thorne Amann, ACEEE Senior Associate and lead author of the Consumer 
Guide. The book has also been expanded to include more information on 
technologies that are gaining popularity, such as compact fluorescent 
lamps and LEDs, tankless and solar water heaters, and consumer electronics.

Other improvements to the guide include updated and expanded 
illustrations, charts, tables, and information resources to help 
consumers set priorities, weigh their options, and make better purchase 
decisions. “We take a balanced approach in recommending the best ways to 
save energy and money,” said Katie Ackerly, ACEEE Research Staff and 
co-author of the new edition. “The tips you find in the book are 
designed to benefit the consumer economically, improving overall 
satisfaction while reducing environmental impact.”

Hard copies of the book - printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper - 
can be ordered for $16.95 (plus shipping and handling) directly from 
ACEEE (see www.aceee.org/consumer) and are also available from major 
retail booksellers. Bulk sales discounts are available from ACEEE. All 
trade book publisher requests should be directed to New Society 
Publishers. For further information, contact:

ACEEE Publications
1001 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 801
Washington, D.C. 20036-5525
Phone: 202-429-0063   Fax: 202-429-0193
aceee_publications at aceee.org

New Society Publishers
P.O. Box 189
Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0 Canada
Phone: 800-567-6772

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is an independent, 
nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a 
means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental 
protection. For information about ACEEE and its programs, publications, 
and conferences, contact ACEEE, 1001 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 
801, Washington, D.C.20036-5525or visit http://aceee.org.


Need a list of a comprehensive, industry-wide listing of manufacturers 
and dealers of renewable/clean energy products and systems? Webcom's 
Renewable/Clean Energy Database mailing list of 3,000 contacts and 2,143 
companies & locations worldwide, has what you're looking for. Updated 
daily, the list includes company, name and title of contacts, address, 
phone, fax and website or email address when available.

For further information please contact Donna Chrivia at 
donna at infowebcom.com or call 720 528 3770, ext. 127.

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