Workshop Descriptions for Solar Fiesta 2006

(Subject to Change)

Adobe Demonstrations (D)                                                            Richard and Helen Levine

Saturday, September 23                            10:30 AM                                                 Outdoors

Sunday, September 24                              10:30 AM                                                 Outdoors

Adobe is found throughout the world and lends itself well to passive solar applications, landscaping, home building and other uses limited only by the imagination. Demonstrations of traditional adobe-making begin at 10 am and continue until 3:30 in the afternoon both Saturday and Sunday. New Mexico Earth Adobe will show you how adobes are made and some uses of sun-dried blocks. Come marvel and enjoy the elegant simplicity of adobe.

New Mexico Earth Adobe is a family-owned business operating for over 30 years in Albuquerque's North Valley. Founded in 1972 by Richard Levine, the adobe yard has a tradition of manufacturing quality sun-dried adobe blocks in plain mud, semi-stabilized, and fully-stabilized varieties.

Alternative Financing Strategy for Alternative Energy Businesses (F)            George Kenefic

Sunday, September 24                               2:15 PM                                                   Chaco III

Crucial steps in the development of any business venture are determining the amount of financing a business needs and then preparing a plan to get it at the time you need it. This presentation will review strategies to help you seek financing for your small business or non-profit from alternative funding sources.

George Kenefic works for NM Community Development Loan Fund promoting small and rural businesses. He was trained as an architect and has been a small business owner for 18 years.

Bamboo Basics (D)                                                                                                  Pete Fust

Sunday, September 24                              11:45 AM                                                 Antelope

Bamboo has been called the most useful plant in the world. It can be fashioned into shelter, tools and musical instruments and is an important food source for millions of people. Bamboo is the largest of the grasses, yet is stronger by weight than steel. Bamboo grows very fast and can thrive in diverse climates including the American Southwest. Poles can be harvested from established groves in three to five years. "Bamboo Basics" will dispel common myths as well as cover identifying bamboos that will thrive in the West and how to grow and maintain bamboo in a dryland climate.

Pete Fust grew up on a North Dakota farm, has a degree in horticulture and worked designing and creating landscapes in Seattle and California. He currently practices permaculture and natural building in Kingston, NM.

Biodiesel: What is It Good For?                        Eric Chris and James Burgess, Biodiesel Jedi

Saturday, September 23                             2:15 PM                                                   Chaco III

Is biodiesel viable as a fuel for the future? How about today? The presenter will touch on the mileage efficiency and emissions of biodiesel and other fuels. The process of making biodiesel and the prospects for local commercial and coop production will also be reviewed.

James Burgess and Eric Chrisp have been making biodiesel for their own vehicle use for over two years. Their cost per gallon is less than 1/5 of today's prices! They have given numerous presentations and workshops to educate the public.

Building Science, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in the New and Existing House (D, F, W)                                                                                                         Larry Gorman

Sunday, September 24                               4:45 PM                                                       Silver

Your house works as a system composed of the building shell, the equipment, and even the occupants, all interacting. Building science includes the study of these relationships as well as the relationship between the house and the natural environment. “House doctors” use high tech tools and the application of building science to diagnose an existing house as well as advise on the design and verify the performance of a new one. Learn what to consider when retrofitting an existing house or designing a new one. Larry will discuss things to consider to assure adequate indoor air quality in a new house and how to prevent sick house syndrome while tightening the building shell on existing houses. Learn about the most cost-effective energy-conserving improvements for your home, including rebates and tax credits.

With over thirty years in the construction industry, Larry Gorman is a co-owner of Building Energy Solutions, Inc. He is involved with the Building America and Energy Star for Homes programs and provides homebuilders and homeowners with HERS Ratings, HVAC systems designs, proper sizing of mechanical equipment, technical advice, inspections and testing. He is active in the New Mexico Chapter of the United States Green Building Council, Central New Mexico Home Builders Association and New Mexico Solar Energy Association. He enjoys the challenges of helping homeowners with high energy costs and indoor air quality issues.

