Saturday,  October 14, 2000 is...

National Tour of Solar Homes Day

This will be the fifth year NMSEA has hosted tours in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Taos areas of New Mexico

Locations and Instructions:

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2000
Time: 9am - 4pm
Cost: $5 per person purchases map for self-guided tour
within one of these communities of your choice. (Tour is free to those who lost a home in one of New Mexico's recent wildfires).
Maps will be sold at the Southside BEAN, Taos parking lot
8:30am til 10:30am on Saturday.
Questions?  505-776-8967
Maps will be sold at the first home; Saturday 9am til 2pm.
Please call 505-820-6518
Maps will be sold at the Health Food Shop, 150 Central Park Square 8:30am til 10:30am on Saturday.
free to fire survivors   Questions?  505-662-6259

Homes on the tour include Owner and contractor built homes, passive & active solar designs, solar electric and solar hot water systems, Rastra, strawbale, pumicecrete, rammed earth tire, and traditional adobe.
A few of the homes described:
The Taos tour includes a 2200 square foot passive solar strawbale home.
The Bridgford's designed and built a beautiful space using direct gain
windows for winter heating with interior mass. The vaulted ceilings
inside follow the form and function of the metal roof for rainwater
harvesting and storage which supports the native plant xeriscaping.
The beautiful Goldberg/Laufer home built with Rastra (recycled styrofoam
and concrete system) walls and superb passive solar design including
Trombe walls and solar hot water is also on the tour.  Subtle features
both inside and out reflect the influence of Japanese and Frank Lloyd
Wright architecture.  Another beautifully appointed home is the
"Earthship" (house of rammed earth filled tires and aluminum can walls)
of the Benders.  This home is nearly self sufficient with an extensive
solar electric system and other features common to the architecture of
Mike Reynolds.

The Santa Fe tour includes a beautiful pumicecrete home.  Amy Bunting
stood her ground when it came time to build for the future.  Even though
her home is on a city lot she chose to provide her own electricity from
photovoltaics, heat her home with passive solar, and heat all her hot
water with a PV powered active system.  With the interior mass of adobe
and brick floors and a well insulated exterior this 1770 square foot
home only occasionally needs the assistance of back up heating.  The
radiant floor heating system has recently been redesigned for an
estimated efficiency improvement of 50%.
The landscaping is beautiful and an excellent example of the principles
of Permaculture.  The tactics include native plants, shrubs and grasses,
earth swales to retain surface water, stock tanks to capture rainwater
and lined river rock "creekbeds" to guide other points of roof runoff to
plants needing supplementary water.

Los Alamos homes include a very well functioning pumicecrete home built by Anne Dunning, noted passive solar builder, and a home with eight well designed and pleasantly integrated trombe walls.


This is just a taste of what visitors to New Mexico's Solar Home Tours
will see.  Come enjoy the day with us!

Selected for a Certificate of Environmental Achievement by Renew America and the President's Council on Sustainable Development