Solar Fiesta logo

NMSEA presents the 9th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

DATE: September 20-21, 2008

LOCATION: Highland High School


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Welcome to the 2008 New Mexico Solar Fiesta

Join us at New Mexico's premier Renewable Energy and Environmental Educational Fair, with exhibits and workshops focusing on practical uses of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and many other sustainable living practices.

Help Wanted!

NMSEA's largest event, the Solar Fiesta, is growing and takes lots of folk to pull off. This year's Solar Fiesta Committee is fun, enthusiastic and creative! Major managers meet monthly on the 3rd Tuesday, from 6-9pm.

  • Volunteer Coordinator* and Committee
    We have plenty of potential volunteers; just need someone to contact and schedule them and manage them at the Fiesta. This is a stipended position.
  • AV for Workshops
    This person will coordinate equipment for workshop presentations and help speakers get set up at the Fiesta.
  • Co-Manager
    This is Mary McArthur's third and final year as Solar Fiesta Manager (a stipended position). We are looking for someone to take over for the 2009 Solar Fiesta. That person will benefit from involvement this year, either as Co-Manager or in another position.
  • Desired: Solar Cook-off Coordinator
    On our wish list is a Solar Cook-off for Saturday, 9/20. We're looking for a coordinator, obviously. Some tasks would be to advertise the contest, arrange categories as desired, check-in the contestants, arrange judging, award prizes and send thank yous.
  • Desired: Docent Manager
    We would love for a docent tour program to supplement the free workshops given each morning of the Fiesta. There would be a script to write and tour to design. Docents would be familiar with the script and show people around the Fiesta grounds to see exhibits that exemplify various renewable technologies. We expect Highland's pool to be solar thermally-heated by then. Great student project, but we'll take adults, too!
  • Solar Fiesta Volunteers
    Here are most of the tasks that are required to put on the Fiesta. There are a number of miscellaneous ones as well.
    • Before the Fiesta
      • Call volunteers
      • Bulk mailings
      • Exhibitor/speaker packet mailings
      • Name tags
    • Friday Afternoon
      • Pick up items from the office or storage unit
      • Move bumpers
      • Set up tents and sandbags
      • Set up fencing and banners
      • Deliver chairs, tables and easels
      • Setup trash and recycling boxes and barrels
      • Distribute on-site signage, booth numbers and name signs
      • Set up gates and exhibits
      • Help with volunteer dinner
    • Saturday and Sunday
      • Distribute off-site signage
      • Sell tickets
      • Tend gates (Main, Exhibitor)
      • Help at various locations
        • The NMSEA or other booths
        • The Kids Area
        • AV for the workshops
        • Volunteer/Hospitality
        • Public address
        • The Solar Oven
        • Volunteer/speaker check-in
      • Proctor workshops
    • Sunday afternoon
      • Take down signs
      • Gather tables, chairs and easels
      • Gather trash and recycling boxes and barrels
      • Replace parking bumpers
      • Take up booth markers
      • Fencing, banners
      • Take equipment to storage

Enjoy the Solar Fiesta!