Changes in the 2005 National Electrical Code and Status of Proposals for the 2008 NEC (E, T)                                                                                            John C. Wiles

Sunday, September 24                         9:00 AM                                                  Silver

Significant changes in the 2005 NEC will be discussed including routing of PV source and output circuits, grounding and conductors. A historical overview of the routing of dc PV circuits from the roof and the location of the PV disconnect will be presented. More than 40 proposals for the 2008 NEC are being processed through the National Fire Protection Association. The latest information on these proposals will be presented.

John Wiles is a Program Manager at the Southwest Technology Development Institute at New Mexico State University. He assists the PV industry, electrical contractors, inspectors and purchasing agencies in understanding the PV requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). John serves as Secretary for an NFPA-appointed Task Group involved with Article 690 of the NEC and drafted the text for Article 690 in the 2005 NEC Handbook. His fieldwork involves balance of systems design for PV systems, inspections and acceptance testing of PV systems, test and evaluation of PV components, and the design and installation of data acquisition systems. He bought his first codebook in 1960 and installed his first PV system in 1984. He has lived in an off-grid, PV/wind-powered home (permitted and inspected, of course) with his wife Patti, two dogs, and a cat for more than 16 years.

Clean Power for City Dwellers (E)                                                        Allan Sindelar

Saturday, September 23                      12:30 PM                                                 Silver

If you have utility power now, you can easily use solar photovoltaic power in your home. Clean power works invisibly, in parallel with the utility. Your electric meter can turn backward, crediting surplus electricity for future use. Modern systems are clean, efficient, reliable and maintenance-free. Some systems will provide power during a utility outage. This presentation will explain how grid-tied solar works, show slides of installed systems, and cover costs, benefits, tax credits, utility incentives, state laws and how to get started.

Allan Sindelar is a NABCEP nationally-certified installer and the founder of Positive Energy of Santa Fe. Positive Energy has installed about 40% of the grid-tied power systems in New Mexico.

Cooking with Sunlight                                                                      Rose Marie Kern

Sunday, September 24                          2:15 PM                                           Turquoise

Rose M. Kern, author of the "Solar Chef", will explain the basic considerations necessary to cook with a solar box cooker. Rose will go over the meteorological requirements of various types of food, as well as give tips on how to best use the solar cooker in everyday meals.

In addition to her cooking expertise, Rose Kern has been an aviation weather forecaster for over 20 years and will show students how to determine a day in advance what will be the probable conditions for solar cooking. Rose is a past President of NMSEA and is building a sustainable community in southeastern New Mexico.

Creating a New Energy Future - What Will We Do About Global Warming? (K)Eva Thaddeus

Saturday, September 23                       3:30 PM                                            Antelope

A conversation with young people about the changes necessary to stabilize the climate. There is both peril and promise in a new energy future - both will be raised.

Eva Thaddeus is an elementary school teacher, a Sierra Club volunteer and a member of the Governor's Task Force on Climate Change.

Financing and Resale of Green Homes (F)              Brad Ellen & Geneva Garcia-Ellen

Sunday, September 24                          4:45 PM                                            Antelope

Are you buying, selling or building a green home? If so, you will want to come to this workshop! Brad Ellen and team will discuss the current real estate market focusing on green-built homes. We will discuss the important, yet dry, topic of financing a green-built and/or off-the-grid home.

Brad and Geneva Ellen are a real estate team. Through their passion for the environment, their own experience designing and building a home off the grid and their extensive knowledge of Albuquerque’s real estate market, they have established Brad as Albuquerque’s Green Realtor.

Financing Your Green Home (F)                                                           Teresa Lopez

Saturday, September 23                       4:45 PM                                             Chaco III

Learn how to accelerate your mortgage, creating planetary and monetary wealth through energy savings and mortgage interest savings.

Teresa Lopez has been in the mortgage banking industry for over 20 years. She has represented several large banking institutions in her career, specializing in self-employed borrowers and creative financing. Through Dream Source Financial, Ms. Lopez is realizing a conscious company based on respect and environmental, sustainable green lending, as well as creating equality by providing loans to fit everyone's needs.

