Solar Hydronic Heating and Cooling

Bristol Stickney, Cedar Mountain Solar

Saturday, September 24, 2005
4:00 PM

This presentation is a discussion of practical applications of solar heating installations with an emphasis on solar hydronic heating. The term "hydronic" refers to the use of water or water-based liquid for heat collection, storage and distribution. Examples of both active and passive domestic hot water heating principles and applications will be presented. Integration of passive solar heat with active radiant heated floors will be discussed. Examples of hydronic heating systems that have been completed in recent years will be presented. The principles of hydronic cooling will be discussed briefly as well. Photos and diagrams of dozens of completed systems will be available for viewing in detail.

Bristol Stickney has been designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing solar heating systems and equipment for thirty years. His designs are based on a working knowledge of the most reliable equipment and installation strategies. His new company, Cedar Mountain Solar, offers full service consultation, design, installation and service of solar hydronic heating systems.

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