Strawbale Home Design Essentials

Catherine Wanek, Natural Building Resources

Saturday, September 24, 2005
1:00 PM

Want to build a healthy, beautiful home that nurtures your family and reduces energy bills? Strawbale construction may be the answer. Aesthetically, straw bales produce wide, sculptable walls that surround you like an embrace and offer “super insulation”. Super insulation enhances comfort and saves money on heating and cooling. Natural and non-toxic, plastered bale walls also resist fire and dampen neighborhood noises. Plus, they are an abundant annually-renewable resource. This presentation will offer essential design practices for building a low-maintenance strawbale home and discuss cost factors. It will feature images from Wanek’s "The New Strawbale Home", a full-color book of floor plans for forty homes across North America.

Author, photographer and filmmaker Catherine Wanek published and edited "The Last Straw Journal" and co-authored "The Art of Natural Building". She produced and directed the "Building with Straw" video series, and the videos "Urban Permaculture" and "The Straw Bale Solution". She’s a founding member of the non-profit organization, Builders Without Borders.

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