Geodesic Lattice Construction from Recycled Materials (D)                    Jeron Smith

Saturday, September 23                      10:30 AM                                           Outdoors

Sunday, September 24                         10:30 AM                                           Outdoors

As an outgrowth of a design studio on alternative building methods/materials this past summer, the exploration of building alternative structures using wood lath cut from recycled sawmill waste slab cuts was undertaken. Using a takeoff on Buckminster Fuller's geodesic principals, this lattice structure can be formed into virtually any compound curved shape and has the amazing strength of a geodesic dome while using a fraction of normal building materials to enclose a space. The structure will be covered with an insulative and weatherproof layer of ‘papercrete’ made from a mixture of junk mail/ recycled paper mixed with concrete for durability. A large 1/4 scale model of a structure has been built for educational purposes and to demonstrate the technique.

An industrial designer with an extensive background in solar/alternative energy back in the 80’s, Jeron has been working extensively for the past 12 years developing and manufacturing engines/aircraft exclusively for the home-built aviation market. With the current resurgence and renewed interest in alternative technologies, he is working to make use of his design background and share his expertise in this arena in an educational format through hands-on exhibits and alternative design studios. Another project currently underway is the development of a practical proof-of-concept 100MPG automobile.

Grid Tie Basics (E)                                                                              Dana Beckhorn

Sunday, September 24                          1:00 PM                                            Antelope

This presentation will cover basic PV grid-tie design and applications. The program will have examples of previously designed systems with and pictures of local grid-tie systems. There will be an update on the PNM REC program and plenty time for Q & A.

Dana is a Solar System Engineer at Affordable Solar Group in Albuquerque. He has an EE degree from Purdue. Dana designs residential and small commercial grid-tie PV systems.

Growing Your Renewable Energy Business (F, T)                            David Schwartzel

Sunday, September 24                          3:30 PM                                             Chaco III

This workshop is intended for RE energy dealers and installers as well as people in the building trades interested in expanding their service/product offering. Attendees will learn about techniques for effective business planning, enhancing competitive advantages and minimizing risk. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their customer and learn sales and marketing techniques to reach their potential customers more effectively.

David Schwartzel recently joined Conergy as Director of Sales. He is a water industry veteran and is focused on developing Conergy’s account management processes to provide exceptional support to our dealer partners.

Heating Your Home and Water with the Sun (W)                                   Carl Bickford

Sunday, September 24                         11:45 AM                                          Turquoise

This presentation will discuss the basics of passive and active solar heating for both space heat and domestic water. Particular attention will be paid to active hydronic heating systems which gather heat from the Sun in collectors and transport the energy with a liquid. Radiant floor heating systems alone and combined with hot water will be discussed. The participant will learn the design types and vocabulary necessary to have an intelligent conversation with a solar contractor.

Carl Bickford started the Renewable Energy Program at San Juan College (Farmington, NM) and continues to teach there full-time. He has a Masters Degree in solar thermal engineering, along with over 12 years of experience in both solar thermal and solar electric system design and installation. Carl lives off the electric grid in downtown Aztec, NM and builds wooden boats in his passive and active solar heated shop.

Household Practices for Electrical Energy Independence (E, F)          Randy Sadewic

Sunday, September 24                          3:30 PM                                           Turquoise

What is the best way to make money, reduce CO2 and save our natural resources? Energy efficiency! Randy will offer demos and share simple approaches for saving electricity at yields higher than stock market investments.

Randy Sadewic is a NABCEP-certified installer at Positive Energy and consults with clients on energy efficiency practices. He has worked for SW Housing Solutions doing energy audits for low income homes

Household Practices for Energy Independence (E, F, W)Randy Sadewic and Larry Gorman

Saturday, September 23                       1:45 PM                                           Turquoise

What is the best way to make money, reduce CO2, and save our natural resources? Energy efficiency! Randy will offer demos and share simple approaches for saving energy at yields higher than stock market investments. Larry will reveal how he identifies significant savings for heating and cooling the home. Cut your utility bills by 50%.

