New Mexico’s Global Warming Initative: Goals, Process & Clean Energy Solutions

Amy Welch, Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy
Kim Euston, Climate Change Action Project

Sunday, September 25, 2005
2:45 PM

This talk will summarize the State’s current global warming initiative, the Climate Change Advisory Group, and its process. Policy and technology solutions will be offered, as well as the opportunities for citizens to get involved. A citizen group concerned with global warming issues, Climate Change Action Project (CCAP) will also discuss avenues for involvement and impact on global warming issues in New Mexico.

Amy Welch has been the outreach coordinator for the Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy since 2002. Ms. Welch graduated from Vassar in 2001 with a degree in Biological Psychology and conducted research on possible biofuel sources and wildlife management. Kim Euston of the CCAP will also discuss citizen involvement in the state campaign to reduce global warming.

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