Get Involved!

NMSEA is a dynamic and growing organization!

While we are blessed by great volunteers for all our projects, we have some gaps and some of our very active projects need additional people for the project and/or support. We have some openings on the Solar Fiesta as well as the Membership, Technology and Advocacy committees. Chapter leaders in all parts of the state could use assistance - particularly Santa Fe at this time.

Please volunteer your time and expertise! Whether a one-time contribution, a few hours a month or a long term commitment, we have a job for you.

Click here here to access a list of the jobs.

In The Solar Community

  • Chapter Leaders

    Lead a chapter, schedule speakers for regular meeting programs, notify media outlets of meetings, help set up the meeting room, greet attendees, answer questions, clean up after - doing any one of these tasks helps spread the effort and makes the meeting run more smoothly. There's literature available to set out and retail items, if interested.

    NMSEA currently has chapters in Alamogordo, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Silver City and Taos. There has been interest expressed in Las Cruces and the southeastern part of the state.

    In particular, Santa Fe is looking for someone to replace Bob Kreger, who with Gary Anderson, started the Santa Fe Chapter last year. Busy with his own solar business, Gary will continue to help, but needs a key player take the lead. We wish Bob the best with his other priorities and look forward to his return.

    There has also been interest in Las Cruces, Deming, and we're starting to make contacts in the southeastern part of the state. Do you have a few hours a month to donate to setting up programs?

  • Chapter Coordinator*

  • A great way to meet like-minded people around the state, the Chapter Coordinator administratively supports Chapter Leaders around the state.

  • Organization Liaison

  • Another great way to meet like-minded people locally or around the state.

In NMSEA Committees

Serving on a NMSEA committee is a great way to support the organization's infrastructure and promote its mission. Get to know active NMSEA members, have fun and make an impact while doing so!

  • Membership Committee

  • Anticipated projects are: a survey of member interest, a calling campaign to interested members and social events for the membership.

  • Membership Coordinator*

    We're looking for someone to spearhead this committee.

  • Solar Advocacy Committee

  • This committee researches and advocates for state and local legislation to promote solar and sustainable technologies.

  • Technology Committee

  • This committee researches new and unusual technologies for recommendation of their support by our association.

Education and Outreach

Education is our mission and we extend it every chance we can.

  • SunChaser Education Program (K-12)Instructors and Volunteers*

    Sunchaser Instructors go out into the schools to give presentations to students of all ages. We'll train you. Requires good people skills and a flexible schedule. During the school year, a lot of presentations are given during school hours. Weekend events are frequent around Earth Day and the next month and sprinkled throughout the year. Volunteers assist our instructors in setting up & presenting programs.

  • SunPaper Coordinator

    Coordinate SunPaper articles and ads (bi-monthly newsletter)*

  • SunPaper Assistant*

    Our SunPaper Editor, Ron Herman, would like some help gathering content and advertising for each issue of the newsletter. This volunteer will solicit ads from businesses and sponsors and ask NMSEA members for articles and news. Good writing and ad design skills are required to be sure that content meets our standards. The SunPaper is published bimonthly, with the Sept/Oct issue being the Solar Fiesta Guide.

  • Research companies for the Solar and Sustainable Directory


Community events enable NMSEA to meet people on an informal basis around the state. Volunteering to talk to the public at these events and coordinating the set-up, event and takedown are important parts of fulfilling our mission.

  • NMSEA Event Coordinator*

    This position is very important to NMSEA's outreach in communities around the state. Requests for our presence at events are directed to this person. The Event Coordinator gets the particulars about the each event, distributes notice of the opportunity to members and volunteers, and schedules folks to table at the event. In addition to NMSEA's events - the Solar Village at Taos Solar Music Festival and Thirsty Ear Festivals, Synergy Fest and the Solar Fiesta - NMSEA also has a presence at Earth Day events and throughout the year. An assistant and many volunteers are willing to serve. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Deena Klein for filling and developing this position over the last several years.

  • NMSEA Volunteer Coordinator*

  • Solar Fiesta Committee

    Solar Fiesta takes many minds, hands and strong backs to pull off. We had a great Solar Fiesta Committee last year as well as plenty of volunteers for the first time in several years! Whether you are interested in donating a few hours at the event, interested in a coordinator role or some level of commitment in-between, please contact the office to offer your services.
    Volunteer for the weekend of the Solar Fiesta - click here for weekend volunteer opportunities.

    • AV Coordinator

      This person will manage all aspects of AV for the Solar Fiesta workshops: contact orgs for donation of equipment - mainly laptops and projectors, schedule AV in the workshop classrooms for presentations, coordinate equipment during the fiesta and return equipment after the event.

    • Kids Area Coordinator

      We have lots of action in the Kids Area. The Coordinator coordinates the preparation for and implementation of the Solar Scavenger Hunt and the Kids' Raffle. The Coordinator would also help with placement of student exhibits.

    • Silent Auction Coordinator

      This person will contact various organizations to solicit silent auction donations; create signs for the silent auction booth and for donor exhibits, make bidding sheets, set up at the fiesta, manage the bidding throughout, call the winners, collect payment, contact absent winners and provide accounting for the auction.

    • Solar Oven Chef Coordinator

      Do you like cookies? How about baking them in the sun? NMSEA's newly refurbished Solar Oven will be at this year's Solar Fiesta. We'd like someone to coordinate the supplies and bakers throughout the Solar Fiesta.

    • Technical Sessions Coordinator

      On Sunday of the Solar Fiesta, we provide a Professionals Track in our workshops. Within the Professionals Track, we have a segment called the "Technical Sessions". These sessions are comprised of 20-minute presentations by professionals and other technical folk for their peers and the technically-minded public. This program is a return to the origins of the organization itself.
      We are looking for someone to issue a Call for Papers, accept papers, have them reviewed by an advisory committee, and select and schedule the presentations during the Solar Fiesta.

  • Event Volunteers

    Set up and maintain a presence at events such as Earth Day, Taos Solar Music Festival, Synergy Fest, events at museums and places like Whole Foods and La Montanita, etc. Give out literature, encourage people to join, gather e-mail addresses of folks who want to know about events. Handle sales of Kill-a-Watt meters, Solar Professional Directories, T-shirts, Solar House Plan CD, etc.

Office Support

  • Bulk Mail Assistance

    Gary Hendel, Lisa Hendel and Mike Prine have and continue to handle bulk mail activities, but it's nice to have additional folk to spread out the task. If you can help with this bi-monthly SunPaper (newsletter) task and sporadic mailings for other NMSEA events and projects, please let us know! Each mailing takes 2-4 hours.

    This is a great way to meet other members and get involved at a low time-commitment level. Often mailings occur on Friday afternoons. Along with assisting at chapter meetings, this activity is a great way to begin your volunteer support of NMSEA.

  • Data Entry*

  • Librarian

  • Phone Calling


  • Publicity Committee

    Help with publicity for NMSEA in general or for a particular event

  • Graphic Designer*

    NMSEA seeks a person to design organizational marketing materials. For Solar Fiesta, we need ad and poster design. We'd also like to update our brochures on NMSEA, our classes, the Solar Fiesta and the SunChaser program. Other tasks may arise.

Check this page regularly for changes, additions, etc. For more information or to volunteer, please contact our office. Starred items (*) are of special need. Let us know of your interest by filling out and faxing or mailing the Volunteer Registration Form.