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Presenting the 10th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

September 26 & 27, 2009, 10am - 5pm

Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM

(SW of Central and San Mateo)

Student Poster Contest - 2009 New Mexico Solar Fiesta

Due: Thursday, Sept. 24, 1:00pm

Contest Rules

  • This contest is for K-8 students.
  • Posters must be related to renewable energy themes, such as solar or wind energy system designs or applications, biofuels, or sustainable/ecological communities.
  • Titles, slogans, and text can be in English or Spanish.
  • Posters should not have political candidate or advertising (sales) content.
  • Posters must be standard poster size, 29"H X 23"W, or half size, 14.5"H X 23"W.
  • All work must be done by the student or student team, not parents or teachers.
  • All entries must be received in the NMSEA Office at 1009 Bradbury Dr. SE (just north of the UNM Pit) no later than 1:00pm on Thursday, September 24, 2009.
  • Posters must include the student name(s), grade, and school on the back of the poster.

  • Please spread the word and enjoy the Solar Fiesta!