Solar Fiesta 2004


                    September 25th and 26th 10am-5pm


Welcome to Solar Fiesta 2004. This year promises to be better than ever.

Exhibitors have the option of setting up their own outdoor space-or space in the air-conditioned Exhibit hall at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.


                             Exhibitor Registration


Name:_______________________________ Address:____________________________


Phone: _________________________ Email: ________________________


                                    Booth Price Information


Indoor Booth: Includes pipe and drape dividers, table and two chairs



8’deep x 10’ wide with access to electricity              A                 $250


6’deep x 10’ wide, no electricity                           B              $200


Non-profit Booth, share 6’12 booth                          C              $25


Outdoor Booth:  Includes table, two chairs


10’ x 12’                                                                  D             $150


  6’ x 12’                                                                   E            $75


Booth Fee- Circle Option: A B C D E                   $______


NMSEA Members: Deduct 20% from Booth Price:         $______


Total Fees:                                     $_________________________


Payment: (Circle One) Check    Money Order  Visa   Mastercard


Credit Card Number:_____________   Expiration Date:________


Special Needs:__________________________________________


Send this form and payment to: NMSEA, 1009 Bradbury SE, #35

Albuquerque, NM 87106. Direct all questions to Joe Griffin at: or call: (505) 573-9272