Solar Fiesta logo

NMSEA presents the 9th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

DATE: September 20-21, 2008

LOCATION: Highland High School


Albuquerque, New Mexico


2008 Solar Fiesta Committee

Major Committees

  • General Manager:  Mary McArthur
  • Grounds/Site
    • Manager:  Dave Patterson
    • Committee:  Jim Barrera (layout, off-site signage), David Griggs (on-site signage)
  • Gates and Tickets
    • Coordinator:  Jim Barrera
  • Sponsors and Exhibits
    • Manager:  Mary McArthur
  • Publicity
    • Coordinator:   Janet Bridgers
    • Committee:
      • Gail Rubin of Gail Rubin Public Relations
      • Nao Sadewic ("Our Future" graphic, posters and display ads)
      • Howard Stephens and Jim Cochran of Vision Trust, Inc.
      • Mary McArthur
  • Workshops/Demonstrations
    • Coordinator:  Carrie McChesney
    • Technical Sessions:  Coordinator - Benjamin Cho
  • Volunteers
    • Coordinator:  Holly Tancred
  • Kids Area
    • Coordinator and SunChaser Displays:  Gary Vaughn
    • Scavenger Hunt/Kids Booth:  Olga Lavrova
    • Solar Cars:  Monte Ogdahl

Other Solar Fiesta Managers

  • Sales and T-shirts:  Deena Klein
  • Website:  Mary McArthur
  • Food and Volunteer Dinner:  Claire Simons
  • Solar Fiesta Guide:  Ron Herman
  • Sound:   Aaron Cabral
  • Hospitality:  David Griggs

Thank you all for your awesome efforts!