The New Mexico Solar Energy Association has a library that contains many resources for solar and sustainable design information. The library includes various books, publications and conference proceedings. We are working on organizing and sorting what we have and then will catalog and index the library and publish the index on our web site.

From 1976 through 1994 NMSEA published the NMSEA Bulletin (later renamed the Sun Paper in May 1980) which contained many technical articles on solar design. It also contained all of the papers presented at the Life Technics Conference. We plan to scan these documents and publish them here on our web site but this is an enormous undertaking. If you would like to see more information here, please volunteer your time or make a donation to NMSEA to help make it happen.

Technical Library:


Thermal Storage Wall Design Manual (2 MB).

  • NMSEA Bulletin/SunPaper

    January 1980 Volume 5 Number 1 (4.5 MB).
    February 1980 Volume 5 Number 2 (x MB).
    March 1980 Volume 5 Number 3 (6.8 MB).

  • Energy Laws and Regulations:

    Federal Law

  • Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (738 kB).