Randy Sadewic is a NABCEP-certified installer at Positive Energy and consults with clients on energy efficiency practices. He has worked for SW Housing Solutions doing energy audits for low income homes Larry Gorman is a co-owner of Building Energy Solutions, Inc. and has over thirty years in the construction industry. He is active in the New Mexico Chapter of the United States Green Building Council, Central New Mexico Home Builders Association and New Mexico Solar Energy Association.

I Want To Build "Green"! But...Where Do I Begin? (D)                               Joe Matesi

Saturday, September 23                       3:30 PM                                           Turquoise

Joe Matesi's slide presentation and open discussion will provide an overview of what to consider when designing and building your "green" home so as to maximize value for your building dollars. This presentation includes: financing; design and site issues; water and energy conservation; alternative building materials (straw, wood frame, adobe, Rastra and more); natural heating and cooling; and putting storm water to work for you.

Joe Matesi is founder and President of Holistic Habitats Inc., a green building company based in Cedar Crest, New Mexico. The company was founded in 1993 and has been building with straw, wood frame, adobe, Rastra and other natural and recycled materials. Joe is a permaculturist with over 25 years' experience designing and building homes, condos, townhouses, apartments and communities. He conducts workshops and serves as designer, project manager and consultant to owner builders, builders and developers.

Insulate the Holes in Your Walls! (W)                                                 Angela Welford

Sunday, September 24                          4:45 PM                                           Turquoise

The holes in your home's walls, otherwise known as windows, transfer heat from indoors to out during the winter and outdoors to in during the summer. This raises your air "conditioning" bills. Insulating your windows is possibly the most overlooked solution to conserving energy and saving money. Learn how heat is transferred through windows and the various options available to block unwanted heat loss/gain.

Angela Welford moved to the East Mountain community of Sandia Park 20 years ago and lives in a passive solar home with lots of windows. After building her own insulating shades, she started a cottage industry, AWINDOWAY, in 1989. She custom constructs insulating window shades using the Warm Window System, which she believes to be the most efficient and decorative insulating shade on the market today. She is also a distributor for Graber Window Fashions.

Net Metering and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) (E, F)

                                                                                          Charlotte Otero-Goodwin

Sunday, September 24                          1:00 PM                                                 Silver

                                                                                                      Robert Broderick

Saturday, September 23                      11:45 AM                                            Chaco III

Generating your own clean energy is easier than you think. You can use photovoltaics to provide all or part of your electrical needs while remaining hooked up to the grid. You can shorten your payback by selling your RECs to PNM. Robert will explain PNM's new PV REC Purchase Program and net metering rules.

Robert Broderick is an Electrical Engineer working with Customer Generation Programs at PNM.

Night Sky Cooling in Nob Hill (W)                                                             Bruce Davis

Saturday, September 23                       1:00 PM                                             Chaco III

This talk will be presented by Bruce Davis and the Zomeworks staff. The presentation will begin with the design of the Davis house as first built in '94, including a variety of energy and resource strategies. It will proceed with comments on its successes and failures and the 2004 installation of the Zomeworks Night Sky Cooling System in the Studio. Bruce will conclude by discussing his experience with the system. Zomeworks will present some technical detail, i.e., monitored temperatures.

Bruce Davis is a New Mexico Architect in practice since 1975. He has designed and consulted on over 300 solar projects in that time. An early member of NMSEA and the Sun Dwellings Team, he is a long time collaborator with Zomeworks and CEO of Research and Design Incorporated (RaDi). RaDi is dedicated to issues of sustainability in a multiplicity of fields. Davis recycled an abandoned laundromat into his home and studio in 1994.

Off-Grid PV (E)                                                                            Odes Armijo-Caster

Sunday, September 24                          2:15 PM                                                 Silver

This presentation will review the latest innovations in using renewable energy systems in remote environments. This includes the plug-and-play solar hybrid systems recently deployed to 180 remote homes on the Navajo Reservation as well as systems used for early warning detection of tsunamis in the Caribbean. Design, from the solar electric modules to batteries and power conditioning equipment, will be presented. The addition of a redundant source of power such as a genset or wind generator will also be discussed. This presentation is a must for those interested in self-sufficient remote power applications.

