Solar Fiesta logo

Presenting the 10th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

September 26 & 27, 2009, 10am - 5pm

Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM

(SW of Central and San Mateo)

2009 Solar Fiesta Committee

Once again, we have a fantastic Solar Fiesta Committee and it seems to grow every year. To volunteer to fill a vacant position or help out at the Solar Fiesta, see the bottom of the page.

Major Managers and Committees

  • General Manager:  Mary McArthur
  • Grounds/Site
    • Manager:  Dave Patterson
    • Committee:  Jim Barrera (site layout), David Griggs (on-site signage)
  • Gates/Tickets
    • Coordinator:  Jim Barrera
  • Exhibits
    • Manager:  R.P. Bohannan
  • Publicity
    • Coordinator:   Robert Nelson
    • Committee:
      • Gail Rubin of Gail Rubin Public Relations
      • Howard Stephens and Jim Cochran of Vision Trust, Inc.
  • Workshops/Demonstrations
    • Coordinator:  Carrie McChesney
    • AV Coordinator:  vacant
    • Technical Sessions Coordinator:  Dennis Dinge
  • Volunteers
    • Coordinator:  Holly Tancred
  • Parking and Traffic Manager
    • Manager:  TJ Scarberry
  • Kids Area
    • Coordinator:   Lisa Silva
    • SunChaser Displays and Student Liaison:  Gary Vaughn
    • Solar Cars:  Monte Ogdahl

Other Solar Fiesta Managers

  • T-shirts:  Mandy Scarberry
  • Website:  Carlos Aguayo
  • Food and Volunteer Dinner:  Claire Simons
  • Solar Fiesta Guide:  Ron Herman
  • Sound:   Rick Shoudt
  • Hospitality:  David Griggs
  • Solar Oven Chef:  Gordon Chandler
  • Solar Cook-off:  Monica Canaris

Get involved with the Solar Fiesta!

We're looking for people to fill these positions:

  • Silent Auction Manager
  • Name Tag Coordinator
  • Workshop AV Coordinator
  • And lots of volunteers from 3pm, Friday, 9/25 through 7pm, Sunday, 9/27.

For a year-round commitment to renewable energy through NMSEA, see other opportunities.

Help Needed and Wanted

We have a great committee! Now is a great time to get to know them and the workings of the event. Involvement in the Solar Fiesta is a handy way to meet vendors, agencies, non-profits and other enthusiasts in the field.

If you are interested in filling a coordinator vacancy or helping on one of these many committees, please e-mail Mary McArthur with your phone number.

Thank you all for your awesome efforts!