Passive Solar Home Design Competition CD

NMSEA is offering to the public a new CD containing drawings and pictures of passive solar home designs!

In the fall of 2005, NMSEA sponsored a passive solar home design contest for the senior and graduate design class at the University of New Mexico School of Architecture. The project was to provide a passive solar design for a 2000 square foot home. Four different climates in New Mexico were chosen, and each group chose one of the climate zones. The CD includes up to 3 winning designs per zone, a total of 9 designs. Drawings and energy calculations are included.

The CD is intended only as a guideline for building a passive solar home. There is an extensive amount of information available, but you will still need to work with your home builder and/or architect. The designs can be scaled larger or smaller.

Get them while they last! The CD is only $25.00 + shipping. To order, call the NMSEA office at (505)246-0400.