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SunChaser Educational Program

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See our solar curriculum materials as well.

Originally conceived as a van full of solar educational activities and displays:

Magic Bus

but later implemented for practical reasons as a trailer full of solar educational activities and displays,

the SunChaser program has definitely been NMSEA's most ambitious education program.

NMSEA's two SunChaser units are still on the road, but now, in an effort to reach a much larger number of students, the program has evolved towards a new approach: Portable kits that actually have better exhibits are much easier to move and maintain, and which can be duplicated in communities all across New Mexico.

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When the SunChaser Program comes to visit, students of all ages will get ready for an exciting morning or afternoon of fun and instructive activities about the sun and solar energy. The sunís magical potential as a source of renewable energy is emphasized through presentations and through the six curriculum units featuring hands-on activities for students. Click here to read some teacher testimonials!


During a visit, students are led through our specially designed Energy Pathways Curriculum to convey a solid overview of both renewable and nonrenewable energy concepts, with a deep understanding of how both types of energy ultimately depend on the Sun. Other curricular materials, including several energy primers and projects are also available for free on this website.

Request a SunChaser Program visit today!

Kickoff began with the K-TAOS Solar Music Festival, Solstice weekend 1997. We foresaw the need to raise $125,000 to put this educational tool on the road to schools throughout north-central New Mexico. We are busy writing to foundations and private industry for funding, but we need your support for our youth to experience the power of clean renewable energy from the sun.

Your purchase of a "seat" is a great way to get on the bus! (Realize, however, that the vehicle will not have traditional seats, since it is a trailer ,but it will be a traveling interactive classroom.)

$ 10,000   The Sun Club
$ 5,000   The Mercury Club
$ 2,500   The Venus Club
$ 1,000   The Earth Club

Larger and smaller donations are accepted, of course!

You can also help us with grant writing and making personal contacts for potential equipment sponsors. Some examples include vehicle manufacturers, car dealers, computer companies, construction trade people, and, of course, solar equipment manufacturers.

If you have an interest in volunteering your time to make contacts, write letters, or build solar aspects of the Sun Chaser 2, please contact NMSEA