Saturday Silver Room Turquoise Room Parrot Room  
  10:30 AM Ben Luce Windy Dankoff Barbara Menicucci  
  11:00 AM Carl Bickford Solar Water Pumping Teacher Roundtable  
  11:30 AM All About   RSVP Only  
  12:00 PM Hydrogen   Jeff Morrow  
  12:30 PM Chuck Marken   Resource Conservation  
  1:00 PM AAA Solar Sandra Begay-Campbell / Odes Caster Will Hoffman  
  1:30 PM PV A to Z Renewables for NM Natural Resource Mgmt.  
  2:00 PM   Pueblos and Tribes Don&Julie Ward-Search for  
  2:30 PM Allan Sindelar Joe Matesi a Sustainable Future  
  3:00 PM PV-Grid-tied & Straw Bale and More John Larsen  
  3:30 PM Remote Locations   Sawdust Toilets, saving water  
  4:00 PM Charlotte Stace McGee    
  4:30 PM Otero-Goodwin Green Building    
  5:00 PM Net Metering PNM