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Solar "Mini Monster" R.C. Truck

Solar 'Mini Monster' R.C. Truck

The latest mini vehicle to be powered by solar & ultra-capacitors, (the SC-88 model) or solar & batteries, (the SB-68 model).

This mini vehicle sports a double panel solar array, a one piece enclosed motor, gear reduction, and locker differential, matched up to tractor tread traction tires. This assembly is connected to the chassis by coil suspension, allowing this "little monster" good "off road" capabilities.

For monitoring the power of the truck the micro solar charge controller has a red flashing LED to indicate the charge rate and energy storage. The LED flashes faster and brighter when the capacitors or batteries are near full charge.

The remote control is powered by a PV panel with a charge condition LED, and if the truck needs an additional "quick charge" the remote control plugs into the truck.

The truck comes with its own mirror back enclosed display case and jack park stand.

Price List for Solar "Mini Monster" R.C. Truck
SB-68 (powered by solar and batteries)$68.00
SC-88 (powered by solar and ultra-capacitors)$88.00

Solar Race Car Kits available starting at $19.99!

The kit can be assembled in 15 minutes with no soldering or gluing. No batteries, non-breakable solar cells connect directly to the motor. These cars can run on straight, round, oval, or hill climbing tracks. This car is very fast and will even work in low sunlight!

Assembled solar race car
Price List for 15 Minute Racer Kit Parts & Accessories
Each kit includes two unbreakable prewired solar cells, a pre-assembled drive unit (motor, gears and wheels), a printed instructed, body sheet, (a simple straight cut and fold to shape), and a steering axle with wheels. Peel-back tape is included for adhering the parts. The kit can be assembled in about 15 minutes and does not require gluing or soldering. Kit includes one page of pictorial and easy-to-follow written instructions.
15-Minute Kit$29.99
Shown assembled with optional canopy$35.00
The new $19.99 "Free Form" Solar milli Car kit for the more advanced creative students includes all of the parts of the car above but does require some soldering. Tools needed; small soldering iron, small pliers w/side cutters & scissors. This car kit does not include its own instructions, it is recommended that one of the "15 minute Car Kits" be assembled first and then do the "Free Form" kits.
"Free Form" kit$19.99
It is highly recommended that the micro cars be used exclusively on a clean enclosed track for a long trouble-free life.
Dragster track - two lane, two piece 8' track$20.00
Small oval "infield" track, 4'x 2'$20.00
Small one lane oval track w/ infield $30.00
One piece two lane oval track with infield track, 7'x 45"$49.00
Transparent jumps (works best if ordered with track)$8.00

Coming soon for more advanced classes:

A comprehensive Solar Transportation Education set; Includes multiples of items listed above plus a digital solar watt meter, digital volt milli-amp meter, a hybrid car kit (solar-capacitor, solar rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery).

Literature will include discussion points on pollution, such as greenhouse gases, global warming, climate change, poisons, birth defects, cancer causing emissions etc. Discussion points will also include how solar energy is collected and converted to usable electricity, how electric motors work, as well as easy to understand analogies and mathematical calculations. Larger applications and other aspects of solar will be discussed. A new transportation model will be presented showing how the shorter range clean electric vehicles can interface with local commuter trains and long range high speed trains. Call or email for price.

To Order:

Please call NMSEA at 1-888-88NMSOL or contact Monte at or 575-422-2268 to place an order. Payments can be made by check or credit card. Shipping charges will be assigned depending on order size and shipping method. Note: Shipping costs are zero if you can pick up (preordered) cars directly from NMSEA (Pickups can be arranged in Santa Fe at D'Light Framing: 1526 Pacheco, Santa Fe; 505-438-2592, or at NMSEA's Albuquerque Office).

These cars were developed and are made by longtime NMSEA member and solar educator Monte Ogdahl. These solar conversion cars and controllers are assembled at Monte Ogdahl's solar powered facility using American made solar cells. To learn more about Monte's cars, click here.

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