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NMSEA presents the 9th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

DATE: September 20-21, 2008

LOCATION: Highland High School


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Welcome to the 2008 New Mexico Solar Fiesta!

Join us at New Mexico's premier Renewable Energy and Sustainability Educational Fair, with exhibits and workshops focusing on practical uses of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and many other sustainable living practices.

It's Easy Being Green!

What's at the Solar Fiesta?

Folks interested in lowering their energy bills will benefit from this year's Solar Fiesta. Use ideas at the Fiesta to plan your route to increased energy independence and increased comfort in your home through conservation, efficiency and renewable energy. As you increase the energy-efficiency of your surroundings, your wallet will be buffered from increasing energy costs and our environment will be buffered from overuse.

Start your journey with no cost and low-cost solutions to decrease your energy use. "Pick the low-hanging fruit" of energy savings with little impact on your bank account. Accumulate the savings from these tips to help finance your trip to the next milestone on your energy-saving journey.

Next, take the moderately-priced steps of replacing older inefficient appliances and insulating your home where needed. Before replacing major appliances, such as furnaces and air conditioners, plan an energy-audit of your home. Use it to help you determine where your money will be most cost-effectively spent, for your comfort now as well as your economic and environmental well-being in the future.

Investigate financial incentives and opportunities to take the bite out of the upfront cost of remodeling, solar alternatives and energy-efficient vehicles. Learn about federal, state and utility incentives, as well as financing opportunities for green projects.

Our free workshop, each morning before the Solar Fiesta gates open, will introduce you to these money-saving strategies. Low-cost adult workshops will further explore many of these topics over the two days. All-day and all-weekend workshop passes provide discounted access to all the classes you can fit in. Check out our workshop offerings.

Environmental non-profit organizations will provide information on a wide range of issues impacting New Mexicans. Learn what you can do to improve the livability of our enchanting state.

Children of all ages will enjoy and learn from the Solar Scavenger Hunt, science projects by various students, solar model cars and solar-baked chocolate chip cookies. Start your visit in the Kids Area, to the north of the sidewalk after entering the Main gate, to make the most of your visit.

For you and your family, plan a low-cost educational experience that will positively influence the rest of your lives. Spend the day to get the most out of this opportunity to meet and learn from professionals throughout the fields of sustainability. See the latest products for renewable energy, energy and water conservation and green building. Find qualified installers. Get answers to your questions. Lower your energy and water use while increasing the quality and comfort of your surroundings.

Topics at the Solar Fiesta

    • energy efficiency and conservation
    • energy-efficient appliances
    • environmentally-friendly and efficient building and finish materials
    • financial and real estate products
    • passive solar design and construction
    • recycling
    • renewable energy and sustainability education
    • solar electricity
    • solar thermal
    • sustainable fuels and efficient vehicles
    • water catchment and efficient use

You'll have fun and meet lots of great people! We will see you there!

Enjoy the Solar Fiesta!