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NMSEA presents the 7th Annual

Solar Fiesta!

Technical Sessions

Brought back from NMSEA's roots are the Technical Sessions. While open to the public, these sessions are an opportunity for professionals in the solar and renewable industries to present more technical topics to their peers. Topics may include research, challenging projects, how a specific product works, educational opportunities and company growth. We h3 anticipate this portion of the workshops to grow over the years. The Technical Sessions are only on Sunday.

Mark Chalom, Solar Design and Analysis, took on the task of challenging the solar community and assembled the review board.

Marlene is President of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association and on the Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Industries Association of NM. She is a technical staff member at Sandia National Labs.

Schedule of Talks

9am! (Before Exhibits Open)

National Electric Code

  • John Wiles, Southwest Technology Development Institute
    "Changes in the 2005 National Electrical Code and Status of Proposals for the 2008 NEC"

  • 10:30am


  • Steve Baer, Zomeworks
       "Reflector Shades and Heating" (.PDF, 4Mb)

  • 11:45am

    Technical Sessions on Night Radiant Cooling

  • Mark Chalom, Solar Design and Analysis
       "History and Theory, Examples" (.PPT, 20Mb)
  • Bruce Davis with Zomeworks
       "Radiant Cooling System, a Case Study"
  • Bristol Stickney, Cedar Mountain Solar
       "State Potentials, Collector Testing, Various Applications"
  • Steve Baer, Zomeworks
       "Testing, Various Applications, New Ideas"
  • Questions to the Panel

  • 3:30pm

    Technical Sessions

  • Joel Chinkes, Photon Harvest Company
       "Restraining a Passive Solar Tracker"
  • Rob Stout
       "Simplifying Solar"
  • Randy Sadewic, Positive Energy
       "Estimating Grid-tied Solar System Output"
          Randy_Sadewic_Tech_Paper (.XLS, ~2.6Kb)
          BP_3160 (.PDF, ~1.2Kb)
          Sanyo HIP-xxxBA3 Module (.PDF, ~3.6Kb)
  • Josť Zayas, Sandia National Labs
       "Structural Analysis of a Utility Scale Wind Turbine at a U.S. Great Plains Site Using Long-Term, Continuous Data"
          "Jose_Zayas_Wind" (.PDF, ~1.7MB)
          Jose_Zayas_Wind_Turbine_Poster" (.PNG, ~2.7MB)
  • Quentin Wilson, Department of Southwest Construction, Northern New Mexico College
       "Solar and Adobe Education at Northern New Mexico College El Rito, New Mexico, USA" (.DOC, 34Kb)