Building Science, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in the New and Existing House

Larry Gorman, Building Energy Solutions

Sunday, September 25, 2005
3:30 PM

Your house works as a system composed of the building shell, the equipment, and even the occupants, all interacting. Building science includes the study of these relationships as well as the relationship between the house and the natural environment. “House doctors” use high tech tools and the application of building science to diagnose an existing house as well as advise on the design and verify the performance of a new house.
Learn what to consider when retrofitting an existing house or designing a new one. Larry will discuss things to consider to assure adequate indoor air quality in a new house and how to prevent sick house syndrome while tightening the building shell on existing houses. Learn about the most cost-effective energy-conserving improvements for your home, including rebates and tax credits.

With over thirty years in the construction industry, Larry Gorman is a co-owner of Building Energy Solutions, Inc. He is involved with the Building America and Energy Star for Homes programs and provides homebuilders and homeowners with HERS Ratings, HVAC systems designs, proper sizing of mechanical equipment, technical advice, inspections and testing. He is active in the New Mexico Chapter of the United States Green Building Council, Central New Mexico Home Builders Association and New Mexico Solar Energy Association. He enjoys the challenges of helping homeowners with high energy costs and indoor air quality issues.

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