Odes Armijo-Caster, Co-Founder and Principal of Sacred Power Corporation, a premier solar electrical/mechanical contractor for the past 24 years, is responsible for the design, installation and repair of hundreds of solar systems. Solar electricity for remote home sites, telecommunication sites, lighting projects and solar water pumping systems, as well as solar systems designed for domestic hot water and space heating, are but a few of his many successful installations. Odes is a Certified Solar Energy Instructor for Siemens Solar Corporation and has provided presentations on solar energy systems in countries throughout the world. Odes helped develop RE curricula for Native American Institutes of higher education, such as the Crownpoint Institute of Technology (CIT) and the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI). He is a long time member of the Hispano and American Indian Chambers of Commerce. A long time member and current Board Member of NMSEA, he is also President of the Renewable Energy Industries Association of New Mexico. Odes is currently working on a program to establish redundant remote power systems for law enforcement locations across the US. Odes and his family have lived in a totally solar-powered home for 8 years.

Passive Solar Design in Buildings - Energize Your Space!                        Kent Beierle

Sunday, September 24                         10:30 AM                                          Turquoise

This presentation is an overview of passive solar design principles. What is it? What are the advantages to me? How do I do it? We will cover the basics and look at a current case study. This presentation will also describe the importance of whole systems design and touch on appropriate building material selection.

Kent Beierle (by-early) is one of the four founding partners of Environmental Dynamics Inc., a local architectural design firm that practices architecture with a sustainable approach. Kent holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Masters Degree in Architecture with an emphasis in energy efficiency from the University of New Mexico. He and his partners are actively implementing sustainable design in their residential and commercial building projects, specifically in regards to energy efficiency, water conservation and use of healthy materials.

Photovoltaic Remote Homes: Standalone and Hybrid (E)                  Kevin Goodreau

Saturday, September 23                       4:45 PM                                                 Silver

This presentaton describes the use of photovoltaics in remote homes with a backup generator (hybrid) and without (standalone).

Kevin Goodreau is President of Direct Power and Water. He has engineered, designed and installed PV systems for over 15 years.

Photovoltaics 101 (E)                                                                                 Cary Lane

Sunday, September 24                         10:30 AM                                                Silver

This presentation is an introduction to photovoltaics (PV; solar electricity). Cary will cover the basics including solar electric terminology, system components, and the solar resource. Common applications will be covered including grid-tied and off-grid power systems as well as water pumping. The amount of material covered and the pace of the class will be determined by the participants. Come with questions.

Cary is President of Energy Concepts Corporation, an electrical contracting company specializing in PV and wind applications. He has been employed in the PV industry for over 19 years. Cary has a BSME from New Mexico State University and JE98 and EE98 licenses.

Photovoltaics 101 (E)                                                                         Marlene Brown

Saturday, September 23                      10:30 AM                                                Silver

This presentation is an introduction to photovoltaics (PV). Marlene will cover the basics including solar electric terminology and PV components. Take this workshop before delving further into PV. The amount of material covered and the pace of the class will be determined by the participants. Come with questions. Resource information will be available.

Marlene Brown has been working in the field of photovoltaics for almost 20 years (she doesn't look it). She has installed systems both domestically and in the developing world. Marlene teaches classes on photovoltaics whenever she can, particularly a hands-on PV class for women the week leading up to the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Conference, wherever it is held in the country. She also teaches coed and women-only classes locally. Marlene is President of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association and on the Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Industries Association of NM. She is a technical staff member at Sandia National Labs.

Rainwater Harvesting (W)                                                                        Rob Roman

Saturday, September 23                       4:45 PM                                           Turquoise

This presentation will cover the basics of water harvesting, how much to capture, drips (gravity and powered), gutters/canales, barrels/tanks and greywater.

Local business owner of Roman's Rain Reserves, Rob has been harvesting water for over ten years and has been in business for four. He has had over 16,000 gallons of rainwater fall off his roof since July 1, 2006!

Reflector Shades (D, W)                                                                            Steve Baer

Sunday, September 24                         10:30 AM                                            Chaco III

Relector shades add valuable heat to passive solar homes in winter. Consequently, they protect the house from unwanted heat gain in summer. This presentation shows how reflective shades can work for you.

