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NMSEA presents the 7th Annual

Solar Fiesta!


Saturday: 10:30am-5:45pm

Sunday: 9:00am-5:45pm

Special NEC presentation at 9am on Sunday

Once again, the solar and renewable community has reached out to support NMSEA and you. We have a full schedule of over 40 workshops on a broad range of topics as well as several outdoor demonstrations. Our instructors are a diverse group of seasoned and emerging professionals.

This is NMSEA's second year of formatting the workshops in topic-focused tracks, indicated by letters within parentheses at the end of each workshop title. See the track explanations below. Note that, though a number of classes overlap these categories, some classes have a category of their own. See a color-coded .PDF versions linked below.

An all-weekend workshop ticket is an inexpensive way to maximize your contact with professionals in the solar and renewable industries. Set aside the weekend to boost your solar education. Extend your experience at Solar Fiesta 2006 by planning ahead the exhibits and workshops you will visit.

Solar Electricity (E)

Solar electricity classes about on- and off-grid photovoltaics, wind generation, energy efficiency and utility connection.

Solar Thermal/Water (W)

This broad category encompasses everything that deals with water or heat, from solar water pumping, water catchment and greywater use to solar heating and cooling, window coverings, and heating and cooling efficiency.

Passive Solar Design (D)

This track includes workshops on building design, building materials and efficient household products.

Financial (F)

Presentations on a variety of financial facets of solar. Topics include green home financing and sales, net metering, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), utility bill reduction through efficiency and business development.

Kids-Teachers (K)

The workshops in this track are specifically for either kids or teachers and are free of charge. Learn about solar energy and how to teach it. Kids can extend the classes by also participating in the Solar Scavenger Hunt and the solar car races.

Technical Sessions (T)

The Technical Sessions are a return to NMSEA's roots. While open to the public, they are specifically targeted for professionals in the solar and renewable industries. While some of the sessions are truly technical, others are business support.

Workshops and Exhibits include:

Grid-tied PVWind Energy SystemsPassive Solar Design
Solar FinancingGreen BuildingBio-Fuels
Solar Water PumpingSolar ThermalStrawbale Building
Remote PVWater HarvestingSolar Cooking
And many more!

Saturday Workshop Schedule (PDF)

Sunday Workshop Schedule (PDF)

Workshop Descriptions

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