Please print this form, complete the questionnaire below and send to: NMSEA, 1009 Bradbury SE #35, Albuquerque, NM 87106. If you have any questions, please call the NMSEA office at (505)246-0400. Thank you!

Volunteer Info Sheet

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for NMSEA's Solar Fiesta 2005!
We appreciate and rely on volunteer help to put on the Energy Fair.

Here are a few of the benefits!

Please print clearly and include all requested information:

Name: _______________________________email:______________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Daytime Phone: _________________ Nighttime Phone: __________________

Please indicate dates & times you are available:

9/24 Friday Afternoon (3-7 pm Set up) __________________________________________

9/25 Saturday (9am-6pm) _________________________________________________

9/26 Sunday (9am-7pm) __________________________________________________

NMSEA will schedule your volunteer times off of this form so remember to be specific about dates & times! You will be contacted concerning your choice of scheduled times and duties.

Please indicate # of Fiesta posters we can send you to post in conspicuous locations:____

Please check all events you would like to help with:

A coordinator will call you for scheduling the first week of September. You will not be assigned to everything listed, but it gives us an idea of your flexibility. For questions call 246-0400.

_____AV Coordination Set up classrooms with audio/visual equipment and take tickets.
_____Set Up Friday 3pm-7pm putting up tents/signs etc....
_____Take Down Sunday 4pm-7pm
_____Admission Gates Collect entrance fees and give out programs.
_____Exhibitor Entrance You will monitor who enters and check passes.
_____Workshop Ticket Booth Sell tickets to workshops, give out information
_____Stage Be the DJ for the event, play music and make announcements
_____Kids Village Booth Hand out scavenger hunt forms and give prizes
_____Solar Villager Oven Make Chocolate Chip Cookies
_____Exhibit Monitor and roving security watch over exhibits
_____NMSEA Sales Booth Sell t-shirts, radios, etc., hand out general information.
_____Volunteer Area Staff general volunteer area - keep drinks and snack items available for volunteers and exhibitors. Monitor traffic into the area.

A fair volunteer orientation meeting will be Friday, September 23rd at 6pm
just before the Volunteer and Sponsor Dinner at the Special Events Building at 7:30.