Steve Baer, President of Zomeworks, has lived in a passive solar house in Corrales since 1972.

Solar Energy for Kids (K)                                                                        Gary Vaughn

Saturday, September 23        10:30 AM, 2:15 PM, 4:45 PM                             Antelope

Sunday, September 24                  10:30 AM, 3:30 PM                                    Antelope

From dinosaurs to power plants to electric cars, almost everything is powered by the sun - including you! Join us for a fun- and information-filled hour that will really charge up the next generation.

Gary is a member of the Board of Directors of the NMSEA and a registered Professional Engineer.

Solar Energy Primer for Teachers (K)                                           Dr. Benjamin Luce

Saturday, September 23                      11:45 AM                                           Antelope

Sunday, September 24                         11:45 AM                                               Parrot

The first portion of this presentation will be a photographic tour and introduction to the different types solar and wind energy technologies, including photovoltaics, concentrating solar power (utility scale solar), passive solar, solar cooking, etc. It will include basic science concepts associated with these technologies, cost and future cost projections, energy storage issues and transportation (electric cars, plug-in hybrids, electric bikes, etc.). Basic fact sheets and references for further information, such as NMSEA’s new renewable energy primer, will be distributed.

The second portion will consist of hands-on interaction with solar equipment, outside, with time for further questions and discussion. BRING A HAT! The equipment will include smaller items such as solar cookers, solar fountains, solar-powered toy cars and fuel cells as well as larger items such as full-sized photovoltaic and solar hot water systems.

Dr. Benjamin P. Luce is a physicist, a former President of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association and the Chair of the Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy (CCAE;, an alliance of ten non-profit groups dedicated to the advancement of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Solar Hot Water                                                                                    Brian Tumolo

Sunday, September 24                          2:15 PM                                                          

Solar Hydronic Heating and Cooling (W)                                            Bristol Stickney

Saturday, September 23                      11:45 AM                                          Turquoise

This presentation is a discussion of practical applications of solar heating installations with an emphasis on solar hydronic heating. The term "hydronic" refers to the use of water or water-based liquid for heat collection, storage and distribution. Examples of both active and passive domestic hot water heating principles and applications will be presented. Integration of passive solar heat with active radiant-heated floors will be discussed. Examples of hydronic heating systems that have been completed in recent years will be presented. The principles of hydronic cooling will be discussed briefly as well. Photos and diagrams of dozens of completed systems will be available for viewing in detail.

Bristol Stickney has been designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing solar heating systems and equipment for thirty years. His designs are based on a working knowledge of the most reliable equipment and installation strategies. His new company, Cedar Mountain Solar, offers full service consultation, design, installation and service of solar hydronic heating systems.

State and Federal Incentives for Installing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (E, F)                                                                           Dr. Benjamin Luce

Saturday, September 23                       3:30 PM                                                 Silver

Sunday, September 24                          3:30 PM                                                 Silver

Ben Luce will review federal and state incentives and other programs of interest to people who want to install renewables or improve the efficiency of their homes.

Dr. Benjamin P. Luce is a physicist, a former President of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association and the Chair of the Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy (CCAE;, an alliance of ten non-profit groups dedicated to the advancement of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Strawbale Home Design Essentials (D)                                            Catherine Wanek

Saturday, September 23                       2:15 PM                                                 Silver

Want to build a healthy, beautiful home that nurtures your family and reduces energy bills? Strawbale construction may be the answer. Aesthetically, strawbales produce wide, sculptable walls that surround you like an embrace and offer “super insulation”. Insulation enhances comfort and saves money on heating and cooling. Natural and non-toxic, plastered bale walls also resist fire and dampen neighborhood noises. Plus, they are an abundant annually-renewable resource. This presentation will offer essential design practices for building a low-maintenance strawbale home and discuss cost factors. It will feature images from Wanek’s "The New Strawbale Home", a full-color book of floor plans for forty homes across North America.

