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I just emailed Senator Domenici, using the information provided by
NMSEA below.  I received an automated response, telling me that the
Senator had closed that address, and that no mail sent to it would be
read by anyone.  The response directed me to the Senator's web site:


I rewrote my message, and submitted it via that web site.  It might be
nice to alert the mailing list to this change.

Derek Roff

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> Hi Solar Enthusiasts!
> Here's a way to support a long-term solar investment tax credit
> (ITC).   If you have questions or comments, please contact Genevieve
> Nowicki.
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> Albuquerque, NM 87106
> 505-246-0400, 888-886-6765
> Fax: 505-246-2251
> info at nmsea.org
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> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject:     Please contact Senator Domenici and let him know how
> solar  helps your business and NM. And ask him to make sure a
> long-term solar  investment tax credit (ITC) is in the Energy Bill.
> Date:     Fri, 7 Dec 2007 14:38:11 -0800 (PST)
> From:     Genevieve Nowicki <nowickig at yahoo.com>
> To:     info at nmsea.org
> CC:     Rhone Resh (SEIA) <rresch at seia.org>, John Stanton
> <jstanton at seia.org>, Monique Hanis (SEIA) <mhanis at seia.org>
> Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is requesting your help!
> The  Senate is currently in negotiation on what to include in the
> Energy Bill  and your Senator Domenici is a key player.  They are
> determining whether  to include the solar investment tax credit and
> if so the length of the  tax credit. The vote for this will likely be
> on Monday or Tuesday.
> Could you please contact the Senator?s staff - (202) 224-6621,
> Senator_Domenici at Domenici.senate.gov - and let him know how solar is
> important for your business and New Mexico.  NM has some of the best
> solar radiation in the world, providing tremendous economic
> development  opportunity.
> For examples, this could provide a tremendous amount of job growth
> for  the NM?Black and Veatch study, cited in the Western Governors
> Association Clean and Diversified Energy Initiative report, concluded
> that production of 4GW of solar energy would produce a $22 billion
> increase in gross state product, including 13,000 construction jobs,
> 1,100 permanent jobs and $2 billion in state tax revenues
> (www.westgov.org/wga/initiatives/cdeac/Solar-full.pdf).
> The long-term provision allow for planning and investment as well as
> utility scale solar which takes 6-8 years to put in place.
> Statement:  The below provision are very important to my company and
> New  Mexico.  I ask that the Senator work to include these provisions
> in the  final Bill and vote for the Energy Bill.
> o              Extending the commercial solar ITC for 8 years
> (through  December 31, 2016);
> o              Extending the residential solar ITC for 6 years
> (through  December 31, 2014);
> o              Changing the monetary cap to $4,000 on the residential
> solar ITC;
> o              Permitting corporate and individual taxpayers to claim
> the solar ITC against the Alternative Minimum Tax; and
> o              Lifting the current utility exception to the solar ITC.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
> Let me know if you have any questions, 202-365-9177
> Thank you very much!!!!
> Genevieve
> Genevieve Nowicki
> Solar Energy Industries Association.
> Ph: 202-365-9177
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