Solar Fiesta logo

Presenting the 10th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

September 26 & 27, 2009, 10am - 5pm

Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM

(SW of Central and San Mateo)

Kids Stuff - 2009 New Mexico Solar Fiesta

Kids' Area Activities

The 2009 Solar Fiesta will feature many exciting events and activities designed especially for kids!

Solar Scavenger Hunt - Pick up your instructions at the Scavenger Hunt Table located directly west of the main gate. Gather clues as you visit booths and exhibits throughout the Fiesta grounds. Then exchange your completed Scavenger Hunt form for a prize back at the Kids' Area.

Solar Micro Cars Races & Mini Truck Rallies - Solar Car Races for prizes will be held each day between 11:00 & 1:00. There will be car assembly and tune-up classes held first, and then the Races will begin! These Races are open to all kids and kids may bring their own Solar Micro cars, too. Monte Ogdahl and others are sponsoring FREE car kits for early-arrival MEMBERS each morning. There will be Drag Race Tracks, two-lane "Indy" tracks and Rally Corrals with demo cars available, including some of the new 2010 performace vehicles to test drive both days. The final race will be a demolition derby in a round arena where multiple cars will all start up at once. The last car moving wins! New NMSEA members will also receive a raffle ticket for a solar car!

Solar Model Car Races - Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) - 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders won't want to miss the Solar Model Car Workshops on Saturday. There will be one at 10a.m. and another at 2p.m. Boys and girls will learn to assemble their own cars and then participate in a race afterwards. There will be awards for the winners and all participants will get to take their cars home with them. The APS "Energy S.T.A.R.S." program is the proud sponsor of this event, and Ron Rioux, APS District Energy Conservation Coordinator, will teach both workshops.

Solar Ovens - Enjoy chocolate chip and sugar cookies freshly baked by the sun.

Girls Gone Green - A group of girls that is trying to help save our Earth through education about the reduction of our carbon footprint. The Girls have distributed over 2,000 CFL bulbs with their goal of getting every household in the US to replace their incandescent bulbs in order to completely shut down two coal power plants. All 5th-6th grade girls welcome to join.

Kids Raffle, Poster Contest & APS Attendance Awards - Kids, get your raffle ticket at the main gate, put your completed ticket in the jar at the Special Table to win one of many prizes! Must be present to win. If you don't hear your name called, check at the Scavenger Hunt table before you exit the Fiesta. K-12 students show us your creativity by designing a poster that we'll use at the Fiesta. Go to for details and rules. Winners of the Solar Poster Contest will be announced during the Fiesta. APS Students: We'll award a trophy to the class from each grade that has the highest Fiesta attendance. So encourage all of your friends to join you for a great day at the Fiesta!

Special Performances & Activities

Both Days: Various make-your-own activities such as Pizza Box Solar Ovens and Parabolic Water Heaters.

Saturday: Energy On-the-Move from Cleveland Middle School will host workshops making Pizza Box Solar Ovens and a special Wind Propeller project. Zoo-To-You and Talking Talons Youth Leadership educational presentations at 10a.m., 11a.m., 1p.m. and 2p.m.

Sunday: The Albuquerque Astronomical Society will feature several telescopes with special lenses and filters to allow you to look right at the sun. Hopefully we'll see some sunspots this year!

Sponsors Needed - Please contact NMSEA if you would like to help us continue to make these programs possible, through a donation of time or cash. Your time will be put to use helping us staff the various booths in the Kids' Area. (No technical expertise required.) And your cash donation will help us to provide more prizes for this important and educational Solar Fiesta! Please mention Kids with your offer.

Please spread the word and enjoy the Solar Fiesta!