Author, photographer and filmmaker, Catherine Wanek, published and edited "The Last Straw Journal" and co-authored "The Art of Natural Building". She produced and directed the "Building with Straw" video series and the videos, "Urban Permaculture" and "The Straw Bale Solution". Catherine is a founding member of the non-profit organization, Builders Without Borders.

Surviving Global Mega Disasters Using Tower Town TechnologiesMichael David Lipkan

Sunday, September 24                         10:30 AM                                               Parrot

This presentation explains ideas for futuristic architecture that include water recycling, alternative energy, food production and sustainable living.

Michael David Lipkan is a futurist with a background in science. He was a physics major at UNM with a double minor of Math and Biology. He is a graduate of Albuquerque TVI where he majored in digital electronics. Michael lived and worked at Arcosanti, an urban laboratory in Arizona, where his views about cities changed dramatically. Since his days at Arcosanti, he has been working on linear city concepts. Michael's table top model depicting the organizational pattern of a linear city will be on display at the Fiesta.

Technical Sessions (T)                                                                        Marlene Brown

Sunday, September 24                         10:30 AM                                            Chaco III

Brought back from NMSEA's roots are the Technical Sessions. While open to the public, these sessions are an opportunity for professionals in the solar and renewable industries to present more technical topics to their peers. Topics may include research, challenging projects, how a specific product works, educational opportunities and company growth. We anticipate this portion of the workshops to grow over the years.

Mark Chalom, Solar Design & Analysis, took on the task of challenging the solar community and assembled the review board. Marlene Brown, Sandia National Labs, will emcee the sessions.

The Hybrid Home (D)                                                                        Robert Montoya

Saturday, September 23                      10:30 AM                                          Turquoise

This workshop will include presentations on insulated concrete forms (ICFs), structural insulated panel systems (SIPS), fiberglass roofing for flat roofs, and 50-year flat and pitch roofs technology. It will include information about energy-efficient multi-generational construction and geothermal heating and cooling.

Robert Montoya, the former owner of the Rastra manufacturing plant in Albuquerque, will present the emergence of the "Hybrid Home" into mainstream construction. The emphasis will demonstrate how the environmental hybrid home is not only energy-efficient, but also costs much less to own and operate. The cost of building and rebuilding 100-year frame homes far exceeds the cost of 1000-year environmental technology with a complete return on investment in as little as five years. Fuel prices have doubled in the last five years; if they double again in five years, even a modest home could cost $1,000 per month to heat. Today's technology can enable almost anyone to achieve energy independence for a lifetime. For example, certain configurations of geothermal heating and cooling can actually cost less than conventional technology. If you are ready for energy independence, the "Hybrid Home" seminar is for you!

Water Pumping with the Sun (W)                                                         Jason Burnett

Saturday, September 23                      10:30 AM                                            Chaco III

This course will provide information about the technology, design and installation of solar-powered water pumps and discuss the variety of cost-effective and efficient applications for this technology. Both surface and submersible pumps will be discussed as well as balance of system component requirements (solar array, mounting, battery and/or tank storage, inverters, charge controllers, etc.). A demonstration unit will be on hand to help participants understand the interaction of power, flow and lift when sizing and designing a system.

Jason Burnett is the Conergy Solar Water Pump Sales Manager. He has a great deal of experience working with customers and installers designing pump systems for a variety of applications. Previously, he was the pump production and testing specialist which provided him an excellent technical understanding of this technology.

Will a Small Wind Turbine Work for Me? (E)                                          Mark Rumsey

Saturday, September 23                       3:30 PM                                             Chaco III

Have you ever wondered if you have the right wind conditions to put in a wind turbine? What kind and how big of a wind turbine should you install? How complicated are they? What other issues should you be aware of? This presentation will provide basic information to help you determine if a wind turbine will work for you. Topics to be discussed are: wind resource assessment; siting; wind turbine types, characteristics and sizing; and a few words on storage, zoning, financing and vendors. References to other material will be provided.

Mark Rumsey has been involved in wind energy technology research and development for about 20 years at Sandia National Laboratories. Over the years, he has served on several technical design review committees in support of small wind turbine development. He currently works with other engineers, national labs and the wind industry researching and developing utility-size wind turbine blades.