Gingerbread Solar House Plans

Looking for a real Holiday Treat? Build a Solar Adobe Gingerbread House!
It's truly a Home Sweet Home!!!

Solar Adobe Gingerbread House

The New Mexico Solar Energy Association is offering to the public a complete set of architectural blueprints designed by Mark Chalom and his wife, artist Betty Tsotsie for a Passive Solar Adobe style Gingerbread House.  This delightful confection is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to bake and make beautiful confections for the holidays.

The house is designed according to passive solar building guidelines, including clerestory windows, and an optional greenhouse.  For the holidays, small marshmallow luminaries decorate the roof.  

The "blueprints" contain full size architectural drawings and patterns for all the pieces, and a description of all the ingredients needed to construct the dwelling plus landscaping.  Recipes are included for the gingerbread walls, and icing "mortar".

The plans have even been officially certified by Architect Mark Chalom of Solar Design and Analysis in Santa Fe. The plans help raise funds for solar education.  They are only $10 plus $2.50 shipping costs. 

To order plans for the sweetest little house on the market, just send a note and a check or money order to NMSEA, 1009 Bradbury SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87106. 

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