NMSEA - Solar Fiesta 2007
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NMSEA presents the 8th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

Brighter SOLutions

NEW DATE: September 15-16, 2007

NEW LOCATION: Highland High School


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Welcome to the 2007 New Mexico Solar Fiesta

Join us at New Mexico's premier Renewable Energy and Environmental Educational Fair, with exhibits and workshops focusing on practical uses of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and many other sustainable living practices.

Solar Fiesta 2007 Review

Solar Fiesta 2007 Site

Our new site, Highland High School, was a brighter solution and gave us new possibilities. Site Map.

Workshops at the 2007 Solar Fiesta

Free Workshops

We began each day of the Solar Fiesta with a free workshop, for the general public, at 9:30am before the gates opened.  This was a great opportunity for a quick introduction to solar electricity and heating, passive solar design, and alternative materials and fuels.

Adult Workshops

This year's workshops were arranged in topic-focused tracks, indicated by letters within parentheses at the end of each workshop title.  See the track explanations in the Workshop Schedules.  Note that, though a number of classes overlapped these categories, some classes had a category of their own.

        Workshop Guide - Descriptions of Workshop Topics
        Saturday Workshops - Schedule of Workshops on Saturday
        Sunday Workshops - Schedule of Workshops on Sunday

Technical Sessions

The historical foundation of NMSEA, the sharing of solar technical information, has been brought back in the form of the Technical Sessions. These 20-minute presentations are designed specifically for the professional community, but the technically-minded public is welcome. Technical Sessions Schedule

Sponsors and Exhibitors - Supporters of Solar Fiesta 2007

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Thanks to the 2007 Solar Fiesta Committee

Our dynamic and creative Solar Fiesta Committee had bright, innovative ideas for the 2007 event, starting with a free workshop each morning of the Fiesta. See our 2007 Solar Fiesta Committee.