If you were with us last year – you know the excitement the Solar Fiesta brings to New Mexico. This year will be even better, with expanded adult  and kids programs. Exhibitors will have the option of setting up their own outdoor space – or reserving space inside the air conditioned Exhibitor Building at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM


September 20th     10am to 5pm

September 21st      10am to 5pm


Exhibitor Registration


Name_______________________ Company___________________________




Phone_____________________ Email/Website_________________________


                             BOOTH  PRICE INFORMATION

Inside the Exhibitor Building: includes pipe and drape dividers, air- conditioned.


8’deep x 10’ wide with access to electricity, tables, and chairs          A           $250


6’ deep x 10’ wide with table and chairs, no electricity                      B           $200

                        All indoor spaces assigned on a first come basis.


Non-profits may share 6’ x 12’ booths, w/ table/chairs                      C           $25


10’ x 12’ Outdoor Booth Spaces, includes table/chairs                       D          $150


 6’ x 12’   Outdoor booth Spaces, includes table/chairs                       E          $75


            All exhibitors will receive 3 two day passes / 2 parking passes


BOOTH FEE – Circle Option:    A    B  C   D   E                                        $________


NMSEA Members:  Deduct 20% from Booth Price!                                  $________                                                                 

TOTAL FEES:                                                                                               $________


Payment: (Circle One)  Check        Money Order    Visa    Mastercard


Credit Card Number______________________ Expiration Date___/_____/____


Special Needs (eg: Water, Southern Exposure, Electricity)__________________


Send this form and payment (if applicable) to: NMSEA, 1009 Bradbury SE,#35 Albuquerque, NM 87106. Please direct all questions to Joe Griffin@ or call 505